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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Meeting Azrael in the Ashlands? 0
Artifact on ledge just before Ashlands Ceiling Monster tunnel? 3
Beholder Key for 3rd Beam Door in Throne? 2
Big blue spider in iron canopy how do i kill it? 5
Black Throne (the start of the 3d beam,when u finish the second 1 and he talks to ya)idk how to get to the upper blocks? 3
Black Throne 3 hanging portals? 2
Black throne floorless room? 1
Connecting the beams with portals and the lift? 2
Getting Back to Griever Area? 2
Grapling hook help? 2
Grappling point in the Ashlands does anyone know? 4
How do i beat the robot in the 5 portal platform room after i meet ariel? 2
How do i beat the second ancient gate? 3
How do I get both blue stones to stay orange? 4
How do i get the armageddon shard in the scalding gallow? 3
how do i get the last sword for the Twilight Cathedral in the place with the circle and three statues? 2
How do I get to last arena in drowned pass? 5
How do I get to the last shadow arena? 2
How do i get to the third beam in the black throne? 3
How do i move block to different platforms? 3
How do I reach the Armaggedon Blade shard at The Chocking Grounds? 1
How do i reach the armaggedon blade shard in the ashlands? 1
How do I reach the Armaggedon Blade shard its right below the ashlands? 1
How do I solve (Spider on webbed floor)? 1
How do I solve (Way out after worm)? 1
How do I solve Ashland Roof creature tunnel? 1
How do I solve gettting the armaggedon blade shard in the ashlands? 1
how do I solve The Hollows Flood Room cant find flame? 3
How do I solve the platform part with Azreal? 1
How do I solve the puzzle to reach the third beam in the Black Throne? 2
How do I solve the puzzle with the floating pillar during the final phase (final beam) of freeing Azrael? 2
How do I solve the twilight cathedral secret chest puzzle? 2
How do I solve train platform room ? 2
How Do I Wooden Drills in Ashlands? 3
How do u beat the robot after u meet ariel the angel of death? In the room with 5 portal platforms. 1
How do u free azreal? 2
How do you finish the 2nd beam? 1
How to beat the last drill time puzzle in the desert? 1
How to do the platform/ashworm part? 2
How to get past the elevating rail tracks ? 2
I am stuck on the third lift in the hollows!!! Help? 2
I have 9/10 Abyssal Armour ? 1
I need help freeing azreal? I'm on first part 1
In the hollows how do i solve the trains room is not flooded anymore but now what do i do? 1
Just entered the dark throne and need help on the first part u encounter after talking to azreal? 1
Movable object stuck? 1
Stuck at beginning of iron canopy? 2
Stuck in Black Throne Room... first beam maybe? Not sure... 2
Stuck in room with three playforms after beam puzzle solved? 1
Stuck in the Black Throne whith the floating pillar? 1
Tiamet twilight cathedral? 2
Whats the english accent zombie for? 1
Where is Azrael (end of game)? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Equipped Enhancement Lost? 0
Returning up the twilight cathedral elevator? 0
2nd Wrath Shard in Scalding Gallows? 1
At the train puzzle but I can't find the Glove? 2
Can anyone help with summary of Secret/ Hidden Chests? 3
Can Weapons be leveled up beyond 4? 1
can you take off the Abyssal Armor? 2
Cant get back to Eden! Please help? 1
Chest in Chocking Grounds ? 2
Does anyone know where he is? 1
Does Fury Embrace Enchanment SHow the Artifact Location??? 1
Does the Hoard Seeker disappear? 4
Drowned Pass - Yellow glowing item above one of the buildings? 4
Equipping the gaunlet? 1
First icon in the Compass and Map dungeon icons? 1
High impact bullets for mercy ? 2
Hollows Vulgrim Location? 2
How can i get to the last 2 pieces of armageddon blade? 1
How can I reveal/ find a chest in Black Throne hall? 1
How do i get the armageddon shard in the scalding gallow right above Samuels throne? 2
How do i get to the unexplored location right above samuels throne in the scalding gallows? 1
How Do I Punch Objects? 3
How do I refill my empty consumables? 1
How do you open the wind generators that arent working yet? 1
I have one Vulgrim Location not accessible on map, how do I unlock manually? 1
I need to find the legendary weapon enhancement? 2
In the drowned pass I have a chest on my map that where the armaggedon shard is? 2
Is it Possible to get all the Chest in the First Dungeon Before Killing The First Boss? 3
Lost Key for Third Door in black throne what now? 1
Missing Chest in Choking Grounds? 3
