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How can I find Agamemnon?

I am trying to unlock the Great Persons Achievement, and my last great person is Agamemnon. I've tried the Greek super city on Beta Centauri trick (which was a great idea, btw), and it simply won't give great leaders.

Are there conditions that are more likely to produce great leaders, as opposed to other, more common great people? Besides Iron Working, should I have lots of troops, or lots of non-veteran troops? Do building barracks help? Are some governments more likely to produce great leaders than others, maybe fundamentalism?

Any theories or ideas would help.


mohawkboy230 answered:

Nope. It's simply random. Great Leaders are hard to get due to the fact there's only two of them. Keep trying and he''ll come.
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Dwovar answered:

Aside from the obvious methods, make sure to keep a spy ring around and keep tabs on all the other civs' cities. Great people will only spawn for one civ in a game, and someone else may have gotten Agamemmnon first. Use that spy ring to steal him away from the enemy and settle him in one of your own towns.
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jerbacca answered:

It is random yes, but it is also based on the techs that you have researched. Beta Centari is not a bad idea, but the problem is that it exposes you to all of the techs.
I prefer to use a civ with high early (game-starting) culture: the english, the french. The greeks are not a good idea unless you switch to despotism, and at the start they are not any better than anybody else. Once they get into the medieval era, then the are better in general, but the democracy government does not produce any culture from your palace!!
With your high culture civ in place make a bee-line for your desired tech, in the case of agamemmnon, go to Iron working (i think), and then wait. Hovever, it is still random, and not entirely based on your techs, but it does help. Once you get to your desired tech, then turn off (or at least slow down) your research, this will help, if all you want to do is unlook gp.
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Algolagnia answered:

Agamemnon can appear very early in a game also, I had him appear five rounds into a game as the Aztecs.
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FatalAccident answered:

I find the English (and to some extent the French) tend to spawn Agamemnon (if not David) more than anybody else.
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killedbytheowny answered:

Related question- i have all lowtech people left and i try a regula game and only get those techs but it keeps giving me random high tech people. also tried beta method and still cant get them.
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