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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
. Help, DLC won't load!!!? Open 2
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Any good side quests? I've already completed all DLCs and the main quests, and the more "Popular" side quests. Open 2
Cant find 4th journal entry? Open 4
Dave's key? Open 5
Do I have to wait to do Operation: Anchorage after you beat the game? Open 3
Do my companions join me in Mothership Zeta? Open 3
Favorite Follow? Open 33
How do I activate Quest for Vault 87? Open 3
How do I get past the blue energy door in the Cryo Labs of Mothership Zeta? Open 4
How do I get to the national archives? Open 4
How do I make Sally open the door to reach the bridge on the alien ship? Open 7
How do I solve (puppies perk)? Open 2
How do I solve (Shalebridge)? Open 5
How do I solve (Spreading the word about the Pitt)? Open 1
How do I solve mothership zeta? Open 6
How do i talk to the Antagonizer? Open 9
How do u get back to the engenering core? Open 1
How do you turn on the power to the generator in little lamplight? Open 2
How do you use the tesla armor? Open 4
I cant get another follower? Open 13
I haven't received the distress call for the Pitt? Open 1
I just sided with azure in the pitt and helped the slavers what would have happened if i helped the slaves? Open 10
Is there any other way of getting out of the holding cell in mothership zeta? Open 1
Picking up the trail help. Where is Rothchild? Open 13
Pinkerten? Open 7
Quest Picking up the trail won't advance? Open 1
Random Bomb on ladies neck? Open 6
Rotunda Door? Open 4
Tennpenny Tower Quest? Open 4
Tenpenny Issue? Open 4
Tenpenny tower quest: Change my mind? Open 1
Tobar? Open 3
Unmarked sidequests perhaps? Open 1
What's up with the dialogue? Open 5
Where do i go to get my weapons from The Pitt back? Open 2
Where exactly is elder Lyons? Open 6
Where is Charon after he returns to the Museum of History? Open 11
Where is Crowley? Is this a glitch on 360? Open 3
Where is Dunwitch building? Open 9
Where is the kid Ian in the mission Bloodties? Open 4
Where is the scrapyard? Open 3
Which is better to do in Tenpenny Tower quest? Open 2
Which quests will not be available if I destroy Megaton? Open 3
why can't I start Mothership Zeta? Open 4
Item Help status answers
3 raider dogs + 0 Wanderer = ??? Open 6
AA where is the pint size slaser mask? Open 1
Alien captive recording #5? Open 5
Already found firelance? Open 7
Armor? Open 4
Armory respawn/restock? Open 3
Can i get my alien blaster back? Open 6
Can I refine wild punga fruit? Open 2
Can you use the mesmetron and the collar to make raiders and such your follower? Open 4
Can't find the 5th Keller Family Tape? Open 5
Charon's combat shotgun? Open 2
Collecting All Alien Logs? Open 1
Doing extra damage perks? Open 2
From the Galaxy News Radio where can I find the Our Lady of Hope Hospital? Open 3
Good source of Enclave Officer Uniforms? Open 2
How can I aquire my followers back? Open 4
How do I fine the Exit to Adams Airforce Base? Open 1
How do I get the Lucky 8 Ball? Open 1
How do I get the Power Armor Training? Open 6
How many Nuka-Calo trucks toys are their? Open 3
How to get to get the Chinese Winterized Jumpsuite? Open 7
I need help finding the special fat man? Open 2
If I am a good karma character collecting enemy fingers, who do I sell them to? Open 7
If you delete Mothership Zeta dlc can you still get the alien blaster? Open 3
Is it safe to put items in any box in the waste and not lose them? Open 6
Key in Flak and Shrapnel's Room? Open 3
Lyons' Pride Power Armor? Open 4
Merchants dead, how do i get his schematics? Open 3
missille launcher in the FIRST part of operation anchorage? Open 1
More followers? Open 5
National guard depot location? Open 3
Need Ted Strayer's key but he's somehow already dead? Open 6
Nuka-cola (Sierra's Nuka-Cola Machine)? Open 3
pickpocket the Winterized T51-b in O:A? Open 2
Ranger Compound Upper Level? Open 5
Rare weapons? Open 5
Secret Bus Key? Open 6
Sugarbombs Payment? Open 3
T-51B winterized? Open 3
Tools? Open 1
Unique double-barrel shottie? Open 6
Wasteland doctor fatiques? Open 3
Weapon matinence?..."children"! ~3dog~ Open 1
Weapons not as strong? Open 4
Were do I store my stuff? Open 4
What am I looking for in the Rock Creek Caverns? Open 1
What are all of the meele wepons? Open 2
What are the different add-ons that you can get and where can I find them? Open 2
What are the different types of armor and weapons (specifically sniper rifles and assault rifles) in the game? Open 2
What is the location in which you pickup the Ranger Emergency Signal and then where do you go afterward? Open 1
What is the strongest laser or plasma wepom? Open 2
What items are in limited quantity? Open 2
Where are the best locations to find Frag Mines and Frag Grenades in the Capital Wasteland? Open 5
Where are the bodies? Open 1
Where can I find (the fort constantines key)? Open 2
Where can I find blueprints? Open 3
Where can i find caps? Open 3
Where can I find Crowley after i give him the keys ? minor spoilers i guess.. Open 1
Where can I find Leo Stahls med stash? Open 1
Where can I find reids safe/ the pit that stuff drops into? Open 2
Where can I find Serggant RL-3? Open 6
Where can I find special theme ? Open 1
Where can i find that Cowboy from MotherShip Zeta? Open 3
Where can I find the alien blaster without doin the mothership zeta dlc? Open 2
Where can I find the atomic pulverizer? Open 2
Where can I find the contents from the safe in the terminal on mothership zeta? Open 2
Where can I find the declaration of independence? Open 1
Where can I find the electro supressor? Open 1
Where can I find the keys to the boxes for the caravans in caterberry commons? Open 5
Where can I find the national archvie building? Open 3
Where can I find the terminal described in the "Note for Ted"? Open 2
Where can I find the wolf/dog? Open 2
Where can I find unlimitied caps or alot? Open 10
Where can I get some more ammo for the experimental MIRV? Open 4
Where the hell is the labs to find elders? Open 2
Where's Leadoux? Open 2
Why doesn't the ladykiller perk ever come up talking w/ the many female characters...or what really does it for then?? Open 1
Level Help status answers
Cannot find entrance to the hole in the Pitt? Open 1
Finding food in super duper mart? Open 4
How come I cant get pass the door into the Wastelands? Open 2
How do I find the switch to open the door in the national gaurd? Open 5
How do i get in? Open 2
How do I get into GNR if it is locked? Open 2
How do I get past chinese spy bunker? Open 1
How do I get past Jefferson Memorial, Waters of Life quest? Open 3
How do I get past Mayhem Museum? Open 1
How do I get past the grayditch? Open 4
How do I get past the obsevation deck on Mothership Zeta? Open 3
How do I get to Muesuem of Technology? Open 4
How do I get to the vault tec head quarters? deathclaws got hops! Open 3
How do you get to the washington monument? Which subway? Open 3
How far??? Open 1
How much armor would you be able to take from Raven Rock without becoming over-encumbered? Open 3
If I kill Dave, can i ever get the ballot key/key to his safe? Open 3
Is it true, the harder the difficulty the more xp? Open 1
Is there a certain order to do the new levels? Open 2
Is there anything else to do in andale? Open 3
Left Zimmer alive? Open 2
Quests? Open 1
So I where did my follower go? (spoilers) Open 5
Tenpenny? Open 3
Vault 101 mission? Open 5
Were is fort independece? Open 2
What is the next quest after the waters of life? Open 3
where can i find Sarah Lyons? Open 2
Why isn't the maintence level teleportation matrix working? Open 1
Will they ever be friendly? Open 2
Strategy Help status answers
.Do containers have limited capacity? Open 5
Are these s.p.e.c.i.a.l's good to use for a small gun's character or small gun's/sneak character? Open 1
Better bargains??? Open 5
Companions? Open 2
DLC Order? Open 5
Does it matter? Open 5
Has anyone found all the igots on the pitt? Open 12
How can I get to Rivet City!I'm lost.Help? Open 2
How do I get to level 20? Open 6
How do i learn to build guns? Open 4
How does SPECIAL effect dialogue (see question)? Open 4
How high does your science skill have to be to remove a slave collar and such? Open 2
How many skill books can I read safely and not get stuck? Open 2
I dont have much ammo and caps. NEED HELP!!!? Open 3
I need help storing my items? Open 2
I need to get back inside GNR Studios but they've locked the door? Open 2
Is dogmeat safe at megaton house? Open 1
Is It A Good Idea To Use Big Gun's,Small Gun's,And Energy Weapon's For One Character? Open 1
Is it ok to have 2,3,or 4 5's,7,8's or 9's in your s.p.e.c.i.a.l? Open 1
Is it possible to max out both your skills and you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats? Open 7
Ok going through a good playthrough what quests should i do? Open 4
On very hard difficulty, when would be a good time to head into DC to find Three Dog? Open 5
Permanently Hostile Rangers? Open 2
Please read, i need help!? Open 3
Republic of Dave as a House!?! Open 1
Security room error? -Megaton Open 3
Selling expensive weapons? Open 4
Small Gun's,Bug Gun's,Energy Weapon's build? Open 1
Tesla Cannon: followers? Open 2
Underworld Safe??? Open 2
Vault 87? Open 3
What are the best statistics to raise first? Open 7
What is a great weapon combo? "May Contain Spoilers" Open 2
What is the best flamer? Open 2
What is the best strategy for (Repair skill)? Open 3
What is the best strategy for selling my items? Open 3
What is the best strategy for starting the game? Open 3
What is the best strategy? Open 1
What is the max # of followers? Open 3
What should I be for a first proper play for? Good or Evil? Open 7
What should i do? Open 1
whats the best waY to go up in levels? Open 4
Where can i find the entrase to white house? Open 2
Technical Help status answers
?Not allowed to have any followers besides dogmeat Open 3
Achievements not activating!?? Open 3
All followers vanished? Open 2
All my Achievements for Fallout 3 got erased, any suggestions? Open 2
Any ideas on why I cant finish Take it Back? Open 5
Any sort of eventual game errors? Open 5
Black screen? Open 4
Broken Steel won't start? Open 2
Bryan Wilks isn't in the game?!?!?!? Open 1
Can you cheat on the Xbox 360 ? Open 7
Cannot start the game? Open 2
Controls please help(no were to chane them)? Open 2
Desmond Glitch in Mansion? Open 1
Diego and Angela's wedding froze)? Open 3
Disappearing (carried) Inventory: Mini Nukes? Open 2
DLC trouble? Open 2
DLC`s keep to dissapper??? Open 1
Do i need to be connected to play the dlc on my xbox? Open 3
Do I need to have a harddisk to get the dlc ? Open 2
Does anyone else have a problem with anacostia station? Open 1
Double Download? Open 2
Dr.Li wont move! Help? Open 1
Error message when loading save? HELP Open 1
Fallout 3 works but when i go 2 the underworld it loads 2 a certain point then freezes,wat happened? Open 3
Fallout 3? Open 2
Fallout alaska addon not working....? Open 3
Follower's health won't regenerate? Open 4
Followers after The Pitt? Open 3
Followers dont follow when i ask? Open 3
Galaxy news radio quest/following his footsteps quest line glitch? Open 2
Game crashes everytime at same spot? Open 1
Game or Glitch ? Open 1
Glitch pointlook out not showing up? Open 1
Glitched "head of state" quest? Open 2
Graphics on game keep flashing...why? Open 2
Help with add-ons? Open 2
Help! I'm stuck in the science lab! xbox 360? Open 1
HELP! Im Stuck at the Waters of Life main Quest!!? Open 4
House help? Open 1
how and where do I put the cord for console commands.?.?. Open 1
How can I get my DLC items back? Open 1
How can i put music in the game? Open 5
How come I have not acquired the steel ingot achievement? Open 1
how do I move? Open 1
How many saves can i have? Open 1
Huge bug problem in Moira's quest? Open 1
Huge bug problem in Wasteland Survival Guide quest? Open 1
I can't confirm the VATS target. Help? Open 3
I can't find Charon? Open 2
I can't proceed on Mothership Zeta? Open 2
I cant leave the Oasis Grove? Open 2
I died and when I reloaded I cannot turn or look with my Right Analog Stick. Help? Open 5
I downloaded a game save but when i progress it wont let me save again? Open 2
I hit 21 and i freeze! why? Open 6
I locked myself in a robot chamber? Open 2
Is the Pitt working properly? Open 1
Level 21 Freeze? Open 1
Liberty prime just won't move??? (read before type) Open 3
Lighting? Open 1
Lincoln memorial slavers? Open 1
Mothership Zeta isn't working!! How to fix? Open 2
Mothership zeta problems? Open 2
My game wont load at all!!? Open 2
My pitt is glitchy, is this happening to anyone else? Open 5
MZ glitched? Open 3
No friends? Open 2
Npc freezing!! Anyone know how to fix?????? Open 2
NPC Glitch help? Open 2
One profile does not work while everything else does? please help Open 2
Operation anchorage freezing? Open 1
Operation: Anchorage armory won't open? Open 2
Patch is downloaded and still freezes?? Open 1
Pitt Help (read description) please? Open 1
Problem trying to play game with hard drive? Open 2
Problem with the lawbringer perk? Open 4
Retail DLC: How does it work? Open 1
Rothchild won't move? Open 3
Screen gliches,what the heck? Open 1
Shooting glitch? Open 3
So the game keeps...? Open 2
Someone knows why I can't here the characters voices? Open 2
Sound glitches with game installed on hard drive? Open 2
Stimpaks not appearing in Charon's inventory? Open 1
Take it Back! Quest Broken? Open 1
Tenpenny Tower Quest Glitch - Has this happened to you? Open 2
The expansion pack is making my game freeze or just not work, please help? Open 3
The game keeps freezing when i try to enter Tenpenney Tower? Open 3
Trouble installing Fallout 3 DLC? Open 1
Troubles with the Sonora Cruz glitch. Has it ever been fixed? Open 1
Unable to choose a PERK? Open 4
Waters of Life Completion Impossible? Open 1
What hard drive? Open 1
whats wrong? "Take it back" glitch Open 3
Where is diego? Open 3
Why are my dlc quests gone? Open 1
Why can I not choose any of the level 20+ Perks? Open 1
Why can't I install broken steel? Open 2
Why cant I look around (right stick)? Open 1
Why does my Fallout 3 freeze every time I'm in DC? Open 1
Why does my game keep glitching? Open 4
Why does my weapons and armor get taken? Open 2
Why does Sentinal Lyons keep freezing? ORIGINAL END OF GAME Open 2
Why does the game crash at a specific time & date? Open 1
Why does the game keep crashing or not working? Open 3
Why does the game keep glitching when I try to go to the GNR? Open 3
Why does the game keep on freezing at jefforson memorial waters of life quest? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me the disc must be cleaned? Open 2
Why game keeps freezing since purchasing all DLC? Open 1
Why have my dlc quests disappeared? Open 2
Why won't sermons, museum tours, etc. occur at their proper times? Open 2
Other Help status answers
(SPOILERS)Bug with Follower After Completing Tranquility Lane Quest? Open 7
(Where is jamie's dad's book and what is the pillar about?) Open 1
*SPOILER*Tenpenny Residents Dead??? Open 3
A Few Questions? Open 4
Addonsdon'twork? Open 2
After doing the tenpenney tower quest I can't get into my suite, is this permanent? Open 3
After getting to level 20 (no DLC), will all the xp I earn after be wasted? Open 1
After I enslave Flak? Open 5
After taking over Mothership Zeta can you get into other areas in the ship? Open 2
Again with this? Open 3
Alien Captive Recording in Waste Disposal? Open 1
Another House? Open 4
Any treasure? Open 1
Anyone Else Encounter The Enclave? Open 2
Anyone know when the new DLC is being released? Open 5
Are ther any dupe glitches? Open 1
Are there any bobble heads in Point Lookout DLC? Open 2
