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All All Questions for Fallout 3.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
. Help, DLC won't load!!!? 2
How do i beat the brother hood and get out? 3
I can't fast travel out anywhere, and I have 22 HP with no stimpaks...!!! HELP?? 1
.Can you download dlc for free? 8
.Does the xp you get lessen if your difficulty is very easy? 3
.Glitch on Gotta shoot em in the head? 5
.How can you upgrade your s.p.e.c.i.a.l? 3
.How do you fix overcumbered? 4
.How do you get followers? 7
.My follower will never return? 4
.What the hell??? 1
And good tricks to take down a deathclaw? They are ridiculous. 3
Can Fawkes die? 8
Can I find Mr. Burke Again? 9
Can i talk to the 2 Scavangers outside MPDL station? 1
Can massive radiation KILL an NPC? 3
Deathclaws? 2
Do Enclave camps respwan? 1
Dogmeat? Dogmeat? 2
Dogmeats's Master? 1
Fort Constantine Robots? (or FCR?) 5
How Come the Scavanger outside ancorage memorial Shoots at me now. and if i kill = bad Karma!,,, Mines??? >:) 1
How do I "beat" Betsy in Vault 112/Tranquility Lane? 3
How do I beat (Behemoths)? 2
How do I beat (The crazy man with the bombs)? 5
How do I beat Arkansas? 7
How do I beat death claws easly? 12
How do I beat Feral Ghoul Reavers? 9
How do I beat fire ants? 8
How do I beat fireants? 1
How do I beat Liberty Prime? 5
How do I beat roamers? 1
How do I beat sentry bots and other robots? 13
How do I beat super msutant overlords? 5
How do I beat Super Mutant Behemoths? 3
How do i get into the metro access and genrator in tenpenny tower? 7
How do i get the villagers to stop kiling me? 3
how do I stop the guy that detonates the bombs? 4
How do you get perks? 2
How often do enemies respawn? 2
I cant beat the super hero quest what should i do? 2
I hate mirelurks!!! How do I beat them? 3
If i mezz someone will i get kicked out of town? 3
If im not the one that klls the beheomoth supermutants do i still get the achievement? 1
If your playing on a higher difficulty, do enemies have better weapons, and in better condition? 1
Is there a living alien? 1
Is this game like Borderlands? 2
Ive herd of a Giant mole rat? 9
King of the mirelurkers,, >>? 1
Marigold ant queen? 1
Mutant behemoths? 6
Mutant masters? 4
Nuka mirelurk? 5
Oops i shot Gallo!,,?!.!?!? Who the heck is the mutant in the party hat? 6
People dying??? 3
Please give me some fun things to do (not quests)? 26
Raiders and the Number 2? 1
Random Encounter? 4 REALLY...? 3
Reverse pickpocketing? 7
Robot weakness and pulse grenades? 1
star paladin cross or charon OR dogmeat? 2
Stealing independance elevator needs key? 2
Stupid Enclave? 2
Super Mutant Behemoth - beat them all? (mild spoilers) 3
Super mutant behemoths, how many? 1
Superenclave glitching? 4
The Good Bounty Hunters? 5
There is a bounty on my head, can i take the guy out who placed it on me? 6
Were is fawkes after you send him away???? 5
What is an easy way to dispose of feral reavers? 13
What is karma for? 4
What is the best way to kill the shielded aliens in Mothership Zeta? 2
What shop has the biggest money? 3
What the hell are those things under the bridge? 9
What's is with the Hitmen? 11
Whats a better choice? 4
Whats the Combo For THEO's ammo Box in statesmans hotel. in the Stair well can i get access? 1
When can you take on multiple Super Mutants at once? 2
Where are the behemoths? 2
Where are the super mutant behemoths? 2
Where are there a lot of raiders? 11
Where can I find all the super mutant behemothes? 4
Where do I find all 5 Behemoths? 1
Where is and How Do I get to Takoma Park? 3
Where is Tenpenny's Body? * Possible Spoilers* 4
Where's Ashur?(spoilers) 1
Which Enemy / Boss gives you Unique Weapons?Anything in Ancorage Memorial? 2
Who is the Annoying Man? and Are we sure about party Hats? 5
Who is the Evil Scientist With a Glowing Ghoulie, With a Pack of SuperMutant Guards.. Red Racer Factory..? 1
Who's "Uncle Leo"? 5
Why Is It There? 3
Why is Shrapnal a essential character? 1
Your fired Fawkes, i dont want you following me around anymore? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Is gallo the peson that help made aids/ hiv? 0
Any good side quests? I've already completed all DLCs and the main quests, and the more "Popular" side quests. 2
Cant find 4th journal entry? 4
Dave's key? 5
Do I have to wait to do Operation: Anchorage after you beat the game? 3
Do my companions join me in Mothership Zeta? 3
Fallout 3 dlc help? 1
Favorite Follow? 34
How do I activate Quest for Vault 87? 3
How do I get past the blue energy door in the Cryo Labs of Mothership Zeta? 4
How do I get to the national archives? 4
How do I make Sally open the door to reach the bridge on the alien ship? 7
How do I solve (puppies perk)? 2
How do I solve (Shalebridge)? 5
How do I solve (Spreading the word about the Pitt)? 1
How do I solve mothership zeta? 6
How do i talk to the Antagonizer? 9
How do u get back to the engenering core? 1
How do you turn on the power to the generator in little lamplight? 2
How do you use the tesla armor? 4
How to get into vault 87 through little lamplight? 1
I cant get another follower? 13
I didn't get the Power of the Atom Quest and Lucas Simms is dead? 2
I haven't received the distress call for the Pitt? 1
I just sided with azure in the pitt and helped the slavers what would have happened if i helped the slaves? 10
Is there any other way of getting out of the holding cell in mothership zeta? 1
Picking up the trail help. Where is Rothchild? 13
Pinkerten? 7
Quest Picking up the trail won't advance? 1
Random Bomb on ladies neck? 6
Rotunda Door? 4
Tennpenny Tower Quest? 4
Tenpenny Issue? 4
Tenpenny tower quest: Change my mind? 1
Tobar? 3
Unmarked sidequests perhaps? 1
What's up with the dialogue? 5
Where do i go to get my weapons from The Pitt back? 2
Where exactly is elder Lyons? 6
Where is Charon after he returns to the Museum of History? 11
Where is Crowley? Is this a glitch on 360? 3
Where is Dunwitch building? 9
Where is the scrapyard? 3
Which is better to do in Tenpenny Tower quest? 2
Which quests will not be available if I destroy Megaton? 3
why can't I start Mothership Zeta? 4
"Bigger They Are" Achievement Help? 2
"Overdose/You've got to shoot 'em in the head", Where is Ted Strayer? 2
"You have to shoot em on the head" screwed up?*possible spoilers* 3
(Mothership Zeta) Friends didn't arrive in the teleporter after switching it plz? 6
(Spoilers) Help with the Paradise Falls quests? 10
*Spoilers* Citadel? *Spoilers* 1
A secret in springvale? 1
Achievment Help: The Bigger They Are? 1
Activating the geck ? 3
Agatha's quest? 3
Agatha? 3
Agathas song? 3
Alien Captive Recording Log 24? 2
Another Vault 101 quest? 2
Ant quest? 5
Anyone know a good place to find molerats? 6
Anyone know what all the ham radios are for? 3
Anyone know what the deal is with the pitt an the strictly buissiness quest? 7
Ashur help? 10
At what level can choose the lawbringer perk? 1
Baby in the Pitt...kidnap or leave? 4
Bannon, Seagrave quest? 5
Best way to complete the pitt DLC? 1
Big guns skill books? 1
Big town help... robots? 3
Black widow of the nuka challenge? 5
Blocked out of Tenpenny Tower suite? possible spoilers 2
Blood Ties help? 3
Blood ties...I killed the Family and..? 9
Bloodties...Kill the entire family or not.? 6
Blowing up megaton befor main quest? 3
Blowing up Megaton...Is it worth it ? 20
Bobblehead help? 5
Bomb? 3
Broken Steel or Point Lookout? 3
C.j. young in rivot city went missing, where she at? 1
Can anyone please give me some good quests? 7
Can Bryan Wilks's key be pickpocketed? 1
Can he be saved? 2
Can i continue to play after completing the main storyline? 6
Can I get a completion for Shoot 'Em in the Head if I just go get the armor? 6
Can I get a house, simms and burke gone? 5
Can I get all of my nuka-cola quantums back form sierra or whatever her name is? 2
Can i go back to the Anchorage back and forth? 2
Can I hack the RobCo Mainframe with enough science skills to barely operate a mouse? 3
Can I move into tenpenny tower without blowing up megaton? 1
Can I still complete Tenpenny Tower? 4
Can I still do strictly business? 7
Can I still do the GNR quest after talking to Doctor Li? 1
Can I still get a reward for defusing the bomb at Megaton after Lucas Simms is dead? 3
Can I still get the key? 2
Can I still inslave people and get the "Strictly Business" achievement if I killed everyone? 3
Can someone help with a Signal (Papa November)? 1
Can you do the side quests from main story after ending? 3
Can you duplicate? 10
Can you enslave people with out the Mesmatron? 9
Can you get a dog follower in Fallout 3? 7
Can you get back in the DLCs? 5
Can you get liberty Prime back? 1
Can you get regular T-51b without keys? 8
Can you go in Megaton with Fawkes? 1
Can you help me find the oasis in detail? 5
Can you play the pitt if you have completed the quests in broken steel? 2
Can you unlock computers? 2
Can't find Collin Moriarty? 6
Can't find dogmeat? 18
Can't Find Dukov's Body,Need His Key To Complete Crowley's Quest? 2
Can't Find Wernher? 2
Can't finish Scientific Pursuits? 1
Can't get into GNR building so I need to find Rivet City. Where is it? 1
Can't Hack Terminal at the Family? 8
Cathedral place near raven rock (i think)? 2
Citadel glitch? 2
Close to what is bigtown located or how far from vault 101 is it? 4
Code in the National Armory room? 4
Completing "The Replicated Man" quest without ever finding Zimmer or Harkness' identity? 9
Dave and Old Olney? 5
Did I break the Tenpenny quest...? 6
DLC Broken Steel Cant find Fuse? 4
DLC Glitch can any one help? 3
Do you have to Complete the Game in order to play the Broken Steel downloaded content? 4
Does anyone know where Ridgefield is? 3
Does the Radio ever change its tune about greyditch? 2
Does the Superior Defender Perk work while moving? 1
Dogmeant disappeared, where could he have gone? 4
Dogmeat and Fawks disappeared after I beat the game? 3
Door Component? (Wasteland Survival Guide) 3
Dr. Li won't move in the Talf Tunnels? (not sure that is the name of the tunnel) 3
Durwich building? 4
Easy Data Miner achievement? 2
Eay way to Rivet City? 1
Eden...should I convince him to shut himself down or not? 5
Ending of Game/Quests? *NO SPOILERS PLEASE* 2
Endurance Upgrade Quest? 4
Enslaving Bumble? 3
Entrance to Rivet cityt? 1
Fallout 3 : Those! Quest? 8
Falls Chuch? 3
Find dad? 5
Finding Dad at the Begining? 6
Following in his footsteps...Completed on its own....What happened..??? 3
For Stealing Independence do I actually NEED Sydney? 3
Fort cons.? 8
Gaz is dead and dr lee wont move? 2
Germantown HQ? 2
Getting Simms to fight Burke? 1
Getting to the Ranger Compound? 8
Ghoul for galaxy news radio? 1
Ghouls in Tenpenny? 1
Glitch in point lookout? 3
Glitch on quest "You gotta shoot 'em in the head"? 1
Grady's Last Recording? 2
hannibal is DOA? 2
Head of State Glitch?? 10
Head of State Quest??? 5
Healing followers? 4
Help big trouble big town? *minor spoilers* 2
Help getting the Nuka-Cola Clear Recipe? 4
Help on the worm guy? 5
Help with Head of State/Possible Glitch ? 2
Help with the last main quest in point lookout? 2
help with tranquility lane????((SPOILERS)) 2
Herbert Daring Dashwood at Tenpenny Tower? 2
Hostiles on tennpeny tower? 5
How can I get Mothership Zeta download without my xbox LIVE? 5
How can i join the brotherhood? 1
How can i refind dogmeat? 2
How come i didnt need Tenpennys Key for shoot em in head? 8
How come I havn't got the key to anchorage treasure? 1
How do I "Retrieve the G.E.C.K.? 2
How do I access the mainframe in the Vault-tec headquarters? 3
How do i activate the computer terminal to the reacter chamber in little lamplight? 2
How do I activate the quest "rescue from Paradise"? 4
How do I Deactivate the Megaton Bomb? 3
How do I distract Forty? (minor possible spoilers) 2
How do I do freeform quest: council seat? 1
How do i do the main quest without Megaton? 1
How do I enslave Flak from Rivet City without turning the city hostile? 3
How do I enslave people in the "Strictly buissines" without having tenpenny/rivet city security shooting at me 3
How do I enslave the kid from little lamplight? 4
How do I enter Fort Constantine, without completing the quest ? 1
How do I enter Vault 87?? 8
How do I find more companions? 3
How do I find mr. crowley? 7
How do I find or get into cliffside caverns? 3
How do i find the source of the fire ants? 3
How do I find where most nuka quantum is? 10
How do I finish the Head of State quest? 2
How do I fix Lyons purifier glitch? 2
How do i fix the main quest? 3
How do i fix this? 2
How do I get an apartment in Tenpenny Tower? 2
How do I get back into the Engineering Core on Mothership Zeta? 1
How do i get back into the GNR building? 9
How do I get bad karma without killing people or getting shot at? 1
How do I get in the National Guard vault? 2
How do I get into Fort Constantine? 3
How do I get into GNR?(Says I need a key) 4
How do i get into Mothership Zeta? 2
How do I get into raven rock? 6
How do i get into the brotherhood outcasts? 10
How do I get into the other side of Rivet City (possible spoilers)? 2
How do I get my own apartment in Megaton? 2
How do I get out of the Oasis Grove? 4
How do I get Reillys rangers quest? i somehow messed it up, 1
How do I get someone to stop "fleeing"? 12
How do I get the final sequence to begin in control room? 5
How do I get the generator door key from chief gustavo? 5
How do I get the Megaton house without defusing bomb, and having killed Burke? 2
How do i get this quest? 3
How do I get through Rockopolis? 2
How do I get to Dukov's place? 1
How do I get to galaxy radio station? 6
How do I get to Mason District South? 2
How do I get to start? 1
How do I get to Tamoka? 4
How do I get to vault 87? 7
How do I help Bannon? 2
How do i help the kid living in the runs FILLED with "Fire Ants"? 3
How do I join the slavers? 8
How do I kill Greta without anyone noticing? 3
How do I locate "The Family"? 4
How do I lockpick? 3
How do I loot Leo's stash at the water treatment plant? 1
How do I obtain these BS quests? 4
How do I pass project purity? 7
How do I reach Stocholm in megaton? 1
How do I reach the Broken Steel quests withoit sacrificing myself or Sarah Lyons? 6
How do I rebuild liberty prime after it dies? 2
How do I reclaim my 30 quantum from sierra ? 5
How do i see the mines,in the survival guide.i dont see them,until im blown up? 5
How do I solve (bobbleheads)? 3
How do I solve (Family location)? 1
How do I solve (History of Rivet Cituy)? 1
How do I solve (Moriarty)? 2
How do I solve (oasis)? 4
How do I solve (paradise falls)? 2
How do I solve (tenpenny tower)? 1
How do I solve (trouble on the homefront)? 1
How do I solve agathas song? 1
How do I solve Blood Ties? 1
How do I solve finding cherly freeform quest? 1
How do I solve finding garzas medicine? 3
How do I solve getting out of mable hendersons house after killing her? 2
How do I solve Lincoln memorial building? 3
How do I solve Megaton Pipe Problem? 1
How do I solve mystery of vault wit 3000 rad per sec? (#81 ??) 4
How do I solve National guard armory door? 3
How do I solve Oasis)? 3
How do I solve project purity? 2
How do I solve sammy and squirrel quest? 5
How do I solve Suicide Watch? 5
How do I solve tenpenny tower if i screwed it up? NEED HELP 10
How do I solve the Leaking Pipes Misson in Megaton? 3
How do I solve the Moira Quest?? 1
How do I solve the people of america's radio station? 4
How do I solve the Power of Atom if Lucas Simms is dead and his son is an enemy? 1
How do I solve the quest replicatied man? 6
How do I solve the relay tower kk-bb-11 with bob anderson complaining about his kid? 1
How do I solve the west family quest? 4
How do I solve Those! ? 1
how do I solve tranquility lane? 7
How do I solve Wasteland Survival Guide? 4
How do I solve Water Purification Quest? 2
How do I solve Wheaton Armory? 1
How do I start "Trouble on the Homefront?" 2
How do I start ( Scientific Pursuits )? *Quest Spoiler?* 4
How do i start Operation anchorage & The Pitt? 4
How do I Start Ranger Rileys Quest? 6
How do I start Reilly's Rangers? 3
How do I start Stealing Independence Quest? 1
how do I start the Operation Anchorage mission? 3
How do i start the paradise quest?? 1
How do i start the pipe quest in megaton? 1
How do I start The Super Human Gambit? 4
How do I teach citizens of big town to hide? (poss. spoilers) 10
How do I trigger The Superhuman Gambit? 5
How do I turn in Pre-war books? 5
How do I undo the resonator on the Power of the Atom? 7
How do u get the energy weapons bobble head? 3
How do u start the nuka cola challenge? 2
How do You change it from day to night? 1
How do you get all the followers? 1
How do you Hack?? 3
How mant quests are in this game? 11
How to beat speech challenges? 1
How to enter Lamplight Caverns?? 3
How to get out of cryo chamber? 3
How to get three followers? 3
How to get to Lincoln Memorial? 14
How to i make sure the Family is no longer hostile? 3
I can't find Sarah Lyons? 4
I can't get the signal for the Ranger's quest?? 9
I did not follow Liberty Prime and know i cannot find him, what should i do? 2
I found a red pass card and don't know what to do with it please help? 2
I found alien power cells by a train station so is the gun around somewhere? 8
I have a Charon problem? 1
I killed Dukov a long, long time ago..Could the key be somewhere else? 1
I missed Vault 101 signal? 13
I need to find the ruins of olney powerworks? HELP 2
I shot someone in paradise falls any way back in? 13
I think a quest is glitched? 2
I think i mesed up "Strictly Business", any answers? 1
I'm pretty much screwed aren't I? 1
If I blow up Megaton can I still do the Wasteland Survival Guide Quest? 4
If i go to the citadel early...? 2
If i got caught killing greta? what then? 17
If I kill Butch at the beginning of the game? 2
If I killed the Overseer in the first part of the game can I still do the vault 101 mission? 1
If I tell Tenpenny I killed Crowley can I still get the armour? 9
Is it possible to get bad karma on the quest rescue from paradise? 2
Is there a vault 72 in the map? 2
Is there a way to keep both of the costumes from the super human gambit quest? 1
Is there a way.....? 8
Is there any other WAY to do quest in ranger compound? 1
Is there any way to complete the quest "Strictly Business" without losing karma? 1
Issue with hiring Charon? 2
Karma resutl at tenpenny? 1
Kidnapping For Eulogy Jones? 1
Lawbringer finger people ? 2
Lawbringer Perk - ? 1
Lockpicking & Forcing ..what then?? 2
Looking for three Dog? 4
Main quest glitched on me at GNR any solution? 7
May have screwed up Following in his Footsteps? 5
Megaton bomb requirements? 6
Megaton Doc's Quest, how do i do? 1
Mirelurk kings treasure? 4
Mirelurk survival? 3
Moira's at Jefferson Memorial? 4
Mothership Zeta death ray ? 2
Music paper? 4
My broken steel is glitched?? 2
My Dad is stuck in a hole/behind a wall and can't get out even though he can just run out of it. How do I get him out? 1
No Quest Xp Glitch?.. 2
Nuka cola chalenge? 1
Nuka-Cola Challege? 8
Nuka-Cola Challenge? 6
Ok so when you start the game.. and ur in a roo mass a baby? 2
On Power of the Atom can I still complete with the sheriff dead? 5
Operation a? 1
Operation Anchorage help? 3
Operation Anchorage: Vault requires key?? 5
Overcrumbled? 2
Persuading Kid in Little Lamplight? 4
Picking up the trail quest(possible spoilers)...??? 4
Point Lookout Side Quest The Velvet Curtain? 3
Prime? 3
Prime?!? 1
Professor Calvert is a Bobble Head? 6
Project Impurity(possible spoilers) help? 1
Quest uncontinuable? 3
Question about Tranquility Lane *spoilers*? 5
Red and Shorty on your team? 4
Regarding Survival Guide quest? 1
Republic of Dave election results? 2
Republic of Dave glitch? 7
Republic of Dave: glitch with Rosie? 3
Rockopolis? 1
Scaving for the Outcasts? 1
Secert Location? 2
Secret Holotape? 1
Shoot em' in the Head quest/Tenpenny? 4
SInce I let the gouls take over Tenpenny Tower hostiily, does that mean I can't have the suite? 1
So where is Hannibal? (minor spoilers) 3
So...Big Trouble? 2
Springville Cellar Door? 2
Statesman Hotel Roof? 3
Stealing independence key ? 4
Stealing Independence?? 1
Strange Chinese Radio Signal that disappears? 4
Strickley Business? 1
Strictly Business activation? 1
Strongest follower??? 10
Super Duper Mart?---should I wait 3
Take It Back, Any Help? 1
Tech Museum puzzle (Spoiler)? 4
Tennypenny housy thingy?...I need help 9
Tenpenny quest...? 1
Tenpenny Tower -- peaceful solution? 2
Tenpenny tower quest help? 2
Tenpenny Tower Quest? 1
Tenpenny Tower residents? 1
Terminal help? 1
Terminal pasword? 1
The Chinese beacon? 4
The finger lady keeps running away from me, why?? 1
The mesmetron? 9
The Nuka-Cola Challenge? 3
The Pitt Clothes? 2
The Pitt: Recovering your gear. How? 1
The Preacher? 1
The Replicated Man, missing halotapes? 1
Theres no one in the ranger compound? 1
Third Option For "Power of the Atom"? 5
Those quest, can i still do it? 2
THOSE quest...where do you find the kids dad? 18
Those! Glitch? 2
Thought control & the local flavor (SPOILERS!!!) help? 3
Three Dog not showing up? 9
Trouble at Home quest? 2
Trouble on the home stead? 2
Trouble on the homefront radio signal? 3
Tunnel Snakes? 7
Utility closet? 4
Utility door in National Guard Depot? 2
Vaul-Tech in Agatha's song? 2
Vault 112? 4
Wasteland Survival Guide - Mirelurk bug. Can I still complete the quest? 1
Wasteland Survival Guide Ch.3 - Rivet City's History? 1
Wasteland Survival Guide Help? (possible spoilers) 2
Waters of Life glitch? 2
Waters of life? 2
Weird fridge in Anchorage Memorial? 2
Were is lucys brother? 3
What are all the main quests? 2
What are all the side quests and where do you start them? 2
What do i do with the Extra Sheet Music Agatha Wont take? 1
what do I get for turnning in the android? 7
What does using the launch code to fire the missile in fort constantine do? 11
What happened to Mr. Burke (the guy who wants you to blow up megaton)? 4
What happened to my XP!?!?!? 1
What happens if I die in the Outcast simulator and if I live through it? 2
What happens if I tell Brand about my own plans and the plans of my friends in the Pitt? 2
What happens in broken steel if you use the fev virus? 1
What happens to your companion after getting the geck? 5
What happens when you use the [Black Widow] dialogue with Ronald after speaking to Sierra in (The Nuka-Cola Challenge)? 6
What is in fort constantine? 1
What is the easiest way to Underword? 2
What is the People's Republic of America? 1
What is the safest route to Rivet City from Megaton? 2
What is up with protectron? 1
What quest is the doctor for in rivet city clinic? 1
What to do with garza? 8
What tunnel do I take to get to Galaxy Radio News? 1
What's the deal with Andale? 1
What's with Search Party log #1 and the burial mound? 1
Whats the grand reward for helping complete the book in Megaton? 3
Whats up with weird radio signals (Oscar Tango)? 9
Where are all the pipes to fix in Megaton? 1
Where are the Ft. Constantine bunker keys? 2
Where are the Keller family holotapes located? 1
Where are the robots you need to repair in bigtown? 10
Where are the trees? 3
Where are these mysterious bodies in Tenpenny Tower? 1
Where Can I Find A Lotta Nuka-Cola Quantums? 1
Where can I find Agatha? 1
Where can I find Hamilton's Hideaway? 9
Where can I find Sidney? 4
Where can i find that Ian kid? 3
Where can I Find the Guy that Trains me For Power Armor? 4
Where did eulogy go? 2
Where do I find Seagrave Homes' house/room? 4
Where do I find sugar bomb? 1
Where do i find the Family for the "Blood Ties" quest? 10
Where do i find the key for the Shack in the Scrap yard? 3
Where do i find the key in the olney powerworks? 2
Where do i find the missing slave for head of state? 3
Where do I find the place to start "Agatha's Song"? 3
Where do I find the Underworld? 5
Where do I find where the fire ants come form? (Those!) 5
Where do i put the ovserver in the anchorage war memorial? (mild quest spoilers) 8
Where do I retrieve my belongings in Mothership Zeta? 1
where do I start the operation anchorage quest(s)? 11
Where do I use the Modified FEV Virus at? 2
Where Do the Nukes in Fort Cont. Go????? 8
Where do you start Stealing Independence? 1
Where do you start Strictly Business? 2
Where Does one recieve contracts from? 2
Where in Vault 92, is the Soil Stradivaries? 2
Where is argyle? 5
Where is Bryan Wilks? (Those! quest) 18
Where is Fort Constaine? 3
Where is galexy news radio? 4
Where is Ian from Arefu located at? 4
Where is paradise falls? 2
Where is pinkerton? 8
Where is Roy Phillips or whatever? 4
Where is sydney after stealing independance? 7
Where is Tara's body placed? 1
Where is Tenpenny Tower? 5
Where is the Family? 4
Where is the kid Ian in Bloodties mission? 2
Where is the kid Ian in the mission Bloodties? 4
Where is the man that owns the Water Purification Plant? 12
Where is the national guard depot? 2
Where is the nuka cola formula? 3
where is the Power Station MDPl-13? 3
Where is the quest slealing independence? 2
Where is the Regulater Headquarters?(possible spoilers?) 2
Where is vault 92 for Agatha's quest? 6
Where on the Flight Deck is Mr. Lopez? 1
Where's Marko? 6
Where's Rockolpis? 2
Wheres the guy selling quantums? 3
Which do to first - The main missions or the side missions? 7
Who do i give the nuka cola clear formula too and where are they located? 3
Who do i give the nuka cola clear formula too? 3
Who do i talk to in big town about the robots? 3
Who or where do I go to in order to improve Wolfgang's Repair? 2
Who's the person?? umm... 6
Why can't I find Lucy West anywhere? 1
Why I can't unlock weaponsmith acheivement? 3
will Megaton residents always hate me? 2
Will the bar and the gun shop still be in uptown? 2
Would this be a bad idea? 2
You Got To Shoot Em' In The Head ( Spoilers ) ? 1
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head Quest ? 4

Item Location Help Answers
there is a computer you can download all bunker locations at. Where is it? 0
3 raider dogs + 0 Wanderer = ??? 6
AA where is the pint size slaser mask? 1
Alien captive recording #5? 5
Already found firelance? 7
Armor? 4
Armory respawn/restock? 3
Can i get my alien blaster back? 6
Can I refine wild punga fruit? 2
Can you use the mesmetron and the collar to make raiders and such your follower? 4
Can't find the 5th Keller Family Tape? 5
Charon's combat shotgun? 2
Collecting All Alien Logs? 1
Doing extra damage perks? 2
From the Galaxy News Radio where can I find the Our Lady of Hope Hospital? 3
Good source of Enclave Officer Uniforms? 3
How can I aquire my followers back? 4
How do I fine the Exit to Adams Airforce Base? 1
How do I get the Lucky 8 Ball? 1
How do I get the Power Armor Training? 6
How many Nuka-Calo trucks toys are their? 3
How to get to get the Chinese Winterized Jumpsuite? 7
I need help finding the special fat man? 2
I want the Lincoln repeater but when I got to the door which you need to lockpick I broke the lock is there a key? 1
If I am a good karma character collecting enemy fingers, who do I sell them to? 7
If you delete Mothership Zeta dlc can you still get the alien blaster? 3
Is it safe to put items in any box in the waste and not lose them? 6
Key in Flak and Shrapnel's Room? 4
Lyons' Pride Power Armor? 4
Merchants dead, how do i get his schematics? 3
missille launcher in the FIRST part of operation anchorage? 1
More followers? 5
National guard depot location? 3
Need Ted Strayer's key but he's somehow already dead? 7
Nuka-cola (Sierra's Nuka-Cola Machine)? 4
pickpocket the Winterized T51-b in O:A? 2
Ranger Compound Upper Level? 5
Rare weapons? 5
Secret Bus Key? 6
Sugarbombs Payment? 3
T-51B winterized? 3
Tools? 1
Unique double-barrel shottie? 6
Wasteland doctor fatiques? 3
Weapon matinence?..."children"! ~3dog~ 1
Weapons not as strong? 4
Were do I store my stuff? 5
What am I looking for in the Rock Creek Caverns? 1
What are all of the meele wepons? 2
What are the different add-ons that you can get and where can I find them? 2
What are the different types of armor and weapons (specifically sniper rifles and assault rifles) in the game? 2
What is the location in which you pickup the Ranger Emergency Signal and then where do you go afterward? 1
What is the strongest laser or plasma wepom? 2
What items are in limited quantity? 2
Where are the best locations to find Frag Mines and Frag Grenades in the Capital Wasteland? 5
Where are the bodies? 1
Where can I find (all American ak )? and is it consided a small gun or big 1
Where can I find (all American ak )? and is it consided a small gun or big 1
Where can I find (the fort constantines key)? 2
Where can I find blueprints? 3
Where can i find caps? 4
Where can I find Crowley after i give him the keys ? minor spoilers i guess.. 1
Where can I find Leo Stahls med stash? 1
Where can I find nuka cola quantum? 1
Where can I find reids safe/ the pit that stuff drops into? 2
Where can I find Serggant RL-3? 6
Where can I find special theme ? 1
Where can i find that Cowboy from MotherShip Zeta? 3
Where can I find the alien blaster without doin the mothership zeta dlc? 2
Where can I find the atomic pulverizer? 2
Where can I find the contents from the safe in the terminal on mothership zeta? 2
Where can I find the declaration of independence? 1
Where can I find the electro supressor? 1
Where can I find the keys to the boxes for the caravans in caterberry commons? 5
Where can I find the national archvie building? 3
Where can I find the terminal described in the "Note for Ted"? 2
Where can I find the wolf/dog? 2
Where can I find unlimitied caps or alot? 10
Where can I get some more ammo for the experimental MIRV? 4
Where does the father go after he leaves the vault? 1
Where the hell is the labs to find elders? 2
Where's Leadoux? 2
Why doesn't the ladykiller perk ever come up talking w/ the many female characters...or what really does it for then?? 1
..Cant find Chinese Stealth armour?? 1
.New Weapon scematics Question, not asked yet (spelling?)? 1
1. What repairs the filtration helmet? 2. And dose the PItt respawn enemies? 1
44. Magnum? 5
5mm Ammo? 3
5mm??I 1
?Mirv without the keller files. easy. (Glitch) Not a question. 1
?Were can i fint the code for the national gaurd depot armory 5
A list of most useful repairers? Possible Spoilers 8
A3-21 plasma rifles shoots blue plasma? 10
AA I legandary deathclaw DLC? 1
Abe Lincoln Items? 2
About the gatlinglaser? 4
Alien blaster not there?!?!?! 1
Alien blaster? 2
Alien Crystals? 2
Alien power cells glitch? 3
All Flavored Mentats? 1
Allstair Tenpenny because of mission. Help with items? 1
Am i too fr? 2
Ammo Caps ? 3
Ammo fell from sky? 6
Any Ideas how I could get the energy weapons bobblehead? 1
Anyone know the quickest easiest way to get the Ranger Battle Armor? 5
Anyway to get a hat and coat like the sheiffs in megaton without him dying ? 1
Aqua-Pura (Broken Steel) respwan? 1
Are Any Other Silenced Weapons? 6
Are the special mentats permanent? 3
Are there any Items/Perks in the The Pitt expansion I should be aware of? 4
Are there any Military Bases on the Wasteland map that I can go to? 3
Are there any perks with the tesla armour? 1
Are there items that i can never get? 2
Arkansas Key? 1
Best minigun in the game? 1
Blackhawk and Gun Locker Key? (Possible Spoilers) 3
Blackhawk and the Victory Rifle???? 6
Bobblehead missed? 3
Bobblehead: Explosives? 1
Bobbleheads? 2
Boogeymans Hood? 1
Bottlecap mine schematics? 1
Brain Matter? (Point Lookout) 8
Brotherhood of steel armor? 1
Can anyone give me a list of the vault numbers in the Vault-tec mainframe? 1
Can anyone give me the possible locations for where the firlance is? 4
Can I get a captive? 1
Can I get a eyepatch? 2
Can i get Paulson`s outfit without killing him? (and his gun) 1
Can i get the ghoul mask then kill roy and all his ghouls? 8
Can I get the reserverist rifle to steady aim (like in cod)? 2
Can I have Winternized and regular T-51b power armor at the same time? 2
Can i pick up an item and put it in my house? 3
can I repair broken robots? 1
Can I repair Lincoln's Repeater? 1
Can I ride the captured vertibird again? 2
Can I still get into the Citadel armory if I didn't blow up the Citadel? 1
Can I still get the bubblehead in Fort Constantine? 2
Can Ice-Cold Nuka Colas be turned into Quantums? 3
Can lincons rifle be repaired? 5
Can the chinese stealth armor be repaired? 2
Can you help me with my first laboratory? 2
Can you increase other merchants repair skill like Haley? 2
Can you own every unique weapons and item in the game? 5
Can you repair the Mechanist's Costume? 1
Can you still die if you have the winterized T51-b power armor and helmet? 2
Can you zoom in with the scoped .44 magnum? 1
Can your character ever drive a vehicle? 1
Cant find any caravan traders? 4
Cathedral place near raven rock (i think) no.2? 1
Changing house themes and getting skill books? 1
Charon weapon use? 3
Chemistry thingy? 2
Cherry bombs? 1
Cigarette buyer? 4
Cigarettes? 2
Citadel Lab Armament Locker Key? 9
Collecting Landmines? 5
Colonel Autumn's Gear Glitch? 1
Colonel Autumn's Items? 2
Colonel Autumn's Laser Pistol? 2
Colonel autumns uniform? 1
Complete bobble head location map? 8
Covert Ops Perk? 1
Crowley? 2
D.L.C intel cases? 1
Did Broken Steel downgrade my Col. Autm. laser pistol? 1
DLC Weapons? 2
Do I need a special item to repair my weapons/ armor? 3
Do I need to carry the Geomapper Module with me for it to work? 2
Do NPCs take items out of containers? 6
Do the mutilated body parts in the muties' gore bags do anything? 8
Do u need the expansion to get firelance? 1
Do Unique Weapons get Damaged? 1
Do you need a DLC to get the alien blaster? 2
Documents and artifacts? 2
Does anyone know where to find the "Stabhappy" Combat Knife? 2
Does Dogmeat respawn? 1
Does mothership zeta dlc solve the alien power cell ammo issue? 1
Does Punga Fruit Grow Back? 2
Does the Auto Expert Perk count for all Auto Axe related weapons? 4
Does the Nuka Cola house decoration in megatron regenerate cola? 11
Does wearing armor that gives skill points do anything if the skill is already at 100? 5
Dogmeat's puppy again? 4
Dogmeat? 8
Door in armory in National guard depot? 1
Dunwitch book? 5
Earliest minigun? 1
Easy mezzing? 1
Energy weapons??? 7
Eugene? 1
Fallout 3 Paintbrushes? 3
Father's Books in Vault 101?? 4
Fingers? 1
Firelancer? 1
Fission battery? 3
Fixing The AntAgonizer's armor? 1
Flashlight? 2
Fort Constantine Bunker/Bomb Storage? 1
Garden Gnomes? 4
Gatling laser vs minigun? 7
Gauss Rifle? 4
General Chases Overcoat Glitch? 2
Geomapper module? 2
Get directions for bobbleheads? 2
Gettin items back form the pitt? 3
Getting Fawke's Hammer? 10
Getting The Small Guns Bobblehead? 8
Good shotgun? 9
Good starting armor? 2
Grognak The Barbarian? 2
Has anyone found more then the 12 or 13 bobbleheads found on the FAQ? 1
Has anyone found tesla power pack? 1
Having trouble using the mesmetron, help? 2
Heavy Incinerator Repair? 2
Help getting dogmeat? 2
Help with the Random Deathclaw Encounter? 14
Hidden item behind Revelation 21:6 in Vault 101? 2
House themes? 2
How can i fix items myself? 2
How can I get colonel autumn 10mm pistol and other items? 3
How can I get Ledoux's Hockey Mask? It seems to have Glitch... 1
How can I get Ol' Painless? 1
How can i get the Mesmetron now? 5
How Can I Repair T51 Armor? 7
How can I still get themes for my house if i killed moria? 1
How can I tell if I have already encountered the firelance? 5
How come I can't get into Fort Constantine? 4
How di I get the Megaton house? 2
How did I get two alien blasters? 7
How do i barter? 1
How do I disarm someone without hurting the weapon? 1
How do i get ammo easily? 3
How do I get back home from Point Lookout? 2
How do i get Colonal Autum's weapon and stuff before the end of the game? 5
How do I get easy caps? 11
How do I get Lyon's Pride power armor without killing them? 2
How do i get rid of a slave collar if i got rid of mesmetron? 4
How do I get the Medic Power Amor? 9
How do I get the Power Armor Training??? 1
How do I get the power armor? 4
How do i get the prototype medic power to work? 4
How do I get to the alien rifle without dying? 1
How do I heal Charon the ghoul follower? 1
How do i heal limbs? 5
How do I move a dead corpse? 2
How do I open the locked picture frame in the office? 1
How do I repair my Armored Vault 101 Outfit w/o shopkeepers? 2
How do I repair my own equipment? 1
How do i trade dogmeat for fwakes? (Possible spoilers) 7
How do I trade things for bottlecaps? 3
How do I use the food sanitizer? 1
How do I use the mesmatron successfully? 6
How do i use the mesmatron? 1
How do I use the Rock-It launcher? 2
How do I use the slave collar? 5
How do i use the workbench? 3
How do u get a follower to swap weapons? 3
How do you apply a Stimpack to heal Dogmeat? 2
How do you sell items? 3
How do you unlock Flaks and Shrapnels trunk? 4
How do you use the Rock-It Launcher? 3
How many dirty chinese jumpsuits are there in the game? 1
How many shots does it take to get to the dmg counter? 1
How mezmeron works? 2
How so you activate the house items? 5
How to destroy the evil book from Point Lookout? 1
How to get Items and Themes for my house? 3
How to get rid of slave collar(s)? 2
How to repair gauss rifle? 5
How to safely store/bring back items in add on games? 2
How to use the mesmetron? 1
I can't(?) get the MIRV 3
I cant find the pitt. Where is it? 3
I have the brother hood steel armor but how do you use it? 4
I have tons of money- what should I do with it? 5
I heard you could get unlimited money? 2
I kno firelance comes from a crashed ship but wear can the ship crash?? 5
I lost (lincoln's repeater)? 4
I need a medical brace? 4
I need help finding the gate key 2 the rockland car tunnel.?? 1
I still have no armor and I have completed Galaxy Radio, is this a problem? 6
I want a wife where can I find one? 5
I'm affraid I've already triggered the Firelance event without knowing it. Is there any advice to help me re-find it? 3
I'm Finding it really hard to build up my caps any ideas???? 6
I'm not a noob but i need some very good weapons? 6
I've completed The Replicated Man, can I still get A3-21's Plasma Rifle? 3
Iced Nuka-cola? 1
If dogmeats pup dies do i get another? 2
If i use clothes to increase my SPECIAL, can i get a perk then for wich i need a certain amount of one of the SPECIAL's? 1
In Mothership Zeta, how many Captive Logs are there total? 2
In which mission title do you do power armor training? 1
Ink Container? 1
Intense rip-off? 3
Is dog meat able to pick a lock? 1
Is i possible to get the key for the Rivet City Merket Inventories? 7
Is it possible to collect 20 bobbleheads spread over two playthroughs? 3
Is it possible to get the Firelance at a higher level? 2
Is it possible to get the rifle and the perk from the quest "replicated man"? 1
Is it safe to store in tenpenny towers? 4
Is it true there is a motocycle you can ride in this game? 1
Is it worths it??? 4
Is the alien crash site with the alien blaster always there, or is it a random encounter? 5
Is there a better hunting rifle?? 2
Is there a bobble head in the vault tech HQ? 3
Is there a dead watelander that gives you one rare item every time you play? 8
Is there a freaking shop ANYWHERE in the pitt? 5
Is there a set amount of Nuka-Cola Quantams in the game? 2
Is there a special varient of the heavy incinerator? 1
Is there a Storage place for items? 9
Is there an unbreakable bobby pin? 1
Is there another....? 3
Is there any way to bring back items from tranquility lane? 1
Is there any websites to go to,to help me find all the weapons? 1
Is there anyone in fallout 3 that can repair things up to 100%? Someone please help. 5
Is there anything else in the broken off bow of rivet city? 2
Is there anyway to repair the damage to robotic companion Sargeant? 1
Item glitch using merchants? 1
its about Fire lance? 13
Jumpsuit 77?? 1
Keller family tapes?!?! 2
Key to abandoned shack? 1
L.O.B. Enterprise????? 1
Last 2 Lincoln Items? 2
Lawbringers with mad fingers. Who's Buying????? 5
Lesko' lab coat? 2
Lincoln's repeater ammo? 1
Lincoln's Repeater/Slaves? 1
Linden's outcast power armour or T-51b power armour OR prototype medic power armour? 2
Locations of item stashes? 2
Lockpick book in Vault 108? 1
Lost Corpse in Tenpenny? [possible minor spoilers] 1
Luck and the Firelance? 2
Luck bobble head? 3
Lucky 8 ball? 3
Lucky Glasses???? 2
Lucky harith dead, last shishkebab anywhere? 2
Medical Bobblehead help? 1
Megaton amoury wont open? 4
Megaton's Armory? 15
Merc outfit? 2
Merchants gone for good? 1
Mesmatron Power Cells? Anyone Other Then Grouse? 2
Minefield toy house? 3
Missable Skill books? 4
Mississippi Quantum Pie? =o? 4
More Mini Nukes? 4
Mothers Quet? 2
Mothership Zeta done with play though? 3
My follower? 1
No scope magnum? 3
Nuka-cola Quantum? 2
Odd bug? 5
Ok there is a locked cellar in Springvale...Where the heck is the key?? 4
Olney Sewers? 3
Operation Anchorage Intels? 3
Paradise falls power box? 1
Paradise Lost? 1
Pickpocketing Tenpenny? 1
Pitt Steel Ingot Items?? 1
Please help Black Hawk .44 after Agathas song? 2
Point Lookout ferris wheel? 2
Point Lookout item help? 1
Possible T-51b Winterized bug? 1
Possible to run out of Nuka-Cola Quantums? 1
Power Armor Help? 7
Power armor training help? 1
Power Armor training? 1
Power armor? Where? 1
Pre-war money? 3
project purity Personal journals and project purity journals? 2
Prototype Medic Power Armor? 1
Question regarding the T-51b power armor...? 8
RAndom.. I found a Red Pass Card one place then Blue one another place. where do they go? 1
Repairing effects? 1
Repairing T51b? 4
Repellent stick? 4
Reservist's Rifle? 2
Riley's Rangers Possible bug, minor spoilers? 7
Robot butler (Wadsworth)'s water supply? 6
Robots in Big Town? 2
Rock-it launcher help? 1
Samurai Sword? 2
Schematic list? 1
Schematics? 3
Scrap metal glitch? 2
Scrap metal? 1
Scrapyard shack...? 2
Search party log #1 ?? 1
Self made weapons? 4
Sheet Music in Springvale School? 2
Sniper troubles? 2
So I got the T-51b Power Armor Help? 6
Special alien blaster? 4
Special Weapons? 1
Supercharged Weapons? 1
Sydney's freeform quest? 1
T-51B Armor? Where? 1
T-51b Power Armor or Tesla Power Armour? 3
T-51b Power Armor? 2
T51-b help!!?? 3
Takoma Industrial???? 2
Talking power armourquestion? (medic power armour) 5
Tesla Cannon? 1
Tesla cannons? 5
The best traders??? 3
The key on Derek Pacion? 1
The Nuka-Cola Machine? 2
The other alien blaster gun? 2
The Pitt Steel Ingots glitch? 6
The white house?! 4
Then best weapon? 2
There's an Unmarked Location in B-5 on the Map, named Bomb Storage. Where's the key to the door inside? 3
This isn't neccessarily a bad thing, but my ghoul mask works everywhere? 5
Three Dog's key? 2
Trouble selling to vendors? 1
Umm again??? 4
Umm???? 4
Unique Rare Weapon Locations, ALL Bobblehead Locations? 1
Unique Weapons-locations? 4
Various item location help (?) 1
Vault 108 Tumblers Today? 2
Wasteland Survival Guide (item) - what is it good for? 4
Wastelander note/stolen item in junkyard (?) 1
Way to know that firelance ship has crashed (and you missed it)? 4
Wazzer rifle ? 1
Weapons/Buying,selling ? 5
What are all of the custom made weapons that you can get? 1
What are all the items/perks you can get in Oasis? 3
What are all the new weapons and armor in Fallout 3's New DLC (Broken Steel)? 2
What are blood packs for anyway? 1
What are interesting items to have laying around in my house? 6
What are the android components used for? 1
What are the archives prize vouchers? 2
What are the clipboards for? 4
What are the details of finding the "Close Encounter"? 2
What are the odds of getting the firelance? 1
What are these passcards used for? 2
What armour is better tesla or brother hood of steel power armour? 1
What can I use to repair the Chinese Stealth Armor? 5
What do I do with Donovan's Wrench? 7
What do i do with Pre-War money? 3
What do I do with Scrap Metal? 2
What do I do with the Nuka-Cola Clear Formula? 1
What do I do with the Red Pass Card? 2
What do mutilated things do? 3
What do the brotherhood of steel holotags do? 4
What do u do with mini nukes? 3
What do you use to repair Perforator and tribal power armor? 1
What does the alien expoxy do? 3
What does the FERTILIZER SHOVEL do? 3
What fingers or ears give you a bonus? 4
What gun do i need to repair the gauss rifle? 1
What happens if I have the ghoul mask on and attack? 1
What happens when you activate the G.E.C.K.? 2
What if unique erapons aren't where they should be? 5
what Ink? 4
What is in Theos Box then.? Is it worth Reloading or ?? 1
What is inside Mr. Burkes House? 7
What is so great about Charon? 10
What is the best melee weapon on the game? 3
What is the best power armor, without expansion packs? 2
What is the deathclaw gauntlet? 2
What is the difference between Auto-Ax, Man-Opener...? (May contain Spoilers) 2
What is the jet? 1
What is the Magna Carta? 2
What is the mirelurk cake recipe for? 1
What is the strongest wepon?? 1
What is worng with my mesmetron? 1
What items are used to repair the T-51b Power Armor and Helmet? 3
What level do i unlock the puppies perk? 1
What repairs Tesla Cannons? 1
What the f*** is Chinese Stealth Armor? 3
What the hell am I supposed to do with Junder Plunkett's finger? 1
What type of weapon is the gauss rifle? 2
What use is the "Vault 101Utility Key" that you can steal off of Stanley while in the Vault? 5
What's a dart used for? 1
What's so special about the Backwater Rifle? 2
What's the best weapon/ apparel in the game? 4
What's the difference between Power Armor and Brotherhood Power Armor? 1
What's the wood chipper for? 3
Whats a Mesmerton? 4
Whats so great about the lazer rifle? 4
Whats tesla armor? 2
Whats the best weapon in the game other then the fire lance? 12
Whats the password? 1
Whats wrong with my Pip-boy? 1
When do you learn how to use the power armour ? 8
When in the story line will I be able to use Power Armor? 1
When wil i get another chance to get the bobblehead on my dads desk? 3
Where are all of the bobbleheads? 1
Where are all the bobblehead locations? (ordered by easiest to hardestt) 2
Where are all the Keller Family recordings? 1
Where are the guns in hamilton hideway? 1
Where are the mini nukes Located? 2
Where are the Skill book glitches? 1
Where can I buy more ammo? 1
Where can I find "the shocker" power fist? 1
Where can I find (all the followers and what i have to do to get them like do i have to pay them or something)? 1
Where can I find (All-Purpose Science Suit)? 1
Where can I find (Animal Friends)? 1
Where can I find (Big book of Science)? 1
Where can I find (code to bunker door in national guard depot)? 4
Where can I find (Deathclaw Schematic)? 7
Where can I find (Elder Lyon)? 2
Where can I find (fawks the follower)? 1
Where can I find (flak&schratnel store key)? 2
Where can I find (if it exists) a tesla power pack? 3
Where can I find (John's Treasure Box)? 1
Where can I find (keys)? 2
Where can I find (lag bolt's suitcase)? 1
Where can I find (Lucky 8 Ball)? 1
Where can I find (Lydias key)? 1
Where can I find (Mezzer) after it is sold? 5
Where can I find (Nikola Tesla and you *Energy Weapons*)? 1
Where can I find (Nuka quantom)? 1
Where can I find (Paulsons Revolver)? 5
Where can I find (power armour)? 3
Where can I find (Purified Water)? 6
Where can I find (Sheriff's Clothes)? 1
Where can I find (strength bobblehead)? 1
Where can I find (supplies)? 7
Where can I find (the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address)? 3
Where can I find (The Hunting Rifle)? 8
Where can I find (the key to the door to the Presidential Sub-level)? 2
Where can I find (the person at)? 3
Where can I find (the rail gun? 5
Where can I find (Tumbler's Today *Lockpick book*)? 2
Where can I find (vengance)? 2
Where can I find a coat that looks like Vance's? P.S. I dont want to kill him, i just want his coat. 4
Where can I find a crutch? 2
Where can I find a fusion coil? 2
Where can I find a good place to get assualt rifle bullets befor lvl 10? 2
Where can I find a house? 1
Where can I find a Leafblower? 8
Where can i find a lot of darts and railway spikes? 2
Where can I find a lot of electron charge packs like i just got vengence but ammo is a problem? 4
Where can I find a Pilot Light? 3
Where can I find a Power Gauntlet? 2
Where can I find a second geomapper? 1
Where can I find a second mesmetron? 3
Where can I find a Steam Gauge Assembly? 3
Where can I find a surgical mask ? 3
Where can I find A3-21 plasma rifle? 3
Where can I find Abe's hat? 1
Where can I find all (100 ingots)? 2
Where can I find all of the weird secret guns like the alien rifle? 2
Where can i find all ten tesla cannons? 2
Where can I find all the bobble heads? 2
Where can I find all the bobbleheads!? 2
Where can I find all the followers? 1
Where can I find All The Keller Family Holotapes?? 2
Where can I find all the Super Mutant Behemoths? 2
Where can I find all the teammates? 1
Where can I find alot of ammo? 5
Where can I find ammo? 2
Where can I find an armored vault suit? 1
Where can I find any nice weapon that would help me get through the wastes easly? 22
Where can I find Arlington House(Luck Bobblehead)? 1
Where can I find bobblehead 4 explosives? 1
Where can I find bobby pins? 8
Where can I find Bobbypins? 3
Where can I find cherry bombs and lunchbox? 1
Where can I find Chinese Assault Rifles? 2
Where can I find Chinese Stealth Armor? 2
Where can I find CJ? 4
Where can I find Commander Danvers? 1
Where can I find Corlnle Autum's 10mm? (May contain Spoilers) 8
Where can I find Crazy Wolfgang the caravan trader? 3
Where can I find dart gun scmatics? 3
Where can I find Deathclaw Schematics? 3
Where can I find Deathclaw? 6
Where can I find Dogmeat after Vault 87 capture? 1
Where can i find Dogmeat and how do i get him? 1
Where can I find Dogmeat on the map? 3
Where can i find easy weapons on Fallout 3? 2
Where can I find Enclave Power Armor? 6
Where can I find everything for the Rock-it launcher? 1
Where can I find Explosive Bobble-Head? 5
Where can I find explosives bottlehead? 4
Where can I find F.scott key trial? 1
Where can I find Fawkes? 1
Where can I find firelance? 3
Where can I find Fission battery? 3
Where can I find flour? 11
Where can I find Frag Grenades? 5
Where can i find furniture? 3
Where can I find fusion pulse charge? 4
Where can I find gatling ammo? 2
Where can I find General Chases overcoat? 2
Where can I find ghoul mask? 2
Where can I find Goalie Ledoux to get his mask after giving him the formula? 5
Where can I find high tech super slege? 1
Where can I find Jericho? 2
Where can I find key to Vault-tec mainframe? 1
Where can I find keys? 5
Where can I find Laser Rifle and ammo? 2
Where can I find lawnmower blade? 4
Where can I find lesther belts? 5
Where can I find Lincoln's Repeater? 2
Where can I find lincolns repeater? 2
Where can I find lincolns vest/suit? 4
Where can I find lincons hat? 1
Where can I find Lockpicks? 1
Where can I find lots of hats? 1
Where can I find Lucky Harith? 2
Where can I find lucky shades? 4
Where can I find makeshift gas mask? 3
Where can I find makeshift gasmask in vault 106? 1
Where can I find Man Opener?(may contain Spoilers Srry!) 3
Where can I find more ammo for the alien gun? 10
Where can I find More ammo? 6
Where can I find more Chinese Stealth Armor and more ammo for the Alien Blaster? 4
Where can I find more tickets for Point Lookout? 1
Where can I find Motorcycle handbrake? 12
Where can I find Motorcycle Handlebars? 17
Where can I find MPXL Novasurge? 1
Where can I find my canine companion? 2
Where can I find National Guard Building? 2
Where can I find Naughty Nightwear and Negligee? 2
where can I find nuka cola quantum? 5
Where can I find nuka-cola quantum in Old Olney? 3
Where can I find nuka-cola vending machine? 4
Where can I find Paladin Cross after Raven Rock? 4
Where can I find pint-sized slasher weapon and mask ? 2
Where can I find power armor? 1
Where can I find recon armor? 1
Where can I find Red Racer Factory? 1
Where can I find refills for my alien pistol? 10
