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Drowned Pass - Yellow glowing item above one of the buildings?

In the drowned pass, on the top floor of one of those ruin buildings, there is a red grapple orb that i cant seem to use that looks like it leads to some yellow glowing item. How do you get it?

hunterxy provided additional details:

I see the orange grapple hook but for some reason i cannot target it, is it not useable til the time when i reforge the blade?


twoscrews answered:

SPOILER >>>>>>>>

Near the end of the game you will have to go around reforge the Armageddon Blade.
that is one of 10 blade pieces you need to collect. you get by climbing the building behind it (the one with the stairs) at the top of the stairs there will be an orange grapple point that you use to get on the roof then just double jump/glide to the blade piece
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j19grnt answered:

You get an item that let you interact with the shadow realm thats how you use that grapple point
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Fire_Ninja98 answered:

Its one of the 7 not 10. thats when you go get it. you might also need the shadow realm helmet thing.
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PhantomPolluX answered:

You need the Abyssal Chain that you aquire through defeating Silitha (the giant spider queen). You also have to aquire the Mask of Shadows from Azrael (the angel, of course). And use them in tandem quickly - one right after the other.
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