best DLC, and upgrading your room? Open 3
Bounty Hunting? Open 2
Broken Steel Perk help. jericho is dead but he's not? Open 2
Broken Steel? Open 1
Brotherhood Outcasts population? Open 2
BS Achievement glitch? Open 2
Butch didn't go back to Rivet city? Open 1
Butch unable to find? Open 5
Can I creat a new character and not lose all my stuff? Open 5
Can i do the anchorage quest at start of game? Open 4
Can i get in the regulator hq with bad karma without a fight? Open 1
Can i get inside the archives in the enclave base raven rock?? Open 2
Can i return to the Pitt? Open 3
Can i still do the peaceful solution in Tenpenny Tower? Open 2
Can someone help me with 'waters of life' mission? Open 2
Can u get a girl freind? Open 2
Can you get All the fallout3 expasion packs? Open 3
Can you get the alien weapon without the dlc? Open 1
Can you get the downloadable content a disk? Open 2
Can you have sex? Open 4
Can you kill the Mechanist after you have killed the Antagonizer ? Open 2
Can you max out all your skills? Open 3
Can you tell me where the man is that gives you the Rockland car tunnel key? Open 2
Can you use the downloadable content off line? Open 4
Can your follower go with you to the Pitt, and Point Lookout, the first time you go there? Open 3
Can your stuff get stolen in your megaton house? Open 3
Cant find my robot? Open 3
Character ideas? Open 3
Character size augmentation? Open 2
Charon contract (post patch) ? Open 3
Charon contract ? Open 1
Charon or Paladin?? Open 9
Charon went missing????? Open 2
Charon???!?!? Open 6
Chinese Stealth Armor? Open 2
Clover? Open 1
Clover?! Open 4
Compaions? Open 1
Crowley has the armor in the Underworld, how do I get it? Open 1
custom weapon Help? Open 3
Data transfer? Open 2
Dead Three Dog??? (Glitch???) Open 1
Did I do something wrong? Open 1
Difficulty? Open 4
Disappearing Dogmeat? Open 1
Do Chest items ever respawn? Open 2
Do I need to actually kill the behemoths my self? Open 3
Do megaton residents respawn? Open 4
Do you have to maintain a certain karma for followers? Open 7
does experience carry over to Broken Steel? Open 2
Does the Anchorage DLC earn you experience? Open 3
Does the Mothership DLC worth to download? Open 2
Does the Ninja Perk affect all sneak attack damage? Open 3
Dogmeat after broken steel? Open 2
DogMeat Glitch?? Open 2
Dogmeat MIA? Open 4
Dogmeat seems to have infinite health? Open 4
Dose the game of the year edition have all those glitches? Open 2
Downloads? Open 2
Empty Locker? Open 8
End battle? Open 3
Escaping the vault? Open 2
Eulogy Jones? Open 5
Extremely annoying noise outside underworld and near vault 92?! Open 5
F. scott key trail and campground? Open 1
Facial reconstruction and Underworld barber? Open 5
Fallout 3 Gun Sounds? Open 2
Fallout 3 Role playing ideas, anyone? Open 2
Fallout 3 what is the best armor or the most powerful one you can get or buy? Open 7
Fallout 3, Sally is stuck, help? D: Open 1
Favorite armor and weapon? Open 3
Fawkes and Dogmeat?... Open 3
Fawkes is GONE after the pitt? Open 1
Fawkes is hostile? Open 2
Fawkes is invincible? Open 1
Fawkes isn't where he should be? Open 3
Fawkes wasnt at Raven Rock when i got out where is he???? Open 2
Fawks isnt outside underworld? Open 1
Final Main Quest? Open 1
firelance fell and Dogmeat can't find it please HELP!!!?? Open 2
Flak after strictly buisness? Open 2
Flying robobrain? Open 1
Follower after Tranquity lane? Open 2
Follower Equipment after Vault 87? Open 1
Follower Question? Open 1
Follower Troubles..glitch maybe? Open 1
Followers? Open 6
Followers???? Open 2
Fort independence? Open 4
Game of the year edition? Open 3
Getting out of the map to see strange floating buildings? Open 4
Getting To The Meuseum? Open 1
Ghouls in Old Olney? Open 3
God Mode ? Open 1
Got puppies perk but dogmeat puppy isnt there? Open 1
Got the firelance mini-encounter but no gun, help anyone? Open 4
GotYE: Still, any main plot quests to stop at to do all the side-quest content? (possible spoilers in answers) Open 1
