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How do I get past the shard?

How to get past the ventilation system?

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pastyD answered:

If you are referring to the dark orange room with the pipes, start by wall running and jumping to the first bar.
swing on it and jump to the second bar lower down in front of you.
jump down to the vent and run forward and up the wall.
turn around as you are scaling the wall and jump to catch another pole for you to swing on.
jump to the vent in the middle of the room and jump from there to the one next to it.
from there simply wallrun to the blue looking room and you are past that part.
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lancetankmen answered:

Look all over. If you feel stuck, see if you can wallrun up, turn, and jump to a pipe, vent, pole, or whatever. The runner vision is a big help, stop and look for anything red. There's a part where you have to to get to horizontal bars, and another to get to a vertical pipe about 10 feet up. Just look around.
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jdrew72001 answered:

If you are stuck on the same part I was (where there are two ventalation systems). You have to get to the middle platform and wallrun to the far end. Hit the switch and wallrun back. It's a huge pain but it feels so good when you get it done!
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sliverfox2418 answered:

If you wer at the blue/ very bright white room and you have to beat the guys that throw smoke bombs beat them by beating one down taking his gun then kill another guywith his gun ((repeat repeat), then youhave to break all those white boxs incased in glass then run up the stairs and tun left go through the door that is now opend thn you have to save kate and jump on the helicopter.
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