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How do you beat the boss in Belleville?

I have no Idea how!

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P1Chainsaw answered:

Have your disintegrator ray upgraded as much as possible, and just keep shooting the squid in the head. the shield is just there to mess with you. you can shoot thru it, it just don't look like it the first time you try it. (I beat it the second go around cause I got frustrated the first and took a time out). then it'll go underwater for a while and then all you do is dodge the energy fields it makes. If your health looks bleak, time stop and heal your self.
it'll pop it's head up some more, and you can finish it off then. Done deal.
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wii1232 answered:

Freeze time when the squid fires the fire ball thing and through ion denentors at his mouth.
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MrGiggles666 answered:

All you have to do is shoot it with your disentegrator ray and dodge its attacks
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syllvenwood answered:

Yea use the disintergrater or ion detonators on the squids mouth and use time stop to heal your shields
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darknessry answered:

When it fires use temprol Fist to reflect it back at the squid then after its disabled use time stop and use your ion detonators on it. fly away then shoot at it using your desintergrater on it until it starts moving. do this alot. when it uses electricwaves jump in between them. try to do this fast or it will kill you also if it slams it arms down on you use your jet pack to make the damage less or none.
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jojo1187 answered:

This isnt a answer but how are u suppose to hit him in the mouth if the god dang shield is up
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darknessry answered:

The missle is what knocks the sheild DOWN.
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Halotronpie answered:

All you do is shoot your'e disintigrator ray at the big green spot on the squids head
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WesPip answered:

You can actually kill it pretty quickly if your Disintegrator Ray does max damage and shoots three per shot. Just keep shooting it in its giant squiddy face until dies. Stopping time and whatnot can help you kill it faster but it's completely unnecessary.
Note that at each quarter of his total health drained, you get an ammo replenishment and for awhile [that is, until it comes above water again] all you can do it dodge for awhile.
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