Where can I find Reid Underwood's safe? 1
Where can I find RL-3? 2
Where can I find Rock-It Launcher Schematic in Vault 101? 3
Where can I find Senora Cruz, 'cause shes kinda dissapeared? 5
Where can I find sergeant RL-3 after escaping enclave? 2
Where can I find Shady Hat? 4
Where can I find Silenced 10mm Sub Machine gun? 3
Where can I find sniper ammo? 1
Where can I find someone to repair armour 100%? 1
Where can I find surgical tubing? 13
Where can i find Sydney and get the ultra 10mm sub machine gun..? 1
Where can I find Sydney's father's holodisk? 7
Where can I find Tara the Mercenary? 1
Where can I find tenpenny tower armament? 1
Where can I find Tesla Armor and the Alien blaster? 3
Where can I find tesla cannons? 4
Where can I find the "abandoned shack" in arefu with the skill book inside of it? 2
Where can I find the "Reign of Grelok" computer? 1
Where can I find the "vengeance" Gatling laser? 1
Where can I find the alien blaster and the unique scoped .44 magnum? 1
Where can I find the Alien blaster"fire lancer"? 8
Where can I find the alien pistol? 7
Where can I find the alien RIFLE and ammo? 3
Where can I find the armor the guy on the game case is wearing? 2
Where can I find the auto terminal hacking tool? 4
Where can I find the best armor in the game? 7
Where can I find the best normal armor? 2
Where can I find the best unarmed weapon? 2
Where can I find the big guns bobblehead? 3
Where can I find the Bobble-Heads? 6
Where can I find the bobblehead in WKML radio station? 2
Where can I find the bobbleheads? 1
Where can I find the boogeyman hood? 4
Where can I find the BoS holotages??? 3
Where can I find the Brotherhood Power armor? 2
Where can I find the Burn Master And FireLance? 1
Where can I find the cool flamer? 1
Where can I find the Dart Gun Schematic? 1
Where can I find the death gautlet? 1
Where can I find the dec. of independance? 2
Where can I find the destabilizer? 1
Where can I find the Energy weapons Bobblehead? 1
Where can I find the fatman? 4
Where can I find the five nuka-cola quateum bottles in paradise falls?? 1
Where can I find the Flamethrower, Fire Sword, and Fire Alien Blaster thing? 4
Where can i find the flaming sword? 1
Where can I find the gatling laser? 2
Where can I find the ghoul mask? 7
Where can I find the Hamilton's Hideaway key? 6
Where can i find the helmet on the cover? 5
Where can I find the holotape by the gas station to getmirf? 3
Where can I find the items I had when I went on Mothership Zeta? 2
Where can I find the items to create the Rail Spike Rifle? 1
Where can I find The key for the cell in Harrington's hiddaway? 1
Where can I find the key for the cell in vault tech HQ? 5
Where can I find the key for the top floor in the tempenny tower? 2
Where can I find The key for the Vault-Tec mainframe door? 1
Where can I find the key to sydneys ammo box in underworld? 3
Where can I find the key to the cellar in Springvale? 1
Where can I find the key to the gate in Mama Dolce's Loading Yard? 5
Where can I find the key to the nuka cola machine? 3
Where can I find the key to vault 87? 1
Where can I find the keys to the armory in megaton? 6
Where can I find the kids from little lamplight? 1
Where can I find the Lucky Shades and how do I get Three Dogs Headband? 2
Where can I find the mechanical horse? 1
Where can i find the microwave emitor? 1
Where can i find the most prewar books? or any.. minefeild? 2
Where can I find the nuka-clear formula paper? 1
Where can I find the other alien blaster in Adams Air frce. Base? 1
Where can I find the out cast recon armor? 4
Where can I find the power fist and combat shotgun? 6
Where can I find the Prototype Medic Power Armor? 1
Where can I find the radio active spit? 2
Where can I find the Rail Spike Rifle? 1
Where can I find the Railway Gun Schematics? 1
Where can I find the Ranger's ammo crate? 2
Where can I find the song sheets for the Agatha's Song Quest? 5
Where can I find the special flamer? 1
Where can I find the Stealth-Boy? 14
Where can I find the suicide holotape, east of Broadcast Tower LP-8? 2
Where can I find the T-51b armour? 3
Where can I find the T-51b power armor/helmet? 1
Where can I find the T-51b Power Armor? 2
Where can I find the technology museum safe key? 2
Where can I find the Terrible Shotgun? 3
Where can I find the tesla cannon? 2
Where can I find the Unarmed Bobblehead? 1
Where can I find the underground? 3
Where can I find the Unique Flamethrower? 1
Where can I find the unique hunting rifle? 1
Where can I find the unique sniper rifle? 5
Where can I find the vampire's edge? 6
Where can I find the Xuanlong Assault Rifle? 4
Where can I find the Zhu Rhong (special chinese pistol)? 1
Where can I find transportation ? 6
Where can I find UnQue weapons? 1
Where can I find Wastelander Pylon? 2
Where can I find work bench? 2
Where can I find Yew's Bear charm? 2
Where can I find(Rock-it-Launcher)? 3
Where can I find........? 3
Where can i found the Wanderers Leather Armor? 1
Where can i get a lot of money ? 9
Where can I get a pressure cooker? 2
Where can I get droppable holotapes? 1
Where can I get my gear at the end of The Pitt DLC? 1
Where can i get railwayspikes and abe lincoln rifle ammo? 2
Where can I get the Backwater Rifle? 3
Where can I get the motorcycle gas tank? 6
Where can I train to use a workbench / make weapons? 1
Where can I use Gibson's Key? 1
Where can you repair items for cheap after blowing up megaton? 2
Where could I find a .44 Magnum? 1
Where did dogmeat go? 3
Where do i find sugar bombs? 2
Where do i go to get Lincoln's Repeater? 4
Where do i learn how to use powered armor? 2
Where do I sell Ears from the Contract Killer Perk? 1
Where do I train for power armor? 1
Where do you get the cryo grenade and cryo mines in mothership zeta? 1
Where is Canterbury Commons on the map? 1
Where is doggie? 2
Where is hotel fission battery? 2
Where is my dads office in vault 101? 5
Where is rivet city's armory? 2
Where is the Alien Blaster? 8
Where is the Armory in the The Pitt DLC? 1
Where is the best place to get Tesla Armor? 2
Where is the CEO key in Fob Enterprises? 8
Where is the commonwealth? 1
Where is the flooded metro? 2
Where is the location of the Abandened Shack west of Rockbreakers Last Gas? 1
Where is the location of the firelance? 1
Where is the plasma rifle? 2
Where is the railway rifle? 4
Where is the the locked door in rivet city that leads to pinkerten? 2
Where is uncle roe's stash in canterbury commons? 2
Where is Vault 76? 2
Where the heck do I find Liberty Prime's laser? 1
Where's a good place to find darts? 3
Where's Crow?!?! 3
Wheres my stimpacks!!!!!? 2
Which is better? 1
Which kids can you pick-pocket clothes off of? 3
Which one? 2
Who can I enslave with the mesmatron? 4
Who has the key to the armory in Megaton? 1
Who sells Tesla Cannons? 1
Why doesn't food heal me? 1
Why Is My CND Always at 54%!?!?!?!? 10
Why won't "Moriarty's Office Key" work? (Xbox 360) 2
Why won't holotapes and dialogue options show up for the quest The Replicated Man? 1
WIll GNR stop Broadcasting if i kill Three Dog? 1
Will items vanish if i put them in a locker in megaton house? 7
Winterized T-51b? 2
Xualong rifle? 1
Yao Guai Tunnels????? 1
Your dads vault 101 jumpsuit? 1

Level Help Answers
Cannot find entrance to the hole in the Pitt? 1
Finding food in super duper mart? 4
How come I cant get pass the door into the Wastelands? 2
How do I find the switch to open the door in the national gaurd? 5
How do i get in? 2
How do I get into GNR if it is locked? 2
How do I get past chinese spy bunker? 1
How do I get past Jefferson Memorial, Waters of Life quest? 3
How do I get past Mayhem Museum? 1
How do I get past the grayditch? 4
How do I get past the obsevation deck on Mothership Zeta? 5
How do I get to Muesuem of Technology? 4
How do I get to the vault tec head quarters? deathclaws got hops! 3
How do you get to the washington monument? Which subway? 3
How far??? 1
How much armor would you be able to take from Raven Rock without becoming over-encumbered? 3
If I kill Dave, can i ever get the ballot key/key to his safe? 3
Is it true, the harder the difficulty the more xp? 1
Is there a certain order to do the new levels? 2
Is there anything else to do in andale? 3
Left Zimmer alive? 2
Quests? 1
So I where did my follower go? (spoilers) 5
Tenpenny? 3
Vault 101 mission? 6
Were is fort independece? 2
What is the next quest after the waters of life? 3
where can i find Sarah Lyons? 2
Why isn't the maintence level teleportation matrix working? 1
Will they ever be friendly? 2
A way back into Vault 101? 6
Agatha's Song? 3
Alexandria Arms? 1
Anchorage Simulator? 1
Anchorage? 5
Behemoth Exact Locations? 2
Breaking up the Rockwell's? 6
Broke a lock and don't know where i can get the key!? 5
Broken steel issue? 1
Brotherhood of steel in Falls Church? 1
Can A Town Become Friendly Again if I Commited a Major Crime? 2
Can Evergreen Mills be friendly? 3
Can I beat "Strictly Business" now? 2
Can I beat "You Got To Shoot 'Em In The Head" now? 1
Can I complete the final mission if I killed everyone in the citadel? 4
Can I get back into Vault 101? 7
Can I get to level 21? 3
Can I level up to level 30 in point lookout? 1
Can i still do (you gotta shoot'em in the head)? 2
Can i still do the mission Those! if i scared the kid away? 1
Can it get mecanist armor ?if I alredy finished the quest auper human gambit 1
Can mothership zeta be done right out of the vault? 6
Consiquences for killing all the slavers upon first finding Paradise Falls? 5
Crashed Spaceship? 6
DLC HELp PLEASe!!!!? 7
Do you ever go back to 101? 1
Does anyone know where all of the Quests Start? 1
Does having partners lower your xp after u kill something? 2
Does Tenpenny Tower repopulate? 8
Does the android exist? 3
Downloadable Content for 360- Ideal level? 2
Dunwich.....what about it? 2
Entering Fort Independence? (Without Making The Outcasts P.O.ed) 1
Evergreen Mills Bazaar? 1
Fallout 3: Future Fallout's and (Q's) ? and Greetings 1
Finding dad without paying? 1
Fort Bannistor Midget? 7
Fort Constantine after giving Crowely the keys? 1
Found a Key and a note in L'Emfant Plaza? 3
Getting through Little Lamplight? 5
Going to blow up megaton and letting ghouls in? 2
Has anybody ever completed a quest without doing anything? 2
Has the Bethesda Ruins glitch been patched? 4
Head of state problem? 3
help with the level where you activate Project Purifier? 1
Help?!? 2
how do I activate the purifier? 5
How do I activate the teleporter to the Maintenance Level? 1
How do I discover the vault covered in radiation? 1
How do i enter the underworld? 1
How do I enter Vault 87? 9
How do I find GrayDitch?(the "silent" place on GNR?) 7
How do I find the arlington cemetery? 2
How do I find vault 112, the fort constantine, andfrancis scott key campground ? 3
How do i finish following in his foot steps if i blew up megton without talking to moirarty help? 1
How do I get in the back door outside of Tenpenny Tower? 2
How do i get into rivet city? 3
How do I get into the armory at national gaurd building? 5
How do I get into the Citadal? 2
How do I get into the Citadel Armory? 3
How do I get out of Meresti subway station? 1
How do I get past (big trouble in bigtown)? 4
How do I get past (tenpenny tower)? 6
How do I get past (Vault92)? 2
How do I get past Cryo Labs in Motership Zeta? 2
How do I get past enslaving Flak, ect....without being banned forever in rivet city, ect...? 2
How do I get past Galaxy news radio? 5
How do I get past picking up the trail? 2
How do I get past Robot Assembly in Mothership Zeta? 1
How do I get past Rockwell marriage? 1
How do I get past Statesman Hotel? 3
How do I get past Strictly Business? 7
How do I get past the armory door? 6
How do i get past the door to presidential sub leval in the utulity tunnel near the blown up white house?? 2
How do I get past the first room in the Damp Cave of Oasis? 1
How do I get past the Flash Bang grenade that falls from ceiling in Vault 87!?!?? 3
How do I get past the roof in "the pit"? 4
How do I get past Tranquility Lane? 5
How do I get past Vault 106? 1
How do I get to rivet city without getting a game over? 4
How do i get to rivet city? Specfiic please? 3
How do I opn the generator door in tenpenny tower? 1
How do I revese pickpock? 5
How Do I Start The Nuka-Cola Challenge? 1
How do you get into the Lincoln Memorial (Possible spoilers)? 2
How do you get into Vault 106? 2
How do you get outside vault 106 if the door closed on you? 6
How do you get the Infinite XP glitch to work? 4
How do you get to the underworld from the museum of history? 6
How many captives are there in the game? 2
Hubris Comics? 1
I can't complete the main plot quest... Help me? 2
I can't seem to find the Oasis, where is it and how am i capable of getting inside??? 2
I downloaded the new mission online for fallout 3, how do I get them to work? 1
I have been in the museum of history for the main mission and its just a museum not an underworld? 3
I need help finding little lamplight? 12
If i get to level 20, and not all of my skills are at 100, is there any way i can get them there??? 4
If i open fort indipendince by lock pick can i still do operation anchorage? 1
If I Pick Dogmeat When I Have Lv 22 And Now I Have Lv 30, He Have Lv 30 Too? 2
If I Pick Sergeant RL-3 When I Have Lv 30, His Level Are 30 To? 2
Is level 30 the highest you can go? 1
Is the mysterious stranger perk worth it? 2
Is there a vault 92 quest? 1
Is there a way to survive the ending of fallout 3? 3
Is there any other way not to die at the "Take it back!" quest? 10
Is there anyplace to store items in Point Lookout? 1
Is wiki-Vault reliable? (Itwizz, I'd appreciate it if you answered this too) 2
Joining the Brotherhood Outcasts? 6
Level 20 help? 1
Level Up Dogmeat & Sergeant RL-3? 1
Liberty prime stuck ? 1
Little Lamplight Gate Glitch? 2
Megaton Armory? 9
Megaton boom? 3
My game glitched and I can't go into the teleporter into the Captain's area to kill the Captain. Anyone else get this? 5
My game glitched and i cant complete the main quest can anyone help get past this? 15
National gaurd armory? 4
Ok...WTF. Dr. Li and her stooges QUIT FOLLOWING ME through the tunnels?!? 1
Operation anchoage? 1
Paradise Falls Help!?!?! 2
Pitt and Operation Anchorage? 1
Project impurity? 2
Quest that increases Strength or Perception permanently? 4
Question about leveling up, SPECIAL points and skills? 1
Ranger Compound? 1
Raven Hold? 1
Rivet City? 4
Rockoplise? 2
Self Destruct? (SPOILERS) 2
Shalebridge? 1
So if I let the ghouls into Tenpenny Tower, will they kill everyone? 1
Stuck during the Waters of Life quest:how can the Jeferson Memorial be cleared of hostiles? 2
Stuck on seintific pursuits? 2
Surviving in the end? 1
The chop shop back door? (UNDERWORLD) 1
The weapons cache that Three Dog talks about? 2
Trouble with big trouble in big town? 2
Turn in the android? 2
Vault 101 Quest? 2
Vault 108??? 1
Vault-tec HQ? 3
Wasteland Survival Guide glitch? 1
What DLC should I buy? 3
What Happened to Sonora Cruz? 1
What is a good xp glitch that hasnt been patched yet? 2
What is max lv? 8
What is the code? 1
What is the fastest and easiest way to get to Rivet City? 2
What is the underworld? 8
What the bloody hell are these bloody eggs? 2
What's underneath the school-house? 3
whats happens if i explode the bomb at Megaton? 10
When I beat the Main Story? 1
Where are my level 20 perks? 3
Where are the old slaver camps? 1
Where can I find Rockopolis? 2
Where can I find the Regulator HQ? 7
Where can I find walter in megaton? 1
Where can i get a space suit in mothership zeta? 1
Where do I find the source of the fire ants!??! 2
Where in the Nuka Cola plant is Milo? 2
Where is Arlington House? 3
Where is Dad? 1
Where is Greener Pastures Disposal? 1
Where is hannibal in temple of the union? 2
Where is main DC? 3
Where is Rockopalis? 1
Where is that lamp place where the kids rule? 1
Where is the ant queens lair in metro station? 3
Where is the general area, and direction for the Brotherhood of Steel? 6
Where is the good ant colony in shalebridge? 1
Where is the place from you got to shoot them in the head? 1
Where is the switch to the armory in the national gaurd base? *spoilers* 1
Where is the underworld entrance to meet Riley? 2
Where is the White House? 6
Where's Underworld? 1
Which of the main quests should I stop on if I dont want to complete the game before finishing the side quests? 1
White house? 3
Why doesnt let me do the speech cheat at big town? 4
why I lost skill levels? 1
WTF? I need some serious help!!! 3

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Plot/Storyline Help? 0
The Pitt Ashur's Speech Glitch? 0
Why is Billy Creel and Maggie inside of Moira Brown's house at night? 0
Broken Steel Good Karma Ending? 2
Can I get back into vault 101? 1
can't get into Little Lamplight/Lamplight caverns,any advices ? 1
Continuing the story after Take It Back? 1
Exploring the Land? 9
Have I passed this bit of the storyline or not? 2
Help with escorting the scintests? 3
Is there any way you can freeplay and do other quests after beating the game? 2
Operation Anchorage: better to wait until I beat the game? 10
What should be my Fallout 3 name? 11
What's the best strategy for playing the add ons after starting game from the beginning? 3
Where to go first, second, third? 1
