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Serpent Hole Chest Locations?

1Leviathan's Drift to Dry Road (Just turn around) wrath shard
2 Dry Road to Anvil's Ford (need abyssal chain) wrath shard
3 Anvils Ford to Twilight Cathedral health shard (need shadow mask) use the shadow mask to see two shadow flight pusher things BUT dont try to jump to the first one you see. Go to the end and jump to that one and a bridge will form


QuityoureDayjob answered:

There you go enjoy
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keza13 answered:

3. I also got this one going from the Choking Grounds to the Twilight Cathedral. It's the exact same method. Go to the end of the path, put on the Shadow Mask. Jump to the first shadow flight point, then a bridge forms while you're in the air. Follow the path up the stairs and use the other shadow flight point to get across to the chest. Collect your brand new health shard, then go across the new bridge to get back to the platform where the serpent hole started.
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