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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the Vulgrim location in Iron Canopy(Silitha Loom)??

i can't find him in that area??

anybody know where his location in Iron Canopy is?

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There isn't a Vulgrim location in the iron canopy. Everywhere else there is though.

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So how do I get back into the Iron Canopy?
Thats exactly my only problem. I NEED to get there for my last missing Abyssal Armour piece.

There seems to be nobody out there whos able to clarify that, everyone explains only the way from the point on when youre already INSIDE the area. But how do I get there from any vulgrim location in the world? Whats the starting point/the snake exit location and how do I get there from that point on.

Thx for any help.

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the way to get back into the Iron Canopy is to go back to the spot you first got into at, when the spiders attacked you, you just swing across the gap and open the door and you'll be back in the room you fought Silitha in, and then you just take the Abyssal Chain point all the way up to the top and Voila! you're back in Iron Canopy

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hey i need know how to GET OUT of iron canopy after killing silitha plz help me

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hey i need know how to GET OUT of iron canopy after killing silitha plz help me

Just had the same problem when I went back to Iron get out just go to the area where you fought the final boss...there is a door that leads to the Ashlands at the very bottom

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To get out of Iron Canopy go down the hole in the boss room and exit there, then swing across and your out.

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