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How do I beat (Silitha)?

I just got to this part and the fight is kinda weird

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tdorsey27 answered:

I died one time because I wanted to just rush and kill her. And that was simply because at the point I met her, I was mad at every spider in the world for being repetitive easy fights. Anyway, she's not bad at all, but you have to be patient (dammit).

First off, lock onto her and just keep locked on. Believe me. All this giant spider does is teleport around and try to squish you like...a...spider... Oh, and, make sure you have your hookshot out (or whatever they call it).

Anyway, stay locked on and wait until she finishes all her teleporting garbage. And by that I mean stay locked on and just keep dashing. That's all I did. She'll teleport somewhere, give you a second to see what's coming (which you can obviously avoid by dashing), and then plant her big self somewhere. She didn't even hit me the second time I played her. Then she'll plant herself at a far distance from you in the room (on the floor) and say something like "stop moving around, big jerk", or "I can't believe you trusted Samuel Jackson" or SOMETHING like that, then you just run close enough to her to use your hookshot. The hookshot will pull you to her face, then you just whack away. And guess what you do after that? REPEAT. (And by the way, I attempted going into Chaos form, and it really didn't help. You're too slow in that form.)

When she teleports above you and tries to squish you, you can usually get a couple hits in after you dash around her. That technique usually works for a couple of her other teleporting moves, but if you want to be safe, just use the hookshot technique while constantly avoiding her with dashes.

Hope that helps. That's for normal playthrough too, just in case her technique changes on Apocalypse mode.
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green_abobo answered:

No. same thing. only she does a lot more damage. :)
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