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Where can I find ectoplasm?

I have gone to every town and looked in the shops, but to no avail. Does anyone know where a good assortment of ghosts are located? I need to do the fighters guild quest


wendell_151 answered:

Generally, if I am in a pinch for some ectoplasm I go into either caves or ruins. I think it also depends on your level as well as to what creatures appear.

Otherwise, check this site:
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TakumiSama answered:

Some fairly easy places to find ghosts for ectoplasm are found in quests. You can go to Bravil to start The Forlorn Watchman or to Anvil to do The Ghost Ship of Anvil. Both of those quests contain ghosts although The Forlorn Watchman may be easier.

You could always get the guards' help at The Ghost Ship by simply dragging the enemies out of the ship and having the guards fight them.

Also, if you want to be able to hurt them, you'll need a silver, daedric, or enchanted weapon. It doesn't matter if the enchanted weapon is out of charges as long as it is enchanted.
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Jonesey198 answered:

The easiest place is almost all chapel cripts
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foxxieluv answered:

the easiest place is to go to any of the chapels go down the stairs turn to the left or right and in there there will be about 4 or 5 ghosts that you can kill and loot ectoplasm. Make sure to use magic and at least a silver weapon or higher. [you can get a free one by going to any mages guild and a silver dagger is somewhere in the living quarters.] if you don't they'll be immune to anything otherwise and you can also soul trap them :] hope this helps. --Foxxieluv
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cloud4everalway answered:

Jonesey198's answer is the easer one. The ghosts there always respawn after a while and you get a good amount each run.
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Alexandrois answered:

In that Quest all you have to do is go across the street to the Chapel and go downstairs. Then do what everyone else said.
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