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Asked: 6 years ago

Is there a tier list yet?

I was wondering, people say Kilik is the best, is there a tier list?

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From: Nick102089 4 years ago

Needless to say, tier lists for any fighting game do not contribute to your ability to use characters well, nor do they really prove that any character is good or bad to begin with. But if you really want a list, here's one from;
Top Tier - Hilde, Amy, Voldo, Setsuka, Kilik
Upper Mid - Cervantes, Ivy, Astaroth, Yoshimitsu, Algol, Mitsurugi, Darth Vader, Xianghua
Mid - Zasalamel, Taki, Raphael, Nightmare, Siegfried, Lizardman, The Apprentice
Lower Mid - Yun-Seong, Maxi, Talim, Tira
Bottom - Rock, Seong Mi-na, Yoda
Of course, a lot of people might disagree with this, some might might think this list is flawless. It's not totally official...yet.

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Kilik is simply used as a spammer, I wouldn't say he is the best. He is cheap no doubt, but I have met very few people who are actually skilled at using him. Most of the spammers can easily be vanquished.

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ThugMosquito: Kilik for PvP and Astaroth for Tower of Souls are, at current, the easiest way to win.

A proper tier list will not be provided for several weeks at the least, as the actual tournament level players still have to work out the strengths and weaknesses that SC4 brings to each available character.

BiggTB: It is a slot that many of us are supposing is being left for Darth Vader if (or when) he is released. For now, though, it remains a blank spot, and don't worry about it.

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The game just came out, be patient. Tiers don't apply to 99.9% of players anyway.

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One thing you have to take into consideration in the skills you can use for special mode, story mode, and Tower of Souls mode. A tier list for those modes might not be in the question but like everyone here has stated, the game just came out and a lot of people are going to use their favorite characters anyways verse what is said to basically be the cheapest character.

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It takes a long time for tiers to emerge, give it a month or two. In the meantime Killik is an easy way to win, but I highly dobut he is the best character in the game.

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Best is all about your play style. but from what im seeing online kilik spammers are rampant right now. i really dont see what they were thinkin when they first made him lol.

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A lot of people cheat with kilik, personally I think maxi is underrated and underused, he is definitly at least almost at the top. I created a character with takis style, and surprisingly, it is very fast, and does decent damage. My recommendations are Maxi, Taki or Mitsurugi-style. A lot of people are also cheating a little with Cervantes. To me, Kilik has far range, but people are always cheating with him. 99% of people ive faced are kilik players who cheat. Anyways, if you listen to my recommendations

Maxi vs
Kilik:hard. This is because your range is so short, you cant even get in. What I recommend is sidestepping where he cant get you, then a...MADMAN, you let him get up once, thats half a bar gone for you.
Cervantes:average. If you block properly, then not too much of a challenge. Try a hit-and-run strategy, just instead make it a hit-and-BLOCK strategy.

Taki vs
Kilik: GODLY easy(if your good) if not then, average. This is because if you get in close, your so fast, he can only attack once in a blue moon if you block properly
Cervantes:Average to hard . He has very high attack, and a decent range, as Taki I recommend blocking until you get in an attacking range.

Mitsurugi vs
Kilik:Hard(no explanation)
Cervantes:Average(no explanation)

Best against kilik is most definitly Taki.
Against Cervantes, its gotta be Maxi.

Does that help.

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Not yet.

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here is the most accurate Tier List yet. Hilde on Top cuzz of her instant Ring out combo

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Hilde, Kilik, Voldo and Algol are usually the highest tier characters. Lowest tier is Yoda and Rock.

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Tier lists mean nothing... they listed some of my best characters (cervantes and zaslamel) really low... and i'm REALLY GOOD with them, both at being fair and at spamming... it all depends on personal preference... and fighting skill... i've always found that when i like a character or the weapon they weild i do MUCH better than normal... hence why i'm so much better with my custom characters than the normal ones, even in Arcade... find out what weapon you would fight with yourself, or whos moves you like, then make a custom character of a game character you like or one of your own creation, and i can almost GUARANTEE you'll do better

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if it ain't there, it don't exist, btw this is a top-notch SC site.

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