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How do I join the thieves guild?

i should know this cause I've done it before but i've forgotten, what exactly must i do to get contacted to join the thieves guild?

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ShikoNero answered:

There are two easier ways that I have joined the Thieves Guild without going to jail. As Alexandrois stated reading one of the Gray Fox wanted posters is the easiest and quickest way to join. After reading a poster find a beggar. You can either bribe or cast a spell that will max out the beggar's disposition towards you. The beggar will tell you to go to the Dareloth Garden in the Waterfront district at midnight. The garden is among the shacks that are on the backside of district. At midnight you will see Armand Christophe and two others who want to join the guild. Talk to Armand and you will be able to start the mission to join the guild. The second way you can join again as Alexandrois stated is to train in your security and sneak skills. You will then be approached by a Dumnar female who will hand you a note stating to meet in the Dearloth Garden where you will be able to hand Armand the note and continue the quest to join the guild. That method however takes quite a bit longer than the rest. Hope this helps.
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skilz2_kill answered:

Just get arrested and go to jail. You will soon get letter from Myvrena Arano.
Alternatively, you can ask a beggar about the gray fox (when they like you) and they will tell you to meet Armand Christophe to join the Thieves Guild.
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Alexandrois answered:

Easiest way to do it is to just read one of The Gray Fox's Wanted Posters. I didn't do it this way but it'll still work. Other ways are as Skilz said to go to jail then you get the Mysterious Note or talk to a beggar about it. I always just go to jail.
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methe47 answered:

The other two are right about the getting arrested part but you gotta do it at least twice.
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Ryan15000 answered:

You could try getting one of the beggers anywhere in the game to tell you where to join the theives guild. You just have to have their disposition high enough so that when you ask about the Grey Fox, they will ask why, you should respond "I want to work for him" or something similar to that, and they will tell you where to meet the one to begin the beginning quest into the theives guild.
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Game__chic answered:

The only way I know of is to be arrested for thievery. Someone will come to visit you the next time you sleep and gives you a note telling you to go to Dareloth's Garden at midnight. ( You don't actually find out who Dareloth is until after the Thieves Guild quests are over ).
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