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Looking for three Dog?

okay i don't want to listen to Enclave Radio and i want to listen to GNR and three dogs jokes, where is he at to fix the radio?

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Okay where is it i can't find the station

Additional details - 6 years ago

Okay where is it i can't find the station

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From: Unpure_Euphoria 6 years ago

The GNR station is in the northern section of downtown D.C. (bottom right of the world map), and you'll have to go through a subway to get there. When you get there you'll have to help fight off a horde of super mutants attacking the station, including one massive behemoth. After the station is clear, you can gain access to it (via a comm link next to the door), and find Three Dog upstairs. He'll give you a mission to replace the dish on the top of the washington monument, and as soon as you complete that you'll be able to tune into GNR any time you want to. Until then, you'll have to be in the downtown section of D.C. to tune in, because the damaged disc can not reach the wastes. Good luck!

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You must do the GNR Radio Quest before you can listen to GNR Radio in other places in the Wastes. Untill you do that you have to be near the GNR Building to tune into Three Dog's jokes.

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(Oh, also, sorry for not adding this in my first post, but if you follow the main storyline, you'll get to this place in no time. GNR is part of the main storyline and you have to go there.)

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To get to GNR, you can talk to Moriarity in Megaton and do his little quest. Or come up with 100 caps on your own and give them to him. He will tell you where your father went. Doing that quest will lead you toward the Galaxy News Radio building. You will have to go underground through a few subway stations to get there.
If you would rather run right there, just head for the Chevy Chase Metro Station at the D.C ruins. It's the metro station on the opposite side of the river which is closest to the Super Duper Mart. A small metal grate bridge near a broken bus near that Super Duper Mart is the easiest way to cross the river without getting radiation by swimming.

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