Question from eragon112233

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i check what my karma level is at?

I want to get Jericho as a follower and I want to figure out what my karma level is at.

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From: Game_Master713 5 years ago

Check your pip boy. If you haven't figured this out yet you really haven't played around with your pip boy yet have you? Also you can check out your exp with your pip boy. Yep your pip boy does wonders and really makes life in the wasteland easier. Thanks pip boy! *thumbs up*

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If you mean how do you check it's number value, you can't, you can only get an idea.

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There is no way to check a number value specifically, but to check and get a general idea you can go to your stats page, and then under the general tab it will tell you your general Karma rating.

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yeah, it doesn,t have numbers but it does have different levels EX:vault renegade=bad karma, vault guardian=good karma and to find it out check your pipboy

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