Grenade jump behemoth? Open 8
Has anyone else had their weapons repair when left in their house? Open 1
Has this happened to you? Open 5
Help getting into Project Purity??? Open 1
Help i need to know something important?! Open 2
Help radiation Dilema? Open 7
HELP! DogMeat?!?! Open 3
Houses? Open 4
How can I get out of this room? Open 8
How can I get to the Corvega Factory? Open 3
How can i get to the safe in the museum of technology? Open 2
How can you get in v 87 rad is to high? Open 4
How do get into the Monument using the key ? Open 2
How do I deal with over encumberment? Open 4
how do i enter Lamplight Caverns? Open 1
How do I find Dr Li after talking with Three Dog? Open 4
How do i fix my download problem for my add on pack.? Open 2
How do I fix this Glitch? Open 3
How do I get Charon? Open 5
How do I get into the citadel to learn how to use the power armour? Open 1
How do I get MacCready to OK trading strange meat for cave fungus? Open 3
How do i get out of the ark & dove cathedral in point lookout? Open 2
How do I get rid of the remaining 90 ingots? Open 3
How do I get the slave outfit? Open 2
How do I lose Donovan's Wrench? Open 4
How do I recover achievement points? Open 2
How do i use the glitch that lets you equip other headwear with the Winterized T-51b power helmet? Open 2
How do u get the megaton house?? Open 3
How do you do the scrap metal glitch? Open 1
How do you enslave people after the Strictly Business quest? Open 4
How do you eqiup follower? Open 4
How do you get a dog????? Open 3
How do you get into Haven? Open 2
How do you get the alien into your megaton house? Open 2
How do you start broken steel??? Open 5
How do you talk to stockholms without the pc cheat? Open 1
How do you? Open 1
How good is the Pitt? Open 4
How in the hell do you activate Anchorage missison? Open 5
How is Fallout 3 as a FPS? Open 5
How long till dogmeat respawns? Open 1
How many expansion packs are there to Fallout 3? Open 1
How many major cities are there? Open 3
How much memory does this game take up? Open 5
How to fix getting back on Mothership Zeta glitch? Open 2
How to get Fawkes back after he disappeared ? Open 2
How to get rid of the Rangers? Open 1
How To Get To The Citidial From the Radio Tower? Open 1
How to repair the Gause Rifle to Full durability? Open 4
I accidentally killed three dog help!? Open 2
I can only find merchant's brahmin's? Open 2
I cant find charon? Open 1
I cant find Jerico anywhere? Open 1
I have a good karma character how to a turn into neutral karma? Open 1
I need DLC Help? Open 1
I need to find someone to cure my Addictions? Open 3
I really like this game, but I'm horrible at it. Help? Open 6
I was just curious about a small number of things? Open 2
I was wondering??? Open 2
Ideas for another run-through? Open 3
In the Pitt expansion is there another way then just collecting ingots? Open 2
Input regarding Downloadable Content (i.e. expansions)? Open 2
Is Aqua Pura dangerous? Open 5
Is DC scary yes or no and how is it or how is it not? Open 10
Is it possible to be a Doctor and open your own Clinic in the Wasteland? Open 2
Is it possible to become a ghoul? Open 3
Is it possible to get back inside haven? Open 2
Is it possible to have both the megaton and tenpenny houses at once? Open 6
Is it possible to keep my items if I'm overcummed? Open 4
Is it possible to pickpocket a friend and give them a Stimpak, Med-X, Buffot, Jet, or Psycho to heal them? Open 2
Is it worth buying again??? Open 2
Is Killing Greta a Better Option? Open 3
Is possible to boost a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat past 10? Open 3
Is the hotel room in Rivet City permanent? Open 1
Is there a way to change the outfit on Veronica? Open 1
Is there a way to change your tag skills and perks? Open 7
Is there a way to delete all the saves, minus the last save and the DLCs? Open 2
Is there a way to keep playing after you beat it? Open 2