Why does it freeze up when I try to leave the vault when evry1 is evacuating??????????!!!!!!!!!! 2
about GNR music? 3
Are the DLC plot lines linked? (no spoilers please) 2
At the beginning, how do i equip the bat? 1
Brotherhood of Steel? 4
Can i continue to play after i finish the main quest? 4
Can you get back in? (spoiler) 1
Can you join the enclave insted of brotherhood? 1
Could someone catch me up on what happen in past fallouts? 1
Crashed UFO? 3
D.C. Super Mutants?Need Answer 10
Do you have to blow up megaton later in the game? 1
Do you have to play the first two games to understand the story? 1
Does anyone else find little lamplight disturbing? 5
Does feeding the tree in Fallout 3 have any impact on the outside world? 2
Does it matter what order I buy the add-ons? 6
Does this have anything to do with the first 2? i am new to the series 4
Everything was like 1950 in 2077? 5
Galaxy News radio help? 3
Has any one found oasis???? 6
How did the plants come back to life? 1
How Do I Get An Follower? 1
How do you become a ghoul? 1
How do you get the power on in the Jefferson Memorial? 2
How many endings are there really? 1
How many groups can I join in Fallout 3? 5
How many levels in the pitt? 4
How to get a fast amount of caps? 4
Idont get it thares old music and no new music thares no destroyed tv's and its in the future? 4
Is there any way to prevent Liberty Prime's fate in Broken. Steel.? 1
Killing brotherhood of steel? 1
MZ Death Ray? 2
Nathan, raven rock, nathan, raven rock? 2
New to fallout 3,Help please ? 4
Nuked? 1
Oasis tree? 2
On the "into the pit" where do i get my confiscated items back? 1
One of the vaults with the insane survivors. What happened? 3
Operation Achorage DLC? 1
Outpost? 2
Paradise falls question? 1
Please tell me if this is worth buying and what is the story about? 7
Raven Rock.........BOOMBOOMBOOM!!!!!!!!? 2
Raven Rock? 3
Runaway Children!?* Possible Spoilers* 2
Sabotage? 2
Sherrif? 2
So why did they? 2
Space ship in pen ave? 9
Super Mutant rumors.... ???? 9
Tenpenny Suite....? 1
The Pitt??? 6
Vault 106 clones? 3
Vault 87...? *No spoilers please* 1
Vault-Tec + Human experimentation? (Possible Spoilers) 3
Wait 1950 in 2077? 9
Were the USA the only country ravaged by nuclear war? 22
What about the ozone layer? 3
What dialogue options does the Lady Killer perk actually give you? 4
What ever did happen to the other vaults? 1
What gives u more quest? being good or evil? 1
What happens if the FEV Virus is inserted? 2
What is said in the audio notes? I can't hear them. 1
What is the release date for the new Fallout 3 add-on? 1
What is with Republic of Dave? 2
What's with the Chinese? (potential spoilers) 2
What's with the flashbacks? (Possible Spoiler?) 10
Whats up with all the garys in vault 108? 8
When do i get fawks in the story line?(spoilers) 3
Where do you find Charon? 1
Where does everyone go after the homefront quest? 2
Where does my follower go? (Plot Spoiler) 2
Where is ian in blood ties? 3
Where is the oasis entrance?? 2
Which expansion do i play first? 10
Which one should I get? 1
Why did (the enclave colonl) live? 2
Why did I find Walter dead just inside Megaton? 5
Will i have to go and explore around the wastlend to find quest or will all quest show up in the storyline? 3

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Big Town Repairing Robot Glitch? 0
.Do containers have limited capacity? 5
Are these s.p.e.c.i.a.l's good to use for a small gun's character or small gun's/sneak character? 1
Best way to play Fallout 3? 2
Better bargains??? 5
Companions? 2
DLC Order? 5
Does it matter? 5
Has anyone found all the igots on the pitt? 12
How can I get to Rivet City!I'm lost.Help? 2
How do I get to level 20? 6
How do i learn to build guns? 4
How does SPECIAL effect dialogue (see question)? 4
How many skill books can I read safely and not get stuck? 2
I dont have much ammo and caps. NEED HELP!!!? 3
I need help storing my items? 2
I need to get back inside GNR Studios but they've locked the door? 2
Intelligence?????? 1
Is dogmeat safe at megaton house? 1
Is It A Good Idea To Use Big Gun's,Small Gun's,And Energy Weapon's For One Character? 1
Is it ok to have 2,3,or 4 5's,7,8's or 9's in your s.p.e.c.i.a.l? 1
Is it possible to max out both your skills and you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats? 7
Ok going through a good playthrough what quests should i do? 4
On very hard difficulty, when would be a good time to head into DC to find Three Dog? 5
Paradise Falls / Slave Trading? 1
Permanently Hostile Rangers? 2
Please read, i need help!? 3
Republic of Dave as a House!?! 1
Security room error? -Megaton 3
Selling expensive weapons? 4
Small Gun's,Bug Gun's,Energy Weapon's build? 1
Tesla Cannon: followers? 2
Underworld Safe??? 2
Vault 87? 3
What are the best statistics to raise first? 7
What is a great weapon combo? "May Contain Spoilers" 2
What is the best armor? 1
What is the best flamer? 2
What is the best strategy for (Repair skill)? 3
What is the best strategy for selling my items? 3
What is the best strategy for starting the game? 3
What is the best strategy? 1
What is the max # of followers? 3
What should I be for a first proper play for? Good or Evil? 7
What should i do? 1
whats the best waY to go up in levels? 4
Where can i find the entrase to white house? 2
*Spoiler Possibly* Vault 101? 2
*spoilers* When would be the best time to get paulson's magnum? 3
100 pct Walkthrough guide or list ? 1
??Stuck in Vault 87!! 2
A question about almost perfect? 1
Achievments? 3
all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. to 10 without using almost perfect? 2
Amata? 2
Animal Friends Unite!? 2
Armor for a follower? 1
Armory? 1
Barter/Repair or Weapon skills? 2
Best NPC Follower? (May contain spoilers.) 26
Best place to find terminals to hack? 3
Best way to make the most money fast? 4
Broken steel skill points? 1
Can anyone please post me the best setup for...? 1
Can armor/equipment boost your SPECIAL stats past 10? 3
Can Charon??? 1
Can I get the lawbringer AND contract killer perks? 1
Can I get vendors to come back to work? 1
Can I recruit Multiple "real" followers at once? 2
Can i? 5
Can you have more than one house? 3
Can you mez the trader at evergreen hills? 2
Cannibal Perk? 3
Cant unlock Bogwalker acheivement? 4
Caught stealing help? 3
Character Maxing - S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes? 13
Companion Deaths? 1
Computer Wiz? 2
Could someone answer my questions about the SPECIAL stats and skills? 2
Do bobbleheads raise a skill to 110 if the skill is already 100 when obtained? 7
Do guaranteed successes count towards the Silver-Tongued Devil achievement? 4
do you still get One-Man Scouting Party achievment if you take the explorer perk? 2
Does Even King Ever Enter His House? 4
Does weapons level up with you? 1
Downloads & Levlingup? 2
DRG's Multi Follower Guide.......Star Paladin Cross? 1
Everyone is Killing Me!? 9
Exp.? 1
Fort Constantine? 8
Gary Glitch? 1
Get our of here jerico youre fired? 1
Getting Charon when you have Fawkes and Dogmeat??? 7
Ghoul Mask? 1
Has anyone tried a melee only character and how effective is it? 15
Has Bethesda relased an offical quest list ever? naming every quest programmed in? 1
Help Leveling up? 2
Help, where is every Super Mutant Behemoth located? 3
How can i get flak'n' shrapnels key to their shop? 2
how do I activate the Mister Sandman perk? 1
How do I blow up megaton? 2
How do I get more than one follower at a time? 4
How do I get to "Rivet City"? 1
How do I knock some oneout wih out killing them? 2
How do u pickpocket? 1
How do you heal party members in battle? 3
How do you heal your follower? 1
How does leveling up work? 4
How does RL-3 heal? 1
How high does your science skill have to be to remove a slave collar and such? 2
How many *extra* S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points can I earn in the game, besides Intense Training and Bobbleheads? 3
How to build a Big Guns character?? 3
How to gain karma fast? 5
How to get Followers: Charon, Fawkes and Star Paliden Cross? 4
How to increase percentage of how likely the attack will hit the target ? 1
How to learn how to be a vampire? 1
How would you like to proceed? for people asking how to start. 1
I acidently shot dogmeat? 2
I have a few questions on random 2
I have negative karma, but can I use the Lawbringer perk? 1
I killed someone in megaton by mistake; how long will it take the town folk to calm down? 2
If i leave items on the floor of my house...? 2
Is Bloody Mess perk worth it? 1
Is it possible to carry two weaapons at one time? 1
is the Here and Now perk stupid? 7
Is there no Ending? 2
Is this possible??? Or do I need to beat my Friend? XD 3
I\f Dave leaves? 2
Jericho? 2
Karma Achievement for Level 30 Help? 3
Karma Jumping? 2
Karma?!?! 3
Kick? 4
Killing Alien Worker Consequences? 1
Killing Spree in the falls? Help me make this work..... 4
Level 20 the max? 1
Luck? 2
Max hp? 1
More houses? Megaton gone and Tenepenny Tower in ruins. 5
Mr. Burke or Sheriff Simms? 1
My party? 2
National Guard Depot Containers/Etc.? 2
Need hacking advice? 4
Need help with action boy perk? 2
Nooob question? 4
Ok, I have no followers. Any advice on how and who to recruit? 4
Once you hit level 20 can you get anymore xp? 2
Operation Anchorage Gary 23? 2
Order of playing? 2
Partners and karma? 1
Perk help? 1
Pick Pocket and Stealing stuff!? 5
Possible to discover Vault 87? 3
Power Armor for a Wanderer? 1
Pros and Cons to The Power of the Atom? 3
Quest Failed? 2
Question about reverse pickpocketing Three Dog? 3
Rad perk?? 1
Rad tolerance?? 1
Regards to a possible cheat?? 3
Rivet city? Bug? 2
Robot partner? 1
should I go evil? 6
Should I join the Slavers? 1
Skill Help ? 1
SPECIAL stat increase related to perks? 2
Suffering rom withdrawal? 5
Tips on Pickpocketing? 3
Ultimate weapons? 12
Un-patching? 1
Unarmed? why? 2
Vault 92 help? 1
Wasteland survival guide perk list? 1
Wasteland Survival Guide quest answers?? 3
Weak dogmeat? 2
What are the...companions????? 2
What can I do at tenpenny tower? 3
What do i want my intelligence at? 6
What happens if your follower dies? 2
What happens to items you trade with your follower? 1
What is better? 5
What is the best and fastest way to get your level up? 5
What is the best glitch for the xbox 360? 2
What is the best house? 1
What is the best strategy for deactivating mines? 11
What is the best strategy for doing the new level 30 acheviments? 1
What is the best strategy for finding waverly hotel in rivit city? 2
What is the best strategy for getting extreme good karma?? 4
What is the best strategy for getting landmines? 3
What is the best strategy for getting the mysterious stranger to visit me? 4
What is the best strategy for healing? 4
What is the best strategy for killing a Super Mutant Behemoth? 27
What is the best way to become a Brawler? 2
What is the funnest thing to do in Fallout 3 ???? 21
What is the hit percentage of Paralyzing Palm? 2
What is the point of the karma system? 1
What is the usefulness of a Big Guns/Science Character? 2
What non-DLC NPC has the highest repair skill? 3
What perk should I get? 2
What the hell hapened to Jerico? 2
What to do with Paladine Cross in Vault 83? 1
What weapon has the most common ammo for it? 4
What weapon? 2
What're the different ways to raise your SPECIAL stats? 4
What's the best S.P.E.C.I.A.L. set up? 5
Whats all the followers you can get?? and where?? 1
Whats the easiest way to make caps if youre good without the lawbringer perk? 11
Whats the fastest and best way to raise karma? 6
Whats the fastest way to get around? 4
When do the Super Mutants come to Big town? 1
When's it best to repair equipment or does it matter? 3
Where can i call home sweet home? 2
Where can i find jerico after i fire him? 1
Where can I find padalin cross? 1
Where do i get fawkes? 1
Where do I take the fingers I cut off? 1
Where do i turn in the ears for contract killer? 5
Where do i turn in the fingers u get off bodies? 1
Where do you sell stolen items at? 2
Where is the respawning big guns book? 1
Where should i go first? DLC 4
Which arnour should i take for take it back? 3
Which expansion allows you to level past 20? 2
Who can I recruit? 3
Who is the best follower? 2
Why can't my character lvl up? 2
Why is my Nuclear Anomaly perk taking so long to work? 3
Will blowing up the first atom bomb change the missions in the game ? 3
Wondering about an FAQ for partnering? 1

Technical Help Answers
Camera tilting on its own? 0
Game Crashes attempting to leave the area around Rivet City? 0
If i install the dlcs for fallout 3 onto an xbox 360 that can handle it, can i transfer that via usb drive ont my other? 0
No sounds from my player???? 0
(Some spoilers.) Fawkes is missing, not sure how to retrieve him, if I can at all. Anything I can do? 1
?Not allowed to have any followers besides dogmeat 3
Achievements not activating!?? 3
All followers vanished? 2
All my Achievements for Fallout 3 got erased, any suggestions? 2
Any ideas on why I cant finish Take it Back? 5
Any sort of eventual game errors? 5
Black screen? 4
Broken Steel won't start? 2
Bryan Wilks isn't in the game?!?!?!? 1
Can you cheat on the Xbox 360 ? 7
Cannot start the game? 2
Citadel Door Won't Open, Even AFTER The Waters of Life PLEASE HELP? 1
Controls please help(no were to chane them)? 2
Desmond Glitch in Mansion? 1
Diego and Angela's wedding froze)? 3
Disappearing (carried) Inventory: Mini Nukes? 2
DLC trouble? 2
DLC`s keep to dissapper??? 1
Do i need to be connected to play the dlc on my xbox? 3
Do I need to have a harddisk to get the dlc ? 2
Does anyone else have a problem with anacostia station? 1
Double Download? 2
Dr.Li wont move! Help? 1
Error message when loading save? HELP 1
Fallout 3 saves, what happens when I delete them? 1
Fallout 3 works but when i go 2 the underworld it loads 2 a certain point then freezes,wat happened? 3
Fallout 3? 2
Fallout alaska addon not working....? 3
Follower's health won't regenerate? 4
Followers after The Pitt? 3
Followers dont follow when i ask? 3
Galaxy news radio quest/following his footsteps quest line glitch? 2
Game crashes everytime at same spot? 1
Game or Glitch ? 1
Glitch pointlook out not showing up? 1
Glitched "head of state" quest? 2
Graphics on game keep flashing...why? 2
Help with add-ons? 2
Help! I'm stuck in the science lab! xbox 360? 1
HELP! Im Stuck at the Waters of Life main Quest!!? 4
House help? 1
how and where do I put the cord for console commands.?.?. 1
How can I get my DLC items back? 1
How can i put music in the game? 5
How come I have not acquired the steel ingot achievement? 1
how do I move? 1
how do i transfer my Fallout 3 DLCs on my xbox one? 2
How many saves can i have? 1
Huge bug problem in Moira's quest? 1
Huge bug problem in Wasteland Survival Guide quest? 1
I can't confirm the VATS target. Help? 3
I can't find Charon? 2
I can't proceed on Mothership Zeta? 2
I cant leave the Oasis Grove? 2
I died and when I reloaded I cannot turn or look with my Right Analog Stick. Help? 5
I downloaded a game save but when i progress it wont let me save again? 2
I hit 21 and i freeze! why? 6
I locked myself in a robot chamber? 2
Is the Pitt working properly? 1
Level 21 Freeze? 1
Liberty prime just won't move??? (read before type) 3
Lighting? 1
Lincoln memorial slavers? 1
Mothership Zeta isn't working!! How to fix? 2
Mothership zeta problems? 2
My game wont load at all!!? 2
My pitt is glitchy, is this happening to anyone else? 5
MZ glitched? 3
No friends? 2
Npc freezing!! Anyone know how to fix?????? 2
NPC Glitch help? 2
One profile does not work while everything else does? please help 2
Operation anchorage freezing? 1
Operation: Anchorage armory won't open? 2
Patch is downloaded and still freezes?? 1
Pitt Help (read description) please? 1
Problem trying to play game with hard drive? 2
Problem with the lawbringer perk? 4
Retail DLC: How does it work? 1
Rothchild won't move? 3
Screen gliches,what the heck? 1
Shooting glitch? 3
So the game keeps...? 2
Someone knows why I can't here the characters voices? 2
Sound glitches with game installed on hard drive? 2
Stimpaks not appearing in Charon's inventory? 1
Take it Back! Quest Broken? 1
Tenpenny Tower Quest Glitch - Has this happened to you? 2
The expansion pack is making my game freeze or just not work, please help? 3
The game keeps freezing when i try to enter Tenpenney Tower? 3
Trouble installing Fallout 3 DLC? 1
Troubles with the Sonora Cruz glitch. Has it ever been fixed? 1
Unable to choose a PERK? 4
Waters of Life Completion Impossible? 1
What hard drive? 1
whats wrong? "Take it back" glitch 3
Where is diego? 3
Why are my dlc quests gone? 1
Why can I not choose any of the level 20+ Perks? 1
Why can't I find any of the caravan merchants? 1
Why can't I install broken steel? 2
Why cant I look around (right stick)? 1
Why does my Fallout 3 freeze every time I'm in DC? 1
Why does my game keep glitching? 4
Why does my weapons and armor get taken? 2
Why does Sentinal Lyons keep freezing? ORIGINAL END OF GAME 2
Why does the game crash at a specific time & date? 1
Why does the game keep crashing near the National Archives? 2
Why does the game keep crashing or not working? 3
Why does the game keep glitching when I try to go to the GNR? 3
Why does the game keep on freezing at jefforson memorial waters of life quest? 2
Why does the game keep telling me the disc must be cleaned? 2
