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Asked: 5 years ago

Is there anything else to do in andale?

Besides killing everyone after visiting the shed, or going along if you have canibal, is there anything else you can do, im pretty sure you cant speak with the old man, whats the deal?

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No there isn't anything else to do. Encountering Andale's cannibals is a free form quest. You can kill the cannibals, and go see gramps and the kids - only the boy speaks to you. Or, you can agree with the cannibals, and get a strange meat pie every 24 game hours. Your choice.

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After you kill (or side) with the residents, there is nothing else to do. You can, however, use a Sandman glitch on the kids that will allow you to get infinite EXP.

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Or you can make a mock wicker man video *Heh* *Heh*

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