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Beholder Key for 3rd Beam Door in Throne?

WHere is this key? I have made my way to the platform where the soldier relic is and there is an opening between two rooms which shows an unopened chest. I CANNOT get into this room. One side is an unopened gate, the other is through the room I just detailed. Can someone please tell me where the Beholder (blue door) key is or how to solve this puzzle.

ahmed85hashim asked for clarification:

I go to the ledge exactly what (dracamus) say but i enter to the room and i can't find the kay how i get it ..... pleas help


Dracamus answered:

I was stuck on this part myself But on the bottom floor where the angel is prisoner, search the walls. There will be a portal on the ground and a portal on the wall. Charge the Void Walker and shoot the portal on the ground, and then just shoot the portal on the wall and walk through it. This will bring you to a ledge. I think you have to repeat this once or twice before you go to the next section which will have the key.
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thedragonlady answered:

Go to the 2 S/W portals and activate. Use the one on the wall. Repeat at the next ledge. Follow the path to the door. This is the room with the artifact. Activate the portal on the floating thingy and the one on the wall. Watch through the one on the wall to activate the next portal. Jump through when it's clear. Head down the steps and activate 1st the portal on the turning pedistal and then the one on the wall . Jump through when the turning one is facing the other side. Activate the wall portal. You should be able to see the red barrier through it. Grab a fireball with your Abyssal Chain and toss it through the portal to the red barrier on the other side. Jump through and head up the steps. Fully charge and activate the top of the new pedistal then the one on the wall. Jump through the one on the wall and soar up to the key.
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