Why game keeps freezing since purchasing all DLC? 1
Why have my dlc quests disappeared? 2
Why won't sermons, museum tours, etc. occur at their proper times? 2
Achievement glitch? 2
Achievements Help? 1
Activating dlc? 7
Addons? 2
Anacostia Station ? 2
Anoying scratchy noise? 4
Anyone else have graphical glitches? 2
Anyone else having The Pitt crash on them? 1
AUTO Corrupt? 2
Broken Steel Glitch, Any Ideas??? 2
Can i download extra content on frinds 360? 5
Can I Keep Playing After The Game Is Over Or Not? 1
Can i play DLC on 360 if i am not online...? 2
Caution is always at the top of my screen when I crouch even when I'm not in danger, how do I get it back to normal? 1
Charon on top of Jerfferson Memorial? 3
Controls are not normal (please help)? 6
County Sewer glitch - what should i do? 1
Dancing around the issue? 1
Deleting System Chace? 1
DLC Help? 1
Does anyone know if they pulled the Pit from Download? 2
Duplicate? 1
Exchanging my game...? 2
Fallout 3 freezing jefferson memorial? 9
Fast Travel Glitch? 4
Fawkes seems awkward.... can u help please? 3
Fawks glich after Point lookout? 1
Ghost locations in Point Lookout? 2
Glitch issues, can somebody help? )Spoilers( 3
Hank's Supplies Bug Fix? 2
Has anyone ever had this glitch in Vault 101? 3
Help! Why does it keep freezing? 1
HELP!!!!!!! I can't beat the game.....It won't finish the last quest?!?!?!? 1
How do I clear my XBox360 cache? 2
How do I clear the cache? 1
How do i get Broken Steel DLC to load? 3
how do I get Butch? 1
How do i get inside Citadel without glitching? 2
How Do I Get Into the Galaxy Radio Station? 8
How do I get the pitt from freezing? 2
How do i save? 1
How the heck do I add mods? 1
How to det DLC without xbox internet connection? 1
I don't get the notification to download the new patch, why is that? 1
i downloaded broken steel but when I beat the game it dose not acivate help? 3
I downloaded the expantions for the game and they worked fine but now its not whats worng? 2
I have beaten the main quest now what? 6
I need help with a G.O.A.T. glitch, suggestions? 2
I'm level 20. I have the new DLC. Why do I not gain any XP? 2
Installing Fallout 3 to hard drive?> 2
Is it possible to join Talons? 2
Is it possible to Quicksave in the Xbox version? 1
Is the add-on pack disk usable on multiple consoles? 4
Junder Plunkett missing?! 2
Just got to level 20 or 21 and am not gaining anymore experience??? 1
Less damage in v.a.t.s mode? 2
Lookout Point locked in a church & can't get out? Please HELP!!!! 2
Lost ship? 2
Missing person alert? 1
My game tells me that my operation anchorage saves reliey on content that is no longer available can someone help? 1
Not sure what the deal is...(potential spoilers)? 1
Pinkerton won't tell me about the Android!?!? 2
Pipboy color changed? 5
Pitt / point lookout glitch? 1
Pre-War books? 1
Purple pre-war book? 1
Saved in final room of the last level. Doors are locked!? 6
System freezes after exiting the metro? 1
The game keeps glitching after i return from raven rock? 1
The Pitt rooftop glitch??? 8
Two "Seperate" games? 1
Ultimate Karma Perks at Level 30? 1
V.A.T.S mode glitch? 1
Wastlander's corps is missing.....? 4
Where does Jericho go if you are forced to leave him? (spoiler) 1
Where is The Pitt radio signal? 6
Where's eclair!?! 1
Where's he gone? 2
Why are so many NPCs Dead? 3
Why can't I find the radio signals for The Pitt and Operation Anchorage? 2
Why can't I talk to Bittercup? 1
Why cant i leave Tenpenny tower? 1
Why cant I play my add-ons? 3
Why did Clover dissapear after exiting vault 112? 11
Why do I keep falling through the roof in the steel yard in The Pitt dlc? This is on xbox 360 1
Why does it freeze? 9
Why does my character fall through the floors/walls in the Steelyard? 2
Why does my disc freeze? 3
Why does my level regeister 0 in Broken Steel? 2
Why does my strength keep dissapearing? 1
Why does the game freeze in Jefferson Memorial during the Waters of Life quest? 5
Why does the game freeze sometimes(xbox 360)? 2
Why does the game freeze? 2
Why does the game keep freezing when I go to get slave clothes? 1
Why does the game keep showing a ! and not objects? 1
Why don't my dlcs work anymore? 1
Why is it that whenever I try to finish the Head of State quest...? 3
Why won't my 360 let me play operation anchorage? 3
Will I permenatly lose my DLC items if I re-download a DLC? 1
Will It Work? 2

Other Help Answers
Can I get banned from Xbox Live (account and/or console) if I install all the DLC from a USB using Horizon? 0
Dogmeat ? 0
If anyone wants this game free, check out my video for a chance to win fallout 3: 0
Reclaiming Sergent RL-3? 0
Stuck in Vault 34 with 950 rads Way out? 0
The Waters of Life? 0
(SPOILERS)Bug with Follower After Completing Tranquility Lane Quest? 7
(Where is jamie's dad's book and what is the pillar about?) 1
*SPOILER*Tenpenny Residents Dead??? 3
A Few Questions? 4
Addonsdon'twork? 2
After doing the tenpenney tower quest I can't get into my suite, is this permanent? 3
After getting to level 20 (no DLC), will all the xp I earn after be wasted? 1
After I enslave Flak? 5
After taking over Mothership Zeta can you get into other areas in the ship? 2
Again with this? 3
Alien Captive Recording in Waste Disposal? 1
Another House? 4
Any treasure? 1
Anyone Else Encounter The Enclave? 2
Anyone know when the new DLC is being released? 5
Are ther any dupe glitches? 1
Are there any bobble heads in Point Lookout DLC? 2
best DLC, and upgrading your room? 3
Bounty Hunting? 2
Broken Steel Perk help. jericho is dead but he's not? 2
Broken Steel? 1
Brotherhood Outcasts population? 3
BS Achievement glitch? 2
Butch didn't go back to Rivet city? 1
Butch unable to find? 5
Can anyone license transfer Fallout to me? 2
Can anyone spare a fallout 3 code? i have never played fallout before and everyone says its great. 1
Can I creat a new character and not lose all my stuff? 6
Can i do the anchorage quest at start of game? 4
Can i get in the regulator hq with bad karma without a fight? 1
Can i get inside the archives in the enclave base raven rock?? 2
Can i return to the Pitt? 3
Can i still do the peaceful solution in Tenpenny Tower? 2
Can someone help me with 'waters of life' mission? 2
Can u get a girl freind? 2
Can you get All the fallout3 expasion packs? 3
Can you get the alien weapon without the dlc? 1
Can you get the downloadable content a disk? 2
Can you have sex? 5
Can you kill the Mechanist after you have killed the Antagonizer ? 2
Can you max out all your skills? 3
Can you tell me where the man is that gives you the Rockland car tunnel key? 2
Can you use the downloadable content off line? 4
Can your follower go with you to the Pitt, and Point Lookout, the first time you go there? 3
Can your stuff get stolen in your megaton house? 3
Cant find my robot? 3
Character ideas? 3
Character size augmentation? 2
Charon contract (post patch) ? 3
Charon contract ? 1
Charon or Paladin?? 9
Charon went missing????? 2
Charon???!?!? 6
Chinese Stealth Armor? 2
Clover? 1
Clover?! 4
Compaions? 1
Could I possibly get a free Fallout 3 code from the Fallout 4 preorder? 1
Crowley has the armor in the Underworld, how do I get it? 1
custom weapon Help? 3
Data transfer? 2
Dead Three Dog??? (Glitch???) 1
Did I do something wrong? 1
Difficulty? 4
Disappearing Dogmeat? 1
Do Chest items ever respawn? 2
Do I need to actually kill the behemoths my self? 3
Do megaton residents respawn? 4
Do you have to maintain a certain karma for followers? 7
does experience carry over to Broken Steel? 2
Does the Anchorage DLC earn you experience? 3
Does the Mothership DLC worth to download? 2
Does the Ninja Perk affect all sneak attack damage? 3
Dogmeat after broken steel? 2
DogMeat Glitch?? 2
Dogmeat MIA? 5
Dogmeat seems to have infinite health? 4
Dose the game of the year edition have all those glitches? 2
Downloads? 2
Empty Locker? 8
End battle? 3
Escaping the vault? 2
Eulogy Jones? 5
Extremely annoying noise outside underworld and near vault 92?! 5
F. scott key trail and campground? 1
Facial reconstruction and Underworld barber? 5
Fallout 3 Gun Sounds? 2
Fallout 3 Intelligence? 1
Fallout 3 Role playing ideas, anyone? 3
Fallout 3 what is the best armor or the most powerful one you can get or buy? 7
Fallout 3, Sally is stuck, help? D: 1
Favorite armor and weapon? 3
Fawkes and Dogmeat?... 3
Fawkes is GONE after the pitt? 1
Fawkes is hostile? 2
Fawkes is invincible? 1
Fawkes isn't where he should be? 3
Fawkes wasnt at Raven Rock when i got out where is he???? 2
Fawks isnt outside underworld? 1
Final Main Quest? 1
firelance fell and Dogmeat can't find it please HELP!!!?? 2
Flak after strictly buisness? 2
Flying robobrain? 1
Follower after Tranquity lane? 2
Follower Equipment after Vault 87? 1
Follower Question? 1
Follower Troubles..glitch maybe? 1
Followers? 6
Followers???? 2
Fort independence? 4
Game freezes when I load an old save!!!? 1
Game of the year edition? 3
Getting out of the map to see strange floating buildings? 5
Getting To The Meuseum? 1
Ghouls in Old Olney? 3
God Mode ? 1
Got puppies perk but dogmeat puppy isnt there? 1
Got the firelance mini-encounter but no gun, help anyone? 4
GotYE: Still, any main plot quests to stop at to do all the side-quest content? (possible spoilers in answers) 1
Grenade jump behemoth? 8
Has anyone else had their weapons repair when left in their house? 1
Has this happened to you? 5
Help getting into Project Purity??? 1
Help i need to know something important?! 2
Help radiation Dilema? 7
HELP! DogMeat?!?! 3
Houses? 4
How can I get out of this room? 8
How can I get to the Corvega Factory? 3
How can i get to the safe in the museum of technology? 2
How can you get in v 87 rad is to high? 4
How do get into the Monument using the key ? 2
How do I add a comment, to an answered question? 1
How do I deal with over encumberment? 4
how do i enter Lamplight Caverns? 1
How do I find Dr Li after talking with Three Dog? 4
How do i fix my download problem for my add on pack.? 2
How do I fix this Glitch? 3
How do I get Charon? 5
How do I get into the citadel to learn how to use the power armour? 1
How do I get MacCready to OK trading strange meat for cave fungus? 3
How do i get out of the ark & dove cathedral in point lookout? 2
How do I get rid of the remaining 90 ingots? 3
How do I get the slave outfit? 2
How do I lose Donovan's Wrench? 4
How do I recover achievement points? 2
How do i use the glitch that lets you equip other headwear with the Winterized T-51b power helmet? 2
How do u get the megaton house?? 3
How do you enslave people after the Strictly Business quest? 5
How do you eqiup follower? 4
How do you get a dog????? 3
How do you get into Haven? 2
How do you get the alien into your megaton house? 2
How do you talk to stockholms without the pc cheat? 1
How do you? 1
How good is the Pitt? 4
How in the hell do you activate Anchorage missison? 5
How is Fallout 3 as a FPS? 5
How long till dogmeat respawns? 1
How many expansion packs are there to Fallout 3? 1
How many major cities are there? 3
How much memory does this game take up? 5
How To Find My Gear In The Pitt? 0
How to fix getting back on Mothership Zeta glitch? 2
How to get Fawkes back after he disappeared ? 2
How to get rid of the Rangers? 1
How To Get To The Citidial From the Radio Tower? 1
How to repair the Gause Rifle to Full durability? 4
I accidentally killed three dog help!? 2
I can only find merchant's brahmin's? 2
I cant find charon? 1
I cant find Jerico anywhere? 1
I have a good karma character how to a turn into neutral karma? 1
I need DLC Help? 1
I need to find someone to cure my Addictions? 3
I really like this game, but I'm horrible at it. Help? 6
I was just curious about a small number of things? 2
I was wondering??? 2
Ideas for another run-through? 3
In the Pitt expansion is there another way then just collecting ingots? 2
Input regarding Downloadable Content (i.e. expansions)? 2
Is Aqua Pura dangerous? 5
Is DC scary yes or no and how is it or how is it not? 10
Is it possible to be a Doctor and open your own Clinic in the Wasteland? 2
Is it possible to become a ghoul? 3
Is it possible to get back inside haven? 2
Is it possible to have both the megaton and tenpenny houses at once? 6
Is it possible to keep my items if I'm overcummed? 4
Is it possible to pickpocket a friend and give them a Stimpak, Med-X, Buffot, Jet, or Psycho to heal them? 2
Is it worth buying again??? 2
Is Killing Greta a Better Option? 3
Is possible to boost a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat past 10? 3
Is the hotel room in Rivet City permanent? 1
Is there a way to change the outfit on Veronica? 1
Is there a way to change your tag skills and perks? 7
Is there a way to delete all the saves, minus the last save and the DLCs? 2
Is there a way to keep playing after you beat it? 2
Is there anything to do when your level 3 ??? 2
Is there nyone I can sell to in Megaton? 3
It keeps saying "The Brain is Unconscious"? 2
Item stacking glitch? 1
Jericho dies and then returns to megaton?? 1
Karma effects? 3
Killing the samurai and paulson in mothership zeta? 4
Let see if someone can me this one 0 for 2 where is the Scoped with silencer ? 2
Lincoln Glitch? 1
Locked out of Oasis? 1
Loss of Equipment? 2
Lossing my skills with bad Karmer what do i do? 4
Lucky Shades? 5
Making you own weapons? 2
Maxing strength and intelligence? 3
Megaton House? 1
Megaton or tenpenny tower? 1
Megaton problem? 2
Mercenaries ??! 3
Mothership Zeta ? 1
mothership zeta HELP ME ? 3
Mothership zeta help w the robo factory? 1
Mothership zeta,winterized armor? 7
My caps keep disappearing, have lost over 5000, please HELP? 4
My Fawkes is missing? 1
My game will not update? 1
Mysterious noises? 1
Mysterious stranger died... Will he come back? 3
Need help with my followers? 4
New dlc for 2010 ? 4
NPC Death? 2
NPC's disappearing? 4
Obtaining T51b? 2
Ole Jericho? 2
Operation anchorage and karma? 2
Operation Anchorage won't work on PS3, anybody know why? 1
Place? 1
Point Lookout(Am I the only person who owns it?) 5
Power of the Atom? 2
Prepaid download came with fallout 4? 1
Problem In Oasis? (spoiler inside) 2
Problems completing broken steel add on cause of a major glitch? 1
Problems with science and lockpick skill? 1
Question about Lydia Montenegro? 1
Random barter? 2
Random explosion?? 2
Raven Rock hidden door? 4
Re-obtaining Sergeant RL-3? 2
Red Rocket stations? 3
Red, Short and Sticky do they heal? 3
Reloading to get all level up achievments, can i get my main save back after? 1
Repay for followers? 1
Reverse pickpocketing help? 2
Rivet city bugged bridge? 2
Running Speed and Agility? 1
Shack?..needs key? 2
Should I not be in the capitol building if I have no quest for it? 3
Sid in Vault 87? 3
Silver tongued devil knock knock method? 1
Skipped one of the main quests by mistake and need help. anyone ? 5
So I got the GOTY Edition of this game butt?? 1
Speech Challenge when at the end of the Game? 1
Starting broken steel?? 2
Still possible to get a house? 3
Strange V.A.T.S. ? 1
Stuck in Megaton room with Fawkes? 4
Stuck in vault 106? 1
Sudden Walking pace in Super-Duper mart? 2
Temple of the union ahhh! how do i get them to stop killing me? 4
Tenpenny Towers generator? 1
Terminal writing? 2
The "Puppies!" approach isn't working, and I'd like to know why? 1
The DLC? 1
The ending ? 3
The ending of the game choice? 2
The exact releasing date? 3
The game says my skills are at 100 but they arnt whats the deal? 1
The Glowing One? 4
The Mechanist? 1
The outcasts wont show up ? 2
The Pitt Rooftop Glitch Patch in GOTY edition? 1
There is no one in the water treatment plant in megaton? 2
Trouble on the Homefront Quest? 4
Unlisted Sub-missions??? 4
Vault 87 main hatch inside? 10
Very anyoying GLITCH?! 1
Viewing pictures & maps in notes screen of pip-boy? 2
Wait I didnt get the correct answer last time? 3
Wasteland troubles?? 4
Wat happens to all DLC??? 2
Were did my stuff go after Mothership Zetta??? 2
What are all the songs played on GNR? 4
What did the update patch fix in fallout 3 for the 360? 2
What do u think the best wepon is? 11
What does the DLC do for the 360 version? 5
What does the swift learner perk does for me like does it give me more Xp or does it give me more level up points? 1
What exactly does people mezzed mean? 2
What happened if flak dies in paradise falls? 1
What happened to my bodyguard? 1
What happened to the girl in Craterside Supply? 3
What Happens After I Kill Lucas Simms??? 1
What happens if you kill Butch in Vault 101? 2
What happens to the samari in mother ship zeta he is gone and i cant find him? 1
What is in the model house? 1
What is it saying? 3
What is the baby glitch? 4
What is the best wepon in fallout 3? 2
What is the highest level you can be? 2
What is the purpose of repairing the lighthouse in point lookout? 3
What the hell is ark? 1
What to do if megaton trys to kill me? 1
What's the best power armor located roughly close to Megaton? 1
What's the most pointless perk in the game in your opinion? 7
What's the special conversation at the end of Broken Steel? 2
What's with Shrapnel? 5
Whats in the Museum? 2
Whats the best option for tenpennies quest? 4
Whats the best way to start the game in your opinon? 3
Whats up with the at home labratory? 2
Wheaton Armory? 2
When do I get Dogmeat back? 4
When do the bodies vanish? 6
