Question from thedragon99

Vampire quests?

I was wondering if i should do the main quest before doing the darkbrotherhood quests as i wondering whats it like to play as a vampire?


gwande answered:

You don't become a Vampire while doing the darkbrotherhood quests. You have the option to but you don't have to. As for being a Vampire, as long as you keep feeding you won't have to worry about being killed while in the sun. It really depends on how you like to play. I suggest trying it and find out.
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Stormraven40 answered:

Receiving the option to become a vampire during Dark Brotherhood is only one way to contract the disease. You can also be bitten while sleeping in the wilderness. Being a vampire can make the main campaign a little harder if you dont keep up with feeding as there are points where you will be outside in teh sun for periods of time.
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