Question from dutch2099

How do I beat the Wild Five? They WONT DIE!!!!!!


dutch2099 provided additional details:

Thanks, I got it figured out about 5 after I wrote in...Kuma fell soon after, Empty Seven, here I come!

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metallicamann answered:

You have to build up your combos so that you can go into overfocus. Then you can kill them all in a matter of seconds.
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afroninja3 answered:

What i did was i would block their attacks until then were stunned and then i used focus to chop at their knees. its annoying but just keep blocking and chopping at their knees. good luck!
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sir-gamesalot answered:

I just kept kicking them it seemed to work good luck.
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Gord_Lideon answered:

Over focus is the easiest way to do it.
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alph4boy answered:

Overfocus X (x2) to knees in one go.
First blow stuns, second slices
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