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Asked: 5 years ago

Grappling point in the Ashlands does anyone know?

I have deactived the first drill and trying to get to the second one but all i see is this floating blue ball in the sky between the gap from the first and second tower.. does anyone know how to get to the second tower or how to lower the grappling point?

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You have to climb up from inside the tower past the spinning blade and out onto the walkway around the outside of the tower than just grapple across.

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At this point should we have the grappling hook? Cuz I dont should I be worried?

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I do not have the grappling hook either at this stage of the game. Half way through the Ashlands. Anyone know when we get the grappling hook or have I missed it somewhere. I do try to search every nook and cranny in the environment for stuff so dont think I have missed it just dont know when we supposed to get it cause I have seen a lot of places to use it, at least one in each level.

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You don't need the grappling hook at this point.
deactivating the second drill is only required to get an artifact so while you need the grappling hok to get it, you do not need the hook to progress in the story.
you need to come back with the hook later.

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You will get the grappling hook at the next level called "Iron Canopy"

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How do i get out tha ashlands?

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