When you get the contract killer perk who do you sell the ears to? 2
Where and when can i find dogmeat? 3
Where are Fawlkes & Dogmeat after "Take It Back?" 2
Where can i find Jerricho? 2
Where can i find or find out about the escaped android? 2
where can I find the brotherhood outcast hideout? 5
Where can I find the infiltrator? 2
Where can i find the key to the door inside vault 87? 2
Where can I find the other UFO crashsite? 3
Where can i find? 2
Where can i get a sword without any DLC? 1
Where did crow go? 1
Where did dogmeat and clover go? 1
Where do I find operation anchorage? 4
Where do I find the entrance to Mama Dulce's? 2
Where do I find the source of 'The Fire-Ants' on the quest "THOSE!"? 2
Where do the Characters from Mothership Zeta go after you finish it? 3
Where do u find the railway rifle schematics? 1
Where do you find a person who gives you a contract to complete? 2
Where do you find the railway rifle? 5
Where Do you get the quest to unite the brotherhoods? 2
Where does Paulson go? 1
Where is Brand? 1
Where is Burke? 2
Where is Carlos the beggar? 2
Where is Dukov? 2
Where is Elder Lyons and how do i get there? 1
Where is fawkes? 3
Where is medic power armor? 4
Where is Minefield? 2
Where is Takoma Industrial? 3
Where is tenpenny's suit? 2
Where is the captiol building? 4
Where is the Citadel and what is the fastest and least enemy filled route? 3
Where is the crashed space ship in wasteland? 1
where is the exit to Adams Airforce Base? 1
Where is the key for the cellar in a destroyed house in the town of Springvale? 2
Where is the location of the people you sell scrap metal to? 3
Where is the Regulator woman? 2
Where is the talon company HQ? 4
Where is the terminal with the text adventure?!? 2
Where is this M82 sniper rifle or laser sniper please help? 7
Where's Dogmeat? 3
whi the hell is B,E,S? 1
Which Expansion pack is the best to get ? 2
Which is better, this or Oblivion? 3
Which is the best dlc for fallout 3? 6
Who can i enslave? 1
Who is the sherrif's son's name? 1
Why am I walking slowly? 2
Why can I have three companions? 1
Why cant i get into the keller bunker? 1
Why cant i go back in my house? 2
Why do I keep drowning? 4
Why do Reilly's Rangers hate me now? 4
Why has Charon started attacking me after I'm stealing stuff? 2
Why is this game so awesome? 2
Will i get my companion back? 1
Will there be a Disc Bundle for Fallout 3 like for GTA IV ? 3
Wolfgang disappeared? 4
Would I get to see Sarah Lyon again in Broken Steel? 5
Would my mother allow me to buy? 6
Wtf fawkes? 2
Your Opinion ? 1
!!I beat the game and autosaved in the final area, am i stuck there forever? 2
"Discovering" Vault 87? 1
(Does your items disapear when you put them in your house ?) 2
* BROKEN STEEL * Aqua Pura Crate in middle of knowwhere? 3
**??Fallout 3??** 6
360 vs PC? 2
55 Gallon drum? 2
5th Super Mutant Behemoth? 2
?Fawkes? 1
?Scrap metal glitch!!! D:< 2
A scenic place? 2
A3-21 plasma rifle can you still get it ? 2
About Jericho? 3
About super mutants? 1
Achievement Question, regarding levels w/karma? 2
After completing Operation Anchorage, can you go back into the simulation? 1
after completing Trouble on the Homefront quest can you find Anata again? 1
after doing everything from Operation: Anchorage even saving those 2 can you re entert the outcast hq? 2
After I returned from Point Lookout it wont let me get any of my follower it said i already had a follower when i didnt? 1
After Point Lookout, where is Fawkes? 2
After you escape Raven Rock and you meet Fawkes but your karma isn't good enough, where does he go afterwards? 1
All non-dlc quests? 1
All of the caravan traders are missing. I must have pissed them off. Can I fix this and how? 6
All Power Stations? 1
All Skills To 100? 1
Am I still eligible for facial reconstruction? 1
Amata and Butch? 4
Amata in the wasteland? 1
Another level cap Add-on ? 2
Any one have a problem with Kenny taking there stuff in Point lookout? 1
Anybody know when 360 downloadable content is going to be released? 4
Anymore cheats for Fallout 3? 1
Anyone know where the key to the locked door in Vault Tec Headquarters is? 1
Anything really unique thats been discovered thats not common knowledge? 40
Are any Megaton Settlers needed for quests? 3
Are the Outcast supposed to kill one another? 1
Are there any Achievements only attainable after getting DLC? 2
Are there any plans to release the expanded content to a disc? 2
Are there any teyteys? 3
At lvl 30 and some perks still greyed out. Help?! 1
At the end of the game? 3
ATTACKED in Megaton? 3
Bartering for RL-3? 1
Bethesda ruins? 1
Black Widow and Mr. Burke? 2
Blowing up cars/trucks ? 4
Bobbleheads on different characters? 1
Bobbypins? 10
Body guards? 2
Bomb Shelter in Fort Constantine? ( Spelling ) 3
Both houses in Fallout? 1
Bounty? 2
Broken Steel Adams Airforce Base? 2
Broken Steel and unfinished side quests from the main game...? 1
Broken steel attachment? 2
Broken steel level up ? 1
Broken steel question? 1
Brotherhood of Steel hostility? 5
Buy now or wait for game of the year edition? 1
Can a follower use any other weapons? 1
Can a skill go over 100? 2
Can any1 tell me pacific intructions on how 2 find the lincoin reapter? 1
Can anyone help? 1
Can Dogmeat carry items? 1
Can dogmeat pick any lock? 4
Can fawkes wear clothes? 1
Can I Become A Ghoul? 2
Can I continue from the middle of the final mission? 1
can I continue to level past 20 (xbox) somehow? 3
can I Delete DLC packs without adverse effects? 2
Can I get another follower (besides Dogmeat) if I already have Fawkes without using the "Fire-Rehire" glitch? 10
Can I get back into tranquilty lane? 6
Can I get into MR.Burke's house?If I 1
Can i get more perks after 20? 3
Can i have 2 followers, and how do i have 2 followers? 1
Can I have Fawkes and Sergeant RL-3 at the same time? 5
Can i have many troops at my command? 2
Can I have more than 1 follower? 2
Can i have status sugestions for the begining? 5
Can i join the enclave? 2
Can I move from one DLC location to another with the same character? 2
Can I obtain a Brahmin and or build my own community? 2
Can I Play The DLC With The Original Game? 1
Can I play this offline co-op? 4
Can I still get Jericho as a follower if I blow up Megaton? 1
Can I still let the ghouls in tenpenny tower if i killed roy phillips? 3
Can I use Fawkes to store items? 1
Can I use Pitt and Anchorage dlc to help me to level 30 after Broken Steel? 1
can I use the geck on xbox360? 3
Can someone following you die? 4
Can someone help me find Fawkes? 1
Can someone show me all the followers in the game, and how to acquire them? 2
Can someone tell me how to get the printing press in Hubris Comics to work? 2
Can u get laid or get a chick in this game?? 1
Can u play Fallout 3 online on xbox 360? 2
Can you complete the wasteland survival guide quest after blowing up megaton? 1
Can you drive in the game? 10
Can you equip Power Armor to Followers? Will it deteriorate? 2
can you ever get The Cure from the pit? 2
Can you fast travel with followers? 1
Can you find Somah after completing the Mothership Zeta DLC? 2
Can you Free Charon??! 10
Can you get a permanent limp? 1
Can you get back in vault 101? 6
Can you get back into vault 101 a third time? 2
Can you get back into Vault 101? 3
Can you get into vault 72? 3
Can you go in the white house ? 1
Can you have another follower after you already get Dogmeat? 3
Can you have fawkes and dogmeat in your party at the same time? 4
Can you kill Dogmeat yourself to get stronger pupppies? 3
Can you make your appearance that of a ghoul? 2
Can you play this game offline? 1
Can you revert ice cold nuka colas? 1
Can you revive Dogmeat if you get the Puppies Perk after he's already dead? 2
Can you set a headquaters other than Megaton or Tenpenny? 2
Can you still gain Barkskin after the Oasis Quest if you choose to get the power armor and hood ? 4
Can you still get the ghoul mask if you kill roy phillops outside of tenpenny tower? 1
Can you still travel around in the wasteland if you have finished the main quest's? 2
Can you turn off the blood? 2
Can you use a game add on pack without a harddrive or Xbox live? 2
Can you use a USB keyboard and mouse with this game? 4
Can you use a xbox 360 keyboard to enter cheats like on thepc? 8
Can you view yourself? 4
Cant find Charon or Dogmeat please help? 2
Cant find ockland officer? 1
Canterbury commons merchants help? 1
Capital Wasteland?? 2
Caps!!? 5
Caravan Investments? 1
Charon after tranquility lane? 3
Charon and Star Paladin Cross are gone? 1
Charon glitch? D: 7
Charon's contract? 13
Charon's Death? 1
Charon? 1
Chinese remnants? 1
Clothing? 1
Clover and Jericho???? 1
Col. Autumns laser pistol? 1
Companion Help....? 1
Comparison? 2
Contracts Completed? 2
Controler settings ? 2
Controller setup? 7
Creating the railway gun? 3
Dad stuck on jefferson memorial? 2
Dave and Old Olney? (may have minor spoilers) 2
Decorate your house? 5
Did i get ripped off? 8
Difficutly? 2
DLC content? 2
DLC dates? 6
DLC play past the ending? 2
DLC questions? 2
Do achievements total through playthroughs? 1
Do eneimes hear your radio when you have it on? 3
Do followers need ammo? 1
Do i have to be on live to have broken steel? 1
Do merchants restock? 4
Do NPC Vendors retain items throughout the entire game that are sold to them? 3
Do random encounter things stay where they are? 2
Do shops get their money back? 1
Do the "dungeons" in Fallout 3 repopulate? 5
Do the BoS inisiets in the citadiel respawn? 1
Do the enemys in the game get stronger ? 1
Do the Point Lookout enemies respawn? 1
Do the shops replenish their goods over time?And if they do how long would it take? 1
Do vendor chests/crates respawn if I steal the key? 1
Do you ever go back into Vault 101? 3
Do you have to start over to play the DLC? 1
Do you need a patch to play o:a and the pitt disk version ? 1
Do you need Star Paladin Cross in the game??? 1
Do you still get a reward if Rielly's Rangers are dead? 2
Do you still get to play the game after you complete Broken Steel, also where does Broken Steel Begin? 1
Do your General Skills i.e. Speech Sucesses, Lockpick, Terminals Hacked, Transfer to a new game? 2
Does a higher exp level = tougher enemies in DLC? 1
Does anyone else have a Pres. Metro Glitch? 1
Does anyone know exactly when the pitt is released? 3
Does anyone know how many hours of gameplay this game has? 30
Does anyone know of any mods that would allow me to start my own community/town? 1
Does anyone know? 1
Does dogmeat/other partners get better as time goes on? 1
Does fall out 3 take up a lot of space on your hard drive? 2
Does Fawkes leave if you get bad karma???? 1
Does it matter which side of the Nuka-Cola Challenge I do? 1
Does lucas Simms ever to go sleep? 1
Does Mister Burke have any other missions for you besides blowing up Megaton? 1
Does the bloody mess perk disable the goo effects from the plasama rifle? 1
Does the dlc effect the main story/gameplay? 1
Does the double barrel shotgun suck? 6
Does the Pariah Dog exist in this game? 1
Does the Steam Version of Fallout 3 Have Xbox Live Achievements? 3
Does this have coop? 2
Does your karma have to be very evil to get clover? 1
Dog?? 2
Dogmeat Glitch? 2
Dogmeat glitch??? 1
Dogmeat is dead? 2
Dogmeat search details? 1
Dogmeat stuck in vault 101??????? 2
Dogmeat's Puppy? 1
Dogmeat...? 3
Dogmeat? 3
Easiest way to get bad karma? 1
Enslave vips? 1
Entering Vault 101 again? (possible spoliers) 1
everyones killing me and I cant play anymore i need help? 2
Everything about Mothership Zeta? 2
EVERYTHING in my megaton house is GONE? 4
Exploding wastelander? 1
Fallout 3 or new vegas? 1
Fallout 3 review on gamespot??? 1
Fallout DLC? 2
Fawkes and Charon? 2
Fawkes and Take it back? 1
Fawkes is so BIG he's got me stuck in a room CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!??? 6
Fawks? 2
Feral Ghoul explosion? 2
Finesse Perk? 1
Firelance? 4
Flying Enemy? 1
Follower Differences? 1
Follower Fawkes Help? 2
Follower query? 2
Follower Questions? 1
Followers!!!!(Raven Rock)? 2
Following in his footsteps achievement ?? 2
Fort Constantine (Minor Spoilers)? 1
Fort Constatine And Fort Bannister? 4
Friendly Enclave Soldier? 1
Front entrance to vault 87? 1
G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) possible on other consols? 2
Game of the year of edition?? 1
Geting Dogmeat before Broken Steel DLC? 1
Getting Follower Fawkes? (Spoiler Alert) 1
Getting money? 4
Ghoul? 2
Ghoulifacation? 3
Glitch for 2 followers? 3
Glitch in Raven Rock? 3
Go find chems dogmeat? 2
Gob and Carol? 1
Good karma? 1
Grenade killing? 2
Guns VS Mele? 8
Ham Radios? 3
Has anyone seen the Albino Radscorpion? 4
Have they set a release date for the Broken Steel DLC? 3
Heal radiation? 1
Help making a good energy weapons and explosives character? 1
Help Please? ASAP 1
Help Using The Mezzer? 3
Help with fawke? 1
Help with making a big guns/unarmed character? 1
House Locations? 1
How am I supposed to keep slaves from dying on the way to Paradise Falls? 2
how big is the Operation Anchorage DLC? 2
How can I get my old character's face on my new character? (PC) 1
How can I wear a power amor and a power helmet? 1
How can you level up easy??? 1
How can you tell if someone is evil? 2
How do I access the Operation Anchorage DLC? I have it and I've tried everything! 2
How do i answer and mark my questions as answered? 1
How do I change my characters facial expression? 5
how do I change my haircut? 2
How do i check what my karma level is at? 4
How do I explore the rest of the ship after i beat the DLC? 1
How do I find the White House? 3
How do i get a house when burke and simms are dead? 11
How do I get back home after taking the boat ride to Point Lookout? 2
How do i get dukov drunk? 2
How do I get Fawkes to use a REAL weapon!? 9
How do I get Ghoul Moira to move to Underworld? (Glitch) 2
How do I get good karma? 3
How do i get into citadel? 1
How do i get into the overseers room in vault 112 ??!??!?!? 2
How do i get jerico, butch, star paladin cross, and dogmeat's pup all at once???? 3
How do i get my armor and weapons back from ravens rock? 1
How do i get the broken steel and others like the pitt? 1
How do I get the ROBOT and other good Karma companions? 3
How do i get the samuri's armor in MotherShip Zeta DLC without killing him? 1
How do I get the Tenpenny Suite? 3
How do I get the Xuanlong Chinese Assault Rifle? 3
How do I get through the Little Lampshade cave to Fawkes? 4
How do I get to be in the Brotherhood Of Steel? 8
How do i get to the GNR radio tower? 1
How do i get to the pitt? 6
How do I get to the white house? 1
How do I heal or feed Dogmeat? 3
How do I know where to go? 1
How do i learn to make guns? 1
How do I locate in-game co-ordinates? 4
How do i make an unarmed/melee character? 2
How do I make chems? 2
How do I open it? 3
How do I place grenades and/or mines with reverse pickpocket so they explode? 2
How do i post stuff on the board? 1
How do I prevent the caravan's from breaking? 2
How do I repair items? 5
How do i repair the tri beam laser rifle? 5
How do i run? 4
How do I see my haircut? 2
how do I swim? 1
How do i turn my pip-boy light off? 1
How do I turn on radio towers? 1
How do I unlock the Tenpenny Tower suite? 1
How do i view my character's face? 3
How do the DLC disks work? 1
How do u know if ur dog has low health? 1
How do you buy items in megaton in supply store without canceling the transaction? 5
How do you calm down scientists? 1
How do you complete this glitch? 4
How do you do the scrap metal glitch? 1
How do you fix a vanished follower? 1
How do you gain access into the inaccessible door in the Taft Tunnels? 2
How do you get into the White House? 1
How do you get the key that lets the ghouls in? 3
How do you get to the GNR? 4
How do you get to the Vaultec Headquarters?? 2
How do you get to where stockholm is in megaton? 1
How do you get your own house? 8
How do you grow extra arms? 4
How do you heal Star Paladin cross? 1
How do you heal yourself from being overcumbered? 2
How do you invest in merchants? 2
How do you leave stateman hotel? 7
How do you mezz people and what on earth is pants exploded?? 2
How do you pick things up and move them? 1
How do you reprogram robots? 3
How do you start broken steel??? 7
How do you start the pitt after deleting and reinstaling? 4
How do you turn on the flashlight? 1
How get un-stuck? 1
How I start? 1
How is the language? 3
How long does a person stay mad at you? 3
How long is 1 hour? 2
How long is the Pitt? 2
How long will an item stay around after dropped? 1
How many followers can you get? 2
How many places are on the map? 4
How many playthroughs are required to recieve all the achievements? 6
How many points give luck to critical chance? 1
How Many Scavengers Are There Altogether? 2
How many world maps are there in the game? 1
How much better is the 360 version of Fallout 3 compared to the ps3 version? 2
How much will broken steel and the pitt cost? 2
How much? 1
How or where do i find the republic of dave? 1
How to fix Dead NPCs on 360? 1
How to get charon...? 7
How to get into rivet city? May contain spoilers 8
How to get to Citadel? 1
How to get to Hubris Comics Plz Help? 1
How to get to L'Enfant Plaza Help Plz? 2
How will changing the difficulties settings effect the game? 2
Huge glitch, can someone help me? 2
I am having trouble with some followers. Can anybody help? 2
