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Is it possible to save levels after completing the game?

Is it at all possible to save in the middle of a level after you have beaten the game and you are in the "replay level" section?

If I delete my finished game to open up the one and only save slot this game offers, does it delete everything including my access to all of the levels?

If not, will it then allow me to save in the middle of any level in this now freed up save slot or does it only allow me to start from the beginning of the game?


merzitar answered:

Here is how it works:
When playing through the game the first time, you may save where you want (I think it might save at nearest checkpoint though). Once you complete the game, you can use the replay level system to replay levels to collect all the relics and use different costumes and stuff like that, however you cannot save the game where you want when using replay mode - I think they done this because people would be saving while doing time-trials.

I hope it helped.
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