Missing weapon enhancement and invisaple cheasts? 2
My Mercy Gun won't work what to do? 1
Secret Box in Drowned Pass? 3
Serpent Hole Chest Locations? 2
Soldier Aritfact? 2
The furys emabrace item? 1
Unable to figure out how to reach chest in Ashlands? 2
Very top floor of the 2nd tower is a chest. can't get to it. help? 1
What is the difference between the harvester and the regular scythe? 1
Where can I find (the ninth abyssal armor piece in the black thrown? 1
Where can I find (treasure)? 2
Where can I find (Warth shards) in twilight cathedral? 1
Where can I find artifacts? 2
Where can I find glove ? 1
Where can I find scalding gallows? 1
Where can I find the Abbyssal Armor pieces? 2
Where can i find the dry road? 1
Where can I find the Extendable Shuriken at? 1
Where can I find the scythe and glove legendary enhancements? 4
Where can I find the seven pieces to the sword? 2
Where can I find the void walker specifically ? 1
Where can I find this sword piece? 1
Where is the crossblade??? 2
Where or how do you get all 8 empty vessels ? 2
Wheres the Abyssal Chain? 1
Why can't I equip the Crossblade? 1

Level Help Answers
Am I forever stuck on Iron Canopy? Please help :( 0
Black Throne Beams? 0
How do I get past the 3rd Judicator cave? 0
3rd Beam - door do i find the key? 1
Ashland? 2
Ashlands Wooden drills- finished them but stuck? 2
Can't get past connecting the second beam, help? 1
Getting out of the Crossblade room in Twilight Cathedral? 1
How do I get past (Stygian)? 1
How do I get past after defeating the phantom general and freeing samuel ? 1
How do I get past Ashlands? 2
How do I get past flooded path? 1
How do I get past level 2? 1
How do I get past portals on black throne? 1
How do I get past spinning towers? 1
How do I get past the ice? 2
How do I get past the part after the bridge breaks on the way to silitha? 1
How do I get past twilight cathedral? 2
How do I get the block from one platform to the other in the Train lift room? 1
How do I get the thing hanging from the ceiling down in the Twilight Cathedral? 3
How do I get to this unexplored location? 1
How do I out of the water in the canyon area in the hollows? 2
How do I raise the third drill? I'm about ready to rip my hair out! 1
How do I stop the lava flowing from the skull in the Twilight Cathedral? 2
How to get the 3 swords to get to timat? 1
Just past spider w/ice on back, needing to get back over the chasm. Absyle chain wont equip. help? 1
One final beam and i will be free???? 1
Please help me? 1
Stuck on 2nd boss level (the 1 after bat lady), where u have to throw the bombs and the spike from the roof, need help? 1
Stuck on black throne portals. Please help? 1
The Ashlands - How to pass the sandworm? 4
Twilight Cathedral ?? 1
Twilight Cathedral: Stuck at the area with three statues? 2
When do you find Ruin? 1
Where do I go after defecting Tiamat? 1
Where do I go or after defecting Tiamat? 1
Where do you go when you enter iron canvos? 1
Where is the final encounter with Griever located? 1

Other Help Answers
Abyssal chain? 0
Can i replay the game with all of my gear aquired during the first game play? 1
Can't get abyssal armor to load into a new save? 2
Does Darksiders have multiplayer? 2
End Game? 4
For enhancements, what is the difference about slotted and passive bonuses? 8
Health Regen? 2
Hidden fight? 2
How do I get back to the Dry Road and Drowned Pass??? 1
How do I get the "Devastator" Achievement? 4
How do i get to the ashland area? 1
How do i reach tiamat? 1
how do I turn on Mask of Shadows? 2
I am missing 1 vulgrim location? 1
I missed the chest at black throne right after the second golem and I'm unable to get it now. Help? 2
I need one more armageddon peice to get but its in the drowned pass how do i get there? 1
If possible, how do I zoom in and out of the map? 1
Im stuck in the twilight cathedral? 1
Is this an RPG? 6
Is this game like God of War? 2
Just fell through the elevator in the black throne... can anyone help????? 2
Local of the stones? 2
Open world free play? 1
Secret Item Under The Abyssal Armor And The Armageddon Blade??? 1
Spare Unwanted Darksiders Avatar Item? 1
Stuck between Black throne gates ( Outside ) Any way out? 1
Stuck in Ashland in a room with a rope and 3 monsters on the ceiling? 1
Stuck in hollows 2nd time around? (possibe spoiler) 2
Stuck in Twilight Cathederal!! HELP!!? 1
The Hollow Lord cheat code? 2
Urgent help needed: can't jump off the ceiling - Ashlands? 1
Weapons? 1
What caskets? 3
What do you want to see in Darksