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Why can't I install goty edition dlc?

I have a new slim 4gb 360 and when I put disc 2 in, there is a prompt that says I need to install a 360 hard drive to install content. I thought that with the 4GB hard drive, that would count as a hard drive.

Oblivionfan23 provided additional details:

Ok so as far as external HDs go I can't just buy a large flash drive? It needs to be a full on external HD?

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plucky027 answered:

You need about 6GB to install all the DLC. The way I understand it, they all install from the disc at the same time, so your HD isn't big enough.

Every customer that drops by the retailer I work for... I beg them not to buy that package instead going for a 250GB then buying the Kinetic separate. Microsoft sells external HDs, they are overpriced, slow, and small, and it's more stuff sitting around when it could be inside your box instead. Never installed a new internal drive in a 360, so gluck if you go that route!
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tigrarmynverdie answered:

Maybe combined with game saves it'll take up more than 4gb hard drive space
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phixieous answered:

The 4 GB Xbox doesn't have a hard drive; only memory. It's written on the side of the box as 4 GB memory, not 4 GB hard drive.
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plucky027 answered:

Good additional info phixieous!

Yea, the 4GB XBox is an epic fail by Microsoft. They sold like freakin crazy all holiday season, but people are constantly coming back to the store to complain. Then when we explain the only thing we can do for them is sell them a Microsoft brand external HD they go on a tirade screaming at managers then stomp out of the store as if it's OUR fault Microsoft decided to sell a sub-par product.

We warn every customer before they buy them, but all they see is the low price tag and Kinetic bundled in.
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