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Black Throne, first puzzle after talking to Azrael. What do I do?

I'm in the very first room, after talking to Azrael. The one with the three crystals that make the walls go up and down.

What do I do exactly? I hit the first crystal, and go through the door. Then I hit the second one, and the second wall comes down a bit, but the only way to go through the opening is to get up on that platform, which is too high up.

Help please?

MahirH provided additional details:

Also, I do not have whatever item is used to create the portals... Again, it's the very first room after meeting Azrael.

MahirH provided additional details:

I'm an idiot. The second crystal opens up the door path on the left.

Accepted Answer

Mini_Black_Mage answered:

There are some portal hole areas in one of the coves. One will be on the wall and the other on the floor. Use charged portals to shoot yourself up to a ledge, then repeat the process to get to the top.
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