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How to beat the 2 waiths and other enimies at the soul bridge?

I've checked out the other post on this but no matter what I try I can't beat all the enemies with the health I'm at (2 skulls in). Any other suggestions?

Kontra5t provided additional details:

Nm, I've figured it out. Don't use the boomerang blade or the hookshot. The best way is to use the pistol, its quicker and keeps U at a good distance. It is still time consuming but ALOT faster than the boomerang blade & hookshot. Still, alot of dodging & awareness at where they both are at all times is the more difficult part. YOU WILL LIVE USING THIS METHOD!

Concentrate on one at a time DO NOT finish off either until they are BOTH ready. Then kill them both. That leaves the next guy alone which as we already know is a hell of alot easier to kill than the wraiths. After that its up to U to "rage up" to kill the next group & use the pistol again on the last wraith, I managed to lose only one full health bar using this method.


xDarkKujax answered:

If you have a previuosly saved game, fill up your chaos form, and use to kil a least the wraths.
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