Question from Golberg51

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the master-level alchemy apparatuses?

I've already reched mastery in alchemy, but the highest leveled apparatus i have is an expert-leveled alembic that i found on a Oblivion plane..Can someone tell me where to find the master alembic, mortar, etc...
To let you know, my actual level is 24, just in case i need to be at an especific level to obtain them.

Accepted Answer

From: Wyvern_Fang 5 years ago

I think they work with leveled-loot, so the higher level you get the more often they will appear, so my advice is maybe level up a bit or look to higher leveled loot areas.

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You need to find them. They are rather rare items, but the best place to look is in necromancer lairs.

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