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Can you kill NPCs with Poison Apple and how do you make them?

Sorry, I just recently bought this game and I don't know if you can kill NPCs with poison apples and if there is a way to make poison apples or anything else that is poison that will kill an NPC without actually attacking it.


Armos305 answered:

You cannot make poison apples but you can find them in a few places such as fort farragut east of cheydinhal and you can buy them from Mraaj,dar in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. poison apples will if eaten kill that person and you get no bounty or infamy for it.
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Chispo_9 answered:

Pickpocket someone and place the apple in their inventory.If it is the only food item they have the next time they eat it will poison and kill them.
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jdj143 answered:

Ocheeva in the dark brotherhood sanctuary ate the apple with no problems somehow, then when I killed her manually she had it in her inventory. It wasn't one just sitting around because I took all of them.
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