Question from F3ARDAY300

How do I solve (wheres pale pass )?

I need to find pale pass for the three chest?

F3ARDAY300 provided additional details:

Iv got all the locations but i didn't have pale pass found yet so ya i needed to find pale pass first ask me anytime for info on this page or send it to me at


MasterRTG answered:

It is Northeast of Bruma, up in the mountains. When you leave Bruma through the main gate, turn left until you see a marker for Dragonclaw rock, the keep going until you see the cave marker for the pass. BTW, how do you know where the chests are, but you don't know where Pale Pass is?
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MasterRTG answered:

I forgot, it isn't marked on the map as "Pale Pass", it is a cave north of Bruma called the Serpents Trail. Head through there, and when you come out on the other side, you will end up in a snowy valley with a fort. This area is called Pale Pass. If you talk to the countess of Bruma, there should be a quest you can do where she wants you to find a relic in Pale Pass. To activate this quest, try going to Bruma and wait until a Nord guy comes and tells you to go talk to the countess. If that doesn't work, try sleeping in an inn or something until the guy comes to talk to you.
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PastorLonnie answered:

Its in a cave called serpents trail. Just go through there and eventually you will come out in a snowy place. By the way, the cave is northeast of bruma in the mountains. leave the main gate,turn left until you see a mark for dragonclaw rock. keep going and you will find a cave marker. go there.
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