Question from loniroxs12

How do I beat (griffin)?

Im on this level and its the part where i have to kiss a griffin but i keep dieing. Any helpful information would be appreciated.


church_13 answered:

Use the Assault Rifle, molotoves, and Animus pulses. Thats how i did it.
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theoreticchaos_ answered:

Shot gun did it for me. Just lace into him with it. Molotov's are good for doing DoT, and if you can hit with them, grenades do some decent damage too. Later on, the griffons become less of a chore to deal with once you have access to a flamethrower or the end-all weapon against them, the rocket launcher. =D So much fun with the launcher!
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Otheer answered:

did you say kiss? i doubt its a typo L and s are far have to kiss a gryphon?
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HEROofTIME99 answered:

Just keep enough distance( not to far not to close) to his head, use molotovs and any quick firing weapon, and when he gets close sprint out of the way.
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mmookow answered:

There is a magnum against the left wall once you run out of that area it bursts into. Its really hard but use the ammo in that then shoty or SMG. Also there's two guys on the other end of the square that can be used to distract the griffin for a few seconds.

Pretty much, keep a lot of distance and when it charges press the sprint button and jump to the side. Keep this up and you should kill it...eventually.
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Wafflebug12 answered:

Tactic: Use the animus pulse to stun it then throw a cocktail and unload all you've got. Save your sprint, when it charges at you sprint away. Then slowly try and regin your animus pulse to stun it again. cleanse, and repeat.
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Drifterz33 answered:

The rocket launcher works best but you can use a flamethrower too but when you have neither use the saw or big machine gun same thing or the shotgun but the machine gun works best if you dont have the two big ones oh and grenades work ok their decent
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