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Asked: 5 years ago

What's the most pointless perk in the game in your opinion?

Personally I see Rad Resistance as a good perk.....for when you've got nothing else to upgrade or get

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I believe the most useless perk is the ninja one all it does is give you a special melee move that you almost never do =/

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Here and now is the most useless one because if you wait and get a level up you could get a perk that actually helps you.

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Here and Now is pretty useless, Ninja, Explorer, Solar Powered

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Here and now and swift learner. There is no shortage of XP in Fallout 3

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Iron fist, because no one uses melee
Rad resistance, because rads are the least of your worries in Fallout

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This belongs in the main forum and NOT in the Answers section.

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ApocalypticFire i think your thinking of paralyzing palm. Ninja gives you 15% better chance for critical hit with melee or ranges weapons. along with 25% more damage if its considered a sneak attack. and here and now perk is most useless.

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