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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the power fist and combat shotgun?

Wheres the power fist and combat shotguns.

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From: timerider4 5 years ago

I found Fisto in the power station north of Minefield. It's better than a regular power fist.

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I found the combat shotty in super duper mart but if you play a bit through the story the super mutants and raiders will spawn them... no idea for the power fist though

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i found the power fist when i was doing the mission when you get the mole repellent stick....think its like the 3 chapter in Moria's book she's writing

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Slight spoilers but

It is possible to find one in megaton. What i did was take the route to save the town, and told the sheriff about the plan to blow up the town, he goes in and confronts mr. burke and mr. burke shot him in the back. Loot the sheriffs body, and then you can go into the armory. Be warned though there is a deputy bot in there who will not take kindly to your visit. This should also work if you just want to shot the sheriff, but then you gotta kill most of the town.

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Combat shotguns are spawned on raiders as you start to level up and on the hit squads that come to kill you, as well as from some merchants like in Rivet.
Power fists can be bought from Rivet city as well

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I found the power fist behind a table in the super duper mart

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