Question from floridarules09

Where can I find (vampire dust)?

I need to find Vampire dust to get back into the mages guild.


tuch answered:
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longswordmstr answered:

just go looking for vampires any that u kill will give u vamp dust. If u havent assasinated the elf in his cell in the assasins guild theres atleast 4 vamps to kill so try that if not theres a temple i read about in the guide for the fingers of the mountin its a big cave filled with nothin for vamps. if uv found the fingers of the mountain the temple is to the west
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phixieous answered:

Vampires typically hang out in dark areas; like caves, ruined forts, and upper levels of Ayleid ruins. try looking there.
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Fadingsilence answered:

If you break back into Jakben Imbel's house(the dude from the Thieves guild quest) and go back to his basement there is usually 3 or 4 down there
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orron12 answered:

The vamp place is actually an ayleid ruin EAST of Cloud Top (Fingers of the Mountain Place).
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frdny1171 answered:

Try the cursed mine it is just outside of Skingrad to the west.
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Superinsomniac answered:

I read in one of the guides that you can turn in 20 of one or the other but are not required for both on the first offense, so it may just be way easier to find 20 dedra hearts.
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