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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I aquire my followers back?

Ok I had three followers and after coming from raven rock I went to go and find them, and when I did I couldn't get them to come with me again, except the only one person allowed crap.

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When you where trapped in the cell they where probably in the other cells trapped. That or its either a glitch.

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You cannot have more than two followers after raven rock. The "human one" and dogmeat. I think its just a glitch because your only suppose to have two followers. So I would recomend doing everything and than...going to raven rock.

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If you had more than two through glitches, you can't get them back. If you didn't, It depends on which character it was. They all go to the twon you found the in, and dogmeat goes to vaut 101.

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What if they died

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They dont all return to the towns you found them in.
Seargent RL-13 goes to Canterbury Commons, and Fawkes hangs out outside Underworld

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