Question from neo_412

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Dragon's Tongue/Redwort Flower?

I'm suspended from the Mage's Guild and I need 20 of each.

Accepted Answer

From: Cthulu191 5 years ago

Find one and dupe it.

Look at sticky for duping instruncions.

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Dragons tongue can be found Southeast of Bravil, the West Weald, and South of Bawn.
Redwort flowers can be found in Morahame and the northern part of Blackwood.

You may also be able to buy them from shops like 'The main ingredient' in the Imperial city, or from other mages in the Mages guild halls; many of them sell alchemy ingredients. Though, being suspended, you might not be able to buy from the mages guild. But give it a shot any way.

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You can use the dupe trick to dupe paintbrushes then use those to get into the main mages guild. this could take a while. once you are in, there is a garden with a bunch of plants in it. it has both of these plants in it. Good luck.

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