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It's like "Mad Max" in video game formAllyourbase9/10
No, it's not the game of the year.BlackWizardMagus4/10
War. War changes sometimesDarthMordechai6/10
Trouble in Paradise indeedmarijumanji7/10
Should you get Fallout 3? Yes, But watch out for the Deathclaws.NascarAssassin29/10
One of the best games of this generationOsafune210/10
Good Morning Post-Apocalyptia!9NineBreaker97/10
An atmospheric and breath-taking experienced that can't be missed!AdamsInferno10/10
The Beautiful WastelandAK_the_Twilight9/10
God bless the USA... And nowhere else!Archmonk Iga8/10
Open-ended Adventuring “After the Bomb”ayame958/10
A great RPG? No, A great FPS? No, but a great game? Yes.Bacardi1528/10
Nothing Can Prepare You for the FutureBloodGod658/10
Bethesda has another winner in their handsdarkcoz94110/10
Who Says the Apocalypse Can't Be Fun?EidolonHex8/10
An Engaging Experience worth trying outgamer4life0188/10
Who Knew Radiation Could be so Beautiful!Gridogn10/10
A different person in a post-apocalyptic worldhorror_spooky9/10
Radiation Makes The Water A Little TangyiAmTheTot9/10
I Don't Want to Set the World on Firekefka9899/10
Radiation isn't always a bad thing...mysto59/10
Why this reviewer thinks Fallout 3 DID deserve to be Game of the Year.PurpleHaze19708/10
Keep your friends close, and your Super Sledge closer.Python_2k910/10
An experience unlike anything you've ever played beforeRaganork107/10
Fallout 3 doesn't want to set the world on fire, it just wants to start a flame in your heart.Rand_Of_Andor9/10
Nothing this good could be long enoughSlawdigi10/10
Well it's about 3 years late...But why not?Soldier_0_Cross9/10
Bethesda You've made me a happy man.Solusx29/10
You too can be the ideal vault dweller!timmeh_12508/10
It's like Oblivion with guns! But not quite as great....TKDBoy18897/10

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