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Asked: 5 years ago

How good is the Pitt?

I need to see some ?/10 ratio scores. If its lower than a 5/10 then give me a reason you don't like it. The trailer is awesome and the fact that its in Pittsburgh is pretty cool but i still need to know if its good.

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I haven't played it but I think the pitt and point lookout seem kinda boring... based on what I've read it doesn't look like they added to much, just some more quests and equipment. The DLC's I want to get are Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel, but I don't have LIVE and they're both on separate CD's so I'll be getting the pitt and point lookout anyway.

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Its entertaining and give u a lot of new stuff i give it 7/10

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Get it for the items and the Achievements as the story isn't great but it's better than the others. 7/10

Your better off waiting for the Game Of The Year Edition to be released in October which as: The game, all 5 DLCs and the latest update as of the week of release.

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The Pitt is very eerie and you get the Perforator assault rifle. AND it is very fun to play. Creepy

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