Question from Jonos

Asked: 5 years ago

Help getting the Nuka-Cola Clear Recipe?

I have been searching this stupid factory and I cant find it. Where in the factory is it pls!!

Additional details - 5 years ago

Thanks. I atually found it right after I posted. Place is like a bloody maze!!

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From: garaak 5 years ago

If you found it take this off unanswered.

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You need to go to shipping and get the key. Then back in the entrance room to the whole place go into the offices to the right and the safe is in one of the corners.

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First find this friendly robot, kill him and take the key! Then go to the enterance in the building, go to the right room and there should be safe of the wall! Its in the safe with some radaway!

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It is on a safe entere\ing the fectory and then left eits some terminals, but you need a key that "Mister Handy" have, it is acroos the very hard door, but you can get there by crossing al the factory and the nukalurks, to the key you can win a speech challenge or simple kill him.

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