Question from Crippler303

How do I beat (Giant Squid)?

My bro cant damage the big squid.


wazzzaaaaap answered:

You use the zap of matic on its mouth when it opens its mouth. it doesnt damage quickly though, even with all upgrades, so upgrade it, and be patient. very patient. ive beat it though so i know it works.
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Albireo345 answered:

I just used the desenagrater on him and dodged his attacks.
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sync345 answered:

Ok he's gonna shoot fire balls at you and when he does that freeze time and use your mind control or telapathic ability and reverse his attacks back at him and do that until he dies garanteed instakill.
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shadowhunter320 answered:

When he shoots fire balls out of his mouth,pause time and use the temporal fist to shoot the fire balls back at him,dodge his electric rays,and rite after you use temporal fist before he goes into the electric things shoot him with your ion detonator.hope my answer helps
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darkdragon30544 answered:

To beat him, all you have to do is shoot the disintegration gun at it's mouth. when it shoots a fireball at you, stop time and move out of the way of the blast. The fireball moves too slow for you to use the temporal fist on it to shoot it back at the squid. Also use the time stop to restore your shields. After a few shots with the disintegration gun, he will try to hit you with moving bars of electricity, it always goes two bars one right over the other and then a singe sweeping bar. He will do this attack every time he loses 1/4 of his health.
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