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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Ashland ceiling monster grab puzzle? 1
At the crossroads how do you get the chest on the building? 5
Black Throne (2nd beam area) chest on map i cannot find? 3
Black Throne 3rd Beam Puzzle? 4
Black Throne Puzzle? 1
Black Throne stuck? 4
Black Throne, first puzzle after talking to Azrael. What do I do? 1
Champion Artifacts #6 lost??? 4
Exactly what do i need to get for the BFA achievement? 1
Help in ashlands please?? 1
How can i reveal the hidden treasures ? 3
How do I cross the gap with two floating towers in the Dark Throne on the way to the 2nd beam? 1
How do I solve (Giant Fan Part)? 2
How do I solve Ashlands' Ceiling Monster Tunnel? 6
How do I solve first train puzzle ? 1
How do I solve the Bomb/lift platform puzzle in Iron Canopy? 1
How do I solve the heavy boxes and the platforms that rise an fall? 2
How do I solve The Hollows Flood Room? 2
How do I solve the red crystals on the floor blocking the portal in the Black Throne? 1
How do I solve the room with the rotating bridge in the Twilight Cathedral? 1
How do I use the Inert Bomb Growth? 1
I need help solving a part in the game with the three swords in a circle? 1
In Ashlands, in the cave with ten or so hanging monsters, how do you hit the ceiling with the bombs? 1
Is there any way to return to the Black Throne? 1
Mysterious Ashlands Location? 2
Need help in Iron canopy getting out of the building with the first time shift? 1
Stuck in Iron Canopy? 1
That blue door in the Broken Stair? 1
The Hollows Room where you break ice inside a pipe a it floods? 1
Where are all the locations of the Armageddon Blade fragments? 2

Item Location Help Answers
A secret THING? 1
Can you use a Death costume, and/or play as Death, in Darksiders? And if so, how? 1
chests in Iron Canopy? 1
Do collected items carry over? 1
Does anyone have info about a special shield? 1
Does the Weapon Enhancement you equip to a weapon only effect that weapon? 2
Having Hard Time Finding These Last 2 Items, Can Anyone Help? 3
How can I use the Grapple Points? 1
How do I get the armageddon blade piece in the choking grounds? 2
How do i get the artifact in the room with the big fan? 1
How do i get the harvester? 2
how do i get the Overlord Artifact? 1
How do i get the secret chest in drowned pass to appear? 21
How do I or what level do I get the steed in Darksiders? 1
How far into the game do you unlock the pistol, Mercy? 1
I am missing a wrath shard ... anyone have a list? 2
i need help finding the last peice of Armgeddon blade???? 1
I need help on last soldier artifact where is it? 1
I need help on lifestone shards and where? 1
Invisible Chest in the Ashlands? 2
Invisible treasures? 1
Is it possible to get the chaos eater equipped again? 1
Is it possible to go back to edan once you have left? 1
Is it possible to go back to the hollows after Griever has been beaten? 1
Legendary weapon enhancments? 1
Missed Vulgrim location at Iron Canopy? 1
Missing a lifestone shard...anyone got a list for that too? 2
Ok i just need to ask this? 1
There is a secret chest in the crossroads but where is it? 1
Two Chest i can't find on my map? 1
Weapon Help? 1
What do you get after beating Tiamat? 1
What is suppossed to be in the slot below the armogeddon blade? 3
What is the name of the item you get that tells you where all the chests are in a certain area? 2
When do you get the horse? 1
When do you unlock the armageddon blade fragments? 1
Where can I find (abbyssal armor)? 2
Where can I find (the Hellfire weapon enhancment? 1
Where can i find secund enhanced ?? 2
Where can I find the Abyssal Chain? 1
Where can I find the chain in the iron canopy? 1
Where can I find the chest at Eden? 4
Where can I find the first piece of the Abyssal Armour set? 1
Where can I find the third legendary item? 1
Where can I find War's Glory and whatever Death's enhancement is? 2
Where is Legendary enhancement - Fury's Embrace? 3

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