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When do you unlock and how do u use temporal fist?

Does it unlock in sunnywood? i keep trying to use it in sunnywood, during the boss fight, but it wont work. I freeze time, then i pick up a person with pk, and hit y to use it, but all they do is float there until the time freeze wears off, then they just fall to the ground. Any hints?

Sith9890 provided additional details:

So you cant advance in the path of time (in the meditation chamber) until Shen Long?

Accepted Answer

joe_998 answered:

You unlock it during the progress in the game. First you just be able to stop time, then move objects, and lastly you can push things. You activate it by pressing the "B" button. It get's stronger though meditation under the saucer. More you use it the more you can meditate. You start to be able to use PK Push in Temporal Fist once you get to Shen Long.
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