Question from CrusaderRey

Asked: 4 years ago

BFA Achievement?

The description of the BFA achievement is "Unlock EVERYTHING". What does that entail, exactly? Buy everything from Vulgrim? Have all Lifestones and Wrath Cores? Have every empty vessel in the game? I'd like to know what I have to do before I try to do it.

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From: Ruins_Rider 4 years ago

You don;t have to buy anything just unlock everyother single acheivment then this one pops when you get the last one

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Basically it means everything. All the upgrades and gear and vessels and upgrades from vulgrim, lifestone shards, wrath cores and such.

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As far as I could tell it was a free achievement for completing all the other achievements. I never upgraded any of my spells except for the poison one, and got this when I completed the game.

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You need to get every other achievement to get this achievement.

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