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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat (destroyer)?

Hi all my question is cuz i cant kill the destroyer but when i got the new sword they told me where to go but when i was going to the place (the yellow point on the map) i got my house electricity and the yellow point is gone and I dont know know where to go can any buddy help me

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From: Ruins_Rider 5 years ago

You go back to where azrael is he will send you to the destroyer

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Azrael is in the same area where you killed the Stygian

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You got to wear the Shadow Mask, just teleport to Levithan's area and ride on your horse with your Mask on, you should see the 'Orange colored' float point to meet Azrael...tat's where u can teleport to the final stage... : )

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Go To The nearest Vulgrim location and use a surpents hole to go to the location [Leviathan's Drift]. Once there, equipt the Mask of Shadows. Then, Pass the place where the Stygian was released and streight to the wall. There should be a shadowflight booster thingy that will take you to azrael. Talk to Azrael and a cutscene will appear and after the cutscene you will fight the destroyer. To defeat the destroyer, you must ride on ruin and swing your sword when you are on the opposite hand that the destroyer attacks with. Once he falls down, dismount on ruin and attack him. Continue the process until you defeat the destroyer and move on to his Second and true form.

To defeat his true form you must counter attack his every move and only the ARMAGEDDON BLADE can harm him.

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