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Asked: 5 years ago

Why cant i go back in my house?

I blew up megaton and got the tennpenny suit, then i opened up the metro access tunnel and let the feral ghouls kill everyone. i tried to get back in my house but it said something along the lines of: "its too dangerous to enter right now." so then i shut the access door and killed all the ferals and it still wont let me in. is there any way to get back in?

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I think you need to go away for three days, then come back. The ferals will be gone and you will be able to enter the suite.

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From the main gate head to your left and follow wall along the left side of the compound. there is a rock near the wall along this side, you can use it to jump the wall and then leave the main gate open. I was not willing to pay my way into the compound, and found this "back entrance" trying to break in.

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