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Asked: 5 years ago

Capital Wasteland??

I am from the UK, never been to America in my life. I love this game, I get far to involved with these types of games. So my question is, Does Capital Wasteland correspond to the actual Washington DC? I know places such as Megaton and Rivet City don't. I am talking about the major ruins and districts like Paradise City and German Town?

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From: VeiNZ 5 years ago

Geographically, the map is very similar to the Washington D.C. area. While I can't attest to the accuracy of locations of Paradise Falls or Germantown (while my instinct tells me they are fictional towns and settlements), Rivet City is actually based off a real naval yard in the Downtown DC area.

Here's an image that shows you how accurate the Fallout 3 map is compared to a satellite image of the DC area itself:

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It's more in the theme of DC. Most of the places are real, and they're in the right area, but it's not exact.

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