I am so bored...please help? 3
I asked dogmeat to get ammo and he didnt comeback, wot can i do? 6
I can't find Charon?!?! 2
I can't find the Regulator Leader anymore? 10
I can't get to Vault 87 w/out getting radiated. How do I get there? 2
I Cant find DogMeat or anyone in the scrapyard? 1
I don't understand lockpicking. Need help!?!?!? 3
I found the ammo, but no Firelance with it? 1
I have had two of the traveling merchants die on me... how to prevent it? 2
I just flew up really high in the GNR Plaza, and I'm wondering how I did it. How did I? 1
I killed tenpenny but no one noticed yet? 2
I lost Fawkes... question about followers? ***Broken Steel*** 4
I want 5 followers which one do i get frist and so on? 2
I want 6 followers which one do i get frist and so on? 4
I want to find all schematics any help? 2
I was caught stealing in Rivet City, can i go back??. 2
i would like followers but I dont know what to do? 2
I'm stuck on the observation deck how do i get NPCs to help? 2
If i add in all the DLC through game of the year will i need to start a new game for lvl cap increase? 2
If I buy the DLC, will the scrap metal glitch be patched? 1
If i change my sex later will Lady killer turn into Black Widow? 1
If I complete Take It Back! before buying Broken Steel, can I continue my game from there anyway? 1
If i get DLC? 1
If I Kill everyone...? 1
If i start a new game in fallout 3 will my old saved game be deleted or not??? 4
If I've already beaten Fallout 3, can I still play the DLC with the character I've completed the game with? 1
If you contain evil karma, Will Raiders still attack you or would they do nothing to you? 1
If you find the alien firelance can you find it again? 2
If you help the ghouls in Tempenny Tower, do you keep your suit, an can you still remodel it? 1
If you kill the Overseer? 2
In the Mid-Western part of DC...? 1
Infinite ammo for the alien blaster? and where are all of the bobbleheads i need a list of the locations please? 2
Infinite Xp? 3
Is Arefu able to 'forgive and forget'? 2
Is Clover available for purchase only if you have 1000 caps? 1
Is fallout 3 better for the PC or xbox? 4
Is fawkes invincible? 1
Is it normal to recieve a Quest Completed for Shoot 'Em in the Head when you...? 1
Is it possible for dogmat to never die on the x360 version? 4
Is it possible to use consel codes? 1
Is it safe...? 1
Is it true that when you are evil...? 2
Is it true The Pitt lets you cap at 30? 1
Is it true there is president dead body in the game? 1
Is it worth bying? 1
Is Prime supposed to blow up??? 1
Is the bus from the attract mode in the game? 2
Is the DLC coming in physical form? 2
Is the DLC coming to PS3? 1
Is the glitch common? 1
Is the tech difficulties fixed in The Pitt, & can I keep the items I find in the pitt when I return to the wastes? 3
Is there a Vault with G.E.C.K enabled? 5
Is there a way to add more levels to the game? 1
Is there a weapon called the Miren or is my friend pulling my leg? 1
Is there an auto-attempt for hacking or lockpicking? 4
Is there another means of travel besides by foot and quick travel? 4
Is there any avatar awards for this game? 1
Is there any NPC that can repair items up to 100%? 2
Is there any way around this problem? (Getting a house to store gear) 2
Is there any way to be a drug dealer in Fallout 3? 1
Is there any way to free Gob? 2
Is there any way to learn how to use power armor before going to the citadel? 2
Is there any way to reopen the door to vault 112? 1
Is there anymore new content to come? 2
Is there multiplayer? 1
Is there such thing as acing the G.O.A.T. test? 4
Is this game better than dead space? 1
Is this game open ended like GTA? 3
Is this possible? 1
Is this worth getting? 1
Item glitching out of simulation? 2
Items that you find random in the wasteland, can they come back after a while? 3
Ive heard of a scrap metal glitch does it work? 1
Jericho and Moriarty, where are they? 1
Jericho was gone? 2
Jerico trys to kill me after i kill dogmeat? 1
Jury St. Metro Station? 1
Karma Achievement Questions? 1
Keeping the scar? 1
Know Any Scary Places? 5
Lamplighter to vault 87? 7
Level 20 or 30? 3
Level 20? 1
Level 21? 2
Level higher than 30? 2
Level Up? 1
Leveling from 20-30? 1
Little Lamplight Quests? 1
Location Checklist? 2
Lossing my skills with bad Karmer whatn do i do? 1
Lost Follower After Tranquility? 2
Lost Key to Galaxy New Radio Building? 5
Love or more ?!? 2
Lucky Harith - Caravan PLEASE HELP!? 2
Lv 30 in fallout: point lookout? 4
Lyons keeps glitching in the purifier. Anything i can do to fix it? 2
Maintaining the Peace at Tenpenny Tower? 1
Maximum possible Hit Points? 1
Megaton Survivors? 2
Memory? 1
Mini-Encounter Locations? 2
Mini-encounter spot help? 3
Mirv? 2
Misc items List? 5
Mods? 1
More of a discovery and finaly a use for the tonnes wonderglue in the wasteland ?????? 1
Mothership observation area? 2
Mothership zeta door glitch? 1
Mothership zeta glitch? 2
Mothership zeta redo? 1
Mothership zeta? 2
Mr. Burke? 3
Mr. Lopez's story? 1
Multiple Followers? 9
Musuem of History??? 2
My sneaking state warning is glitched out? 2
MZ sallys not coming? 2
National Guard Depot? 3
Negative signs next to your stats and perks? 1
Neutral Karma=Lawbringer & Conrtact Killer? 1
Not geting the scientific pursuits achievement? 7
NPCs with repair skill - Who is the best? 3
Nuka Cola Challenge.Is there a key? 1
Nuka Cola Rendezvou? (excuse that suckish spelling) 2
Nuke In Fort Constantine? 3
Nuking other cities? 3
Oasis Glitch (cannot move)? 1
Oasis quest?? 1
Odd explosion? 3
On Gamespot, how do I view all the questions I have asked? 1
Operation Anchorage Question? 1
Operation anchoraqe ? 1
Operation: Anchorage- Outcasts turned against me? 1
Original dogmeat gone for good? 3
Oscar Zulu radio broadcast? 1
Other than megaton and tenpenny tower suites, How many other Suites are there for me to live in? 1
Outcast dont like me? 2
Outcast evil? 1
Paradise Falls weapons trader's request for 20 rifles? 8
People dying in Megaton? 2
People from vault 101? 1
Perks not saving? 1
Personal vault under Super Duper mart? 1
Pick Pocket? 4
Pitt question here? 1
Point Lookout ruins 6 Companions Glitch? 1
Point Lookout? 3
Power Armor? 2
Problem with follower "glitch" *Spoilers?* 1
Problems with Tenpenny Suite...? 3
Psychotic Prankster Ach??? 3
Puppies? 2
Puppy glitch? 1
Purple Vault? 2
Quick Levelling/XP? 3
Radiation Mutation?? 11
Radio shows cancelled? (SPOILERS) 1
Radio Signal - Recon Craft Theta? 2
Radio station? 1
Random screams? 1
Regain access to Vault 101? 1
Repair? 1
Republic of Dave 2nd election??????? 1
Right Analog Stick Break? 8
Right stick=grab? 2
Rivet City Hotel? 2
Roach King? 1
Robot follower? 1
Rocksalts key? 2
Rumors??? 3
Running into Argyle? 1
Running? 3
Saves??? 1
Schematic Help? 2
Scourge of humanity to Last,Best hope of Humanity? 1
Screen help? 1
Sergant RL-3? 2
Sergeant RL-3 Attacking Me? 3
Should i blow up megaton? 2
Should I buy this game? 1
Should I get Fallout 3, and which dlc 2nd? 4
Should I get Jericho as a follower? 1
Should I get this? I need someones opinion who owns it 6
Should i kill everyone in Megaton? 1
Silver tounge help? 1
Skill Glitch how do I make it Permanent? 1
Skill Points amount? 1
Sneak Attacks? 2
Sneak skill and stealth boy? 2
So whats the low down? 2
Solar Powered? 8
Some one killed Dogmeat when i had him can i get him back? 2
Somethings Wrong? 1
Speech Challenges? 2
Stabhappy? 1
Star Knight/Power Armor Training? 9
Star Paladin Cross? 2
Steadied sniper aimer on 360? 2
Steel Ignots? 2
Sticky found dead? 3
Stockholm-Megaton sniper and traders-(maybe a slight spolier)? 2
Strange Holes in caves.. can you crawl or send dogmeat in?? 2
Strange voice near ranger compound? 1
Strength Glitch? 6
Submarine in point outlook? 2
Suite in Tenpenny Towers? 3
Super Rad Zone NW of Little Lamplight..? 8
Super-Duper Mart Wastlander - What have you seen? 1
Super-Mutant base??? 8
Syco prankster achivemnet??? 1
Sydney post quest for independence? 1
Sydney's Location After Quest? 8
T-51b power armor and helmet? 2
T51-b Power Armor (Maybe glitch) (May contain spoilers(i dont really know))? 2
Tag alongs? 4
Talking tree herold? 1
Talon company and regulator bounty at the same time? 1
Talon Company HQ?? 4
Technical Questions about saved games? 2
Tell me? 2
Tenpenny and Burke? 1
Tenpenny Tower Boutique Le Chic help? 2
Tenpenny tower? 1
Tesla?? 1
The girl at the Regulater HQ is missing...? 1
The Key to Rivet City's Medical Cabinet? 2
The marriage in Rivet City...? 5
The missle launcher tesla cannon? 3
The pitt and my stuff do I get it back? 2
The Pitt Glitch? (Spoilers) 3
The Pitt or Operation Anchorage? 3
The pitt rooftop glitch? 4
The Pitt? 3
The quantom mission!!!??? 3
The Replicated it possible to restart it? 1
The Wall? 1
Third Person Mode help? 2
Those quest? 2
Total Side Quests? 1
Training places? 1
Traveling Merchants? 2
Uhh... I cant find Rivet City...?!?! 4
Uncle Leo? 2
Unlimited ammo glitch? 3
Updated schematics? 2
V.A.T.S. system? 3
Vault 101... (some minor spoilers?) 1
Vault 106's Purple smoke? 1
Vault 87 inside access to vault door, anything else here? 1
Vault 87 inside entrance access? 1
Vault 92? 4
Walking/running ? 1
Walter from Megaton's disappeared?! 4
Weapons on Shelf? 2
Weaponsmith? 2
Were do i find fawks after the pitt? 1
Were is rivit city? 2
What are all the different types of Evil/Good levels you can be? 2
What are the Deathclaws? 4
What are the objects in the middle of streets used for? 2
What are the radio signals for? 2
What do the Missles do??? 1
What do you repair items with? 2
What does CNB mean? 1
What does concave and convex do in creating your character looks ? 3
What does Karma do? 3
What does luck do? 1
What does overencumbered mean? 1
What does the Covert Ops perk do in the Operation Anchorage DLC? 4
What happend? All of my items in my megeton house went away 1
What happened to my followers? 1
What happens after you find your dad, does the game end or What?(possible spoiler 3
What happens if i buy a DLC pack? 1
What happens if I kill Moira? 2
What happens if one of the traders dies? 1
What happens if you fire the death ray at earth in Mothership Zeta? 1
What happens if you let the goes in...? 1
What happens if you tell Autumn the code? 1
What happens to your other followers after ********? *Spoilers* 2
What happens when Dogmeat dies? 1
What happens when? 3
What if Dogmeat dies? 1
What is "The Tenderizer"? Is it a melee weapon? 1
What is a good way to level up to 30? 4
What is an easy way to raise my karma? 3
What is Broken Steel?? 2
What is in the red racer factory and is it good or important for the game? 1
What is sheet music for? 2
What is that place in the corner of the map? / robot 1
What is that radio signal for? 3
What is the best way to earn money? 1
What is the fire rehier glich? 1
What is the game rated M for? 1
What is the level cap for Fallout 3? 1
What is the minimum "Barter" needed for the "Charon's contract" 1/2 price discount? 1
What is the point of giving "purified water" to the beggars? 5
What is the story behind Fawkes? Did I miss something? 1
What is yeast for? 1
What kind of game is this? 2
What kind of theme should i have for my house? 4
What level should I be at before going to Vault 87? 5
What now? 1
What NPC has the highest repair skill? 1
What other endings are there? 3
What Shop has the most Caps? 2
What the hel is up with bobblehead stand? 1
What the??? 1
What time will Broken Steel be released on xbox live? 2
What weapons can fawkes use? 4
What will happen if i fire Charon? 1
What with pen avenue northeast?. 1
What's in your mother's favorite quote frame? 1
What's that bang? 4
What's your favorite song in the game? 4
Whats in the bible passage in your dads office? 4
Whats it like? 1
Whats out the window in the science lab of Vault 106??? 2
Whats the best DLC? 1
Whats the best merchant to repair your items? 1
Whats the deal this the lvl 30-31 exp thing on the loading screen? 1
Whats the deal with the Super Mutant in the cage? 3
Whats the garage door in the Roco Building for? 1
Whats this DLC thing? 1
Whats up with the Bravo Yankee radio signal? 5
Whats with the sewer grate in Mama Dolces basement? 1
When are the DLCs? 5
When does fallout: new vegas come out? 2
When does the pit download come out? 1
When fighting ghoul reavers? 1
When I talk to Mayor McCready he won't let me into Vault 87, why? 1
When is broken steel coming out on disk? 1
When you are sneaking...? 2
When you lose your equipment in the Pitt do you get it back? 3
Where are my followers? 2
Where are the Bethesda ruins? 3
Where are the holotapes for the android? 11
where are the kessler holotapes needed to access the guard armory and aquire the MIRV FatMan? 2
Where are the Regulators found? 1
Where are the robots in Big Town? 5
Where are the vendor's stash's at? 2
Where at the museum is Fawkes after you fire him? 2
Where can i find a brighter light? 2
Where can i find a home for bryan wilks? 1
Where can I find a workbench? 1
Where can I find an image of the World Map including every Location? 1
Where can i find deathclaws? 16
Where can I find DogMeat? 2
Where can i find Elder Lyons? 2
where can i find fawks ??? Spoilers 1
Where can i find lydia montenegro at tennpenny tower? 1
Where can I find regular nuka colas for quantum chemist perk? 2
Where can i find the enclave? 8
Where can i find the Giga monster? 4
Where can I find The Oasis? 11
Where can i find the vault in point lookout? 5
Where can i go to buy stimpacks and get stuff repaired? 4
where can i purchase or get the Operation Anchorage extra thingy? 3
Where can you find the dog??? :/ 5
Where did Charon go? 1
Where did dogmeat and jehrico go? 1
Where did everybody in Big Town go? 3
Where did he go??? 1
Where did my follower go? 1
Where do i find bannon? 1
Where do i get power armor training? 1
Where do i go after i get an a ear off a good person? 1
Where do i start the nuka cola challenge? 2
where do the ICBM's go? 5
Where do you find dogmeat(read details plz)? 1
Where do you find the grays? Or the clones of one man? 1
Where do you go to find Andale??? (A city/location on map) 1
Where does Charon go after you fire him? 4
Where does the firelance ship crashes? 5
Where has Dogmeat gone? 0
Where has Fawkes gone?? 2
Where in the Citadel is Elder Lyons? 10
Where is allistair tenpenny after you let the ghouls live in the tower without killing the residents? 4
Where is Arlington Cemetery? 1
Where is big town? 8
Where is Charon? 2
Where is Colin Moriarty's House??? 1
Where is doctor li they said she went north does that mean she is out of the game or does that mean she is in a town? 3
Where is Doctor Li? 1
Where is everyone? 1
Where is Fawkes? (SPOILORS) 1
Where is L.O.B. Enterprises? 2
where is Mechanist ? 7
Where is Moriartys house? 7
Where is Paladin Gunny? 1
Where is Rockopolis? 6
Where is she? 5
Where is Suzan Lancaster? 3
Where is Sydney?!? 3
Where is the ammo supply after you beat The Pitt dlc? 1
Where is the bailey? 2
Where is the family in Blood Ties? 1
Where is the friendly super muntant?(not Fawkes) 2
Where is the Geck at in Vault 87? 1
Where Is The Institute? 2
Where is the junkyard? 3
Where is the Lab from GNR? 3
Where is the mirelurk hatching pod? 2
Where is the Museum of History at? 4
Where is the ufo? 3
where is this M82 sniper rifle how and when can you get this rifle? 3
Where is your favorite location? 4
Where's Butch? 1
Where's Jericho? 1
Where's the key to the locked shed in the Scrapyard? 1
Wheres Dogmeats puppies? 3
Wheres the museum of history im trying to find the underworld??? 9
Which D.L.C. should I get? 1
Which DLC lets you play after you've beaten the game? 2
Which DLC should I get first? 1
Which DLC should I pick? 3
Who do I sell fingers to? 1
Who exactly is Sam Warrick? (aside from having cool sunglasses) 4
Who gets the XP? 1
who help me when I shot in V.A.T.S mode? 2
Who is Ben Canning and what is his importance to the story/game? 6
Who is bryan wilks aunt in rivet city? 1
Who is Danvars? 4
Who is Gibson?? 2
Who is that in the filter of the Rotunda? 3
Who is this Grandma Sparkle? 3
Whos the odd announcer in DC that randomly says stuff in dc? It just started talking to me. Any ideas? 2
Why am i a level 100 in lock pick but it shows im a level 99 ? 1
Why are enemies falling over when I punch them? 1
Why aren't their any cheats for this game, like more ammo or something? 4
Why can I not sleep in the bed I bought? 3
Why can i only buy the pre-war theme in megaton? 1
Why did I not get the Barkskin Perk the Strategy Guide describes? 1
Why does Fawkes think someone is following me? 2
Why does your character reload and then re-reload afterwards frequently? (OCD?) 3
Why doesn't Sharpnel die? 11
Why is Jericho attacking me?????? 1
Why is Nathan dead? 5
Why is The Pitt still available for downlowad? 2
Why is there a bounty? 2
Why isn't Dogmeat at Vault 101? 5
Why wasn't I paid?! 1
Why would you want to blow up megaton? 3
Wierdest/funniest/most amazing thing ever seen/done/encountered? 1
Will GOTY Edition feature full gamerscore? 2
Will killing Moriarty ever give positive or neutral karma? 1
Will there be anymore DLC after Broken Steel for Fallout 3? 8
Winterized T-51b power armor? 3
Worth Buying? 4
WTF fawks? 5
WTF is Charon?! 7
Wtf!?!?! 2
Zimmerman and an area around Canterbury Commons(?) 2

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