Question from narutoxxx

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you max out all your skills?

Can you get a 100 on every skill (small guns, medicine, lock picking etc. ) using bobble heads and skill books at lvl 20? or if not lvl 30 with brother hood of steal?

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It is possible if you are a hard-core gamer(or not) and have the comprehension perk that doubles the points that you get from skill books from the skill books

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Raise all skills to 40 or higher with level points: 40
Get all the bobbleheads: 50
Take the Comprehension Perk
Collect all 25 of the 13 types of skill books: 100

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It is possible without broken steel. Sett all skils at 50. find all bobbelheads and get the Comprehension Perk
+ all skill boks

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