Is there anything to do when your level 3 ??? Open 2
Is there nyone I can sell to in Megaton? Open 3
It keeps saying "The Brain is Unconscious"? Open 2
Item stacking glitch? Open 1
Jericho dies and then returns to megaton?? Open 1
Karma effects? Open 3
Killing the samurai and paulson in mothership zeta? Open 4
Let see if someone can me this one 0 for 2 where is the Scoped with silencer ? Open 2
Lincoln Glitch? Open 1
Locked out of Oasis? Open 1
Loss of Equipment? Open 2
Lossing my skills with bad Karmer what do i do? Open 4
Lucky Shades? Open 5
Making you own weapons? Open 2
Maxing strength and intelligence? Open 3
Megaton or tenpenny tower? Open 1
Megaton problem? Open 2
Mercenaries ??! Open 3
Mothership Zeta ? Open 1
mothership zeta HELP ME ? Open 1
Mothership zeta help w the robo factory? Open 1
Mothership zeta,winterized armor? Open 7
My caps keep disappearing, have lost over 5000, please HELP? Open 4
My Fawkes is missing? Open 1
My game will not update? Open 1
Mysterious noises? Open 1
Mysterious stranger died... Will he come back? Open 3
Need help with my followers? Open 4
New dlc for 2010 ? Open 4
NPC Death? Open 2
NPC's disappearing? Open 4
Obtaining T51b? Open 2
Ole Jericho? Open 2
Operation anchorage and karma? Open 2
Place? Open 1
Point Lookout(Am I the only person who owns it?) Open 5
Power of the Atom? Open 2
Problem In Oasis? (spoiler inside) Open 2
Problems completing broken steel add on cause of a major glitch? Open 1
Question about Lydia Montenegro? Open 1
Random barter? Open 2
Random explosion?? Open 2
Random screams? Open 1
Raven Rock hidden door? Open 4
Re-obtaining Sergeant RL-3? Open 2
Red Rocket stations? Open 3
Red, Short and Sticky do they heal? Open 3
Reloading to get all level up achievments, can i get my main save back after? Open 1
Repay for followers? Open 1
Reverse pickpocketing help? Open 2
Rivet city bugged bridge? Open 2
Running Speed and Agility? Open 1
Shack?..needs key? Open 2
Should I not be in the capitol building if I have no quest for it? Open 3
Sid in Vault 87? Open 2
Silver tongued devil knock knock method? Open 1
Skipped one of the main quests by mistake and need help. anyone ? Open 5
So I got the GOTY Edition of this game butt?? Open 1
Speech Challenge when at the end of the Game? Open 1
Starting broken steel?? Open 2
Still possible to get a house? Open 3
Strange V.A.T.S. ? Open 1
Stuck in Megaton room with Fawkes? Open 3
Stuck in vault 106? Open 1
Sudden Walking pace in Super-Duper mart? Open 2
Temple of the union ahhh! how do i get them to stop killing me? Open 4
Tenpenny Towers generator? Open 1
Terminal writing? Open 2
The "Puppies!" approach isn't working, and I'd like to know why? Open 1
The DLC? Open 1
The ending ? Open 3
The ending of the game choice? Open 2
The exact releasing date? Open 3
The game says my skills are at 100 but they arnt whats the deal? Open 1
The Glowing One? Open 4
The Mechanist? Open 1
The outcasts wont show up ? Open 2
The Pitt Rooftop Glitch Patch in GOTY edition? Open 1
There is no one in the water treatment plant in megaton? Open 2
Trouble on the Homefront Quest? Open 4
Unlisted Sub-missions??? Open 4
Vault 87 main hatch inside? Open 9
Very anyoying GLITCH?! Open 1
Viewing pictures & maps in notes screen of pip-boy? Open 2
Wait I didnt get the correct answer last time? Open 3
Wasteland troubles?? Open 4
Wat happens to all DLC??? Open 2
Were did my stuff go after Mothership Zetta??? Open 1
What are all the songs played on GNR? Open 4
What did the update patch fix in fallout 3 for the 360? Open 2
What do u think the best wepon is? Open 11
What does the DLC do for the 360 version? Open 5
What does the swift learner perk does for me like does it give me more Xp or does it give me more level up points? Open 1
What exactly does people mezzed mean? Open 2
What happened if flak dies in paradise falls? Open 1
What happened to my bodyguard? Open 1
What happened to the girl in Craterside Supply? Open 3
What Happens After I Kill Lucas Simms??? Open 1
What happens if you kill Butch in Vault 101? Open 2
What happens to the samari in mother ship zeta he is gone and i cant find him? Open 1
What is in the model house? Open 1
What is it saying? Open 3
What is the baby glitch? Open 4
What is the best wepon in fallout 3? Open 2
What is the highest level you can be? Open 1
What is the purpose of repairing the lighthouse in point lookout? Open 3
What the hell is ark? Open 1
What to do if megaton trys to kill me? Open 1
What's the best power armor located roughly close to Megaton? Open 1
What's the most pointless perk in the game in your opinion? Open 7
What's the special conversation at the end of Broken Steel? Open 2
What's with Shrapnel? Open 5
Whats in the Museum? Open 2
Whats the best option for tenpennies quest? Open 4
Whats the best way to start the game in your opinon? Open 3
Whats up with the at home labratory? Open 2
Wheaton Armory? Open 2
When do I get Dogmeat back? Open 4
When do the bodies vanish? Open 6
When you get the contract killer perk who do you sell the ears to? Open 2
Where and when can i find dogmeat? Open 3
Where are Fawlkes & Dogmeat after "Take It Back?" Open 2
Where can i find Jerricho? Open 2
Where can i find or find out about the escaped android? Open 2
where can I find the brotherhood outcast hideout? Open 5
Where can I find the infiltrator? Open 2
Where can i find the key to the door inside vault 87? Open 1
Where can I find the other UFO crashsite? Open 3
Where can i find? Open 1
Where can i get a sword without any DLC? Open 1
Where did crow go? Open 1
Where did dogmeat and clover go? Open 1
Where do I find operation anchorage? Open 4
Where do I find the entrance to Mama Dulce's? Open 2
Where do I find the source of 'The Fire-Ants' on the quest "THOSE!"? Open 2
Where do the Characters from Mothership Zeta go after you finish it? Open 3
Where do u find the railway rifle schematics? Open 1
Where do you find a person who gives you a contract to complete? Open 2
Where do you find the railway rifle? Open 5
Where Do you get the quest to unite the brotherhoods? Open 2
Where does Paulson go? Open 1
Where in the Citadel is Elder Lyons? Open 10
Where is Brand? Open 1
Where is Burke? Open 2
Where is Carlos the beggar? Open 2
Where is Dukov? Open 2
Where is Elder Lyons and how do i get there? Open 1
Where is fawkes? Open 3
Where is medic power armor? Open 4
Where is Minefield? Open 2
Where is Takoma Industrial? Open 3
Where is tenpenny's suit? Open 2
Where is the captiol building? Open 4
Where is the Citadel and what is the fastest and least enemy filled route? Open 3
Where is the crashed space ship in wasteland? Open 1
where is the exit to Adams Airforce Base? Open 1
Where is the key for the cellar in a destroyed house in the town of Springvale? Open 2
Where is the location of the people you sell scrap metal to? Open 3
Where is the Regulator woman? Open 2
Where is the talon company HQ? Open 4
Where is the terminal with the text adventure?!? Open 2
Where is this M82 sniper rifle or laser sniper please help? Open 7
Where's Dogmeat? Open 3
whi the hell is B,E,S? Open 1
Which Expansion pack is the best to get ? Open 2
Which is better, this or Oblivion? Open 3
Which is the best dlc for fallout 3? Open 6
Who can i enslave? Open 1
Who is the sherrif's son's name? Open 1
Why am I walking slowly? Open 2
Why cant i get into the keller bunker? Open 1
Why cant i go back in my house? Open 2
Why do I keep drowning? Open 4
Why do Reilly's Rangers hate me now? Open 4
Why has Charon started attacking me after I'm stealing stuff? Open 2
Why is this game so awesome? Open 2
Will there be a Disc Bundle for Fallout 3 like for GTA IV ? Open 3
Wolfgang disappeared? Open 4
Would I get to see Sarah Lyon again in Broken Steel? Open 5
Would my mother allow me to buy? Open 6
Wtf fawkes? Open 2
Your Opinion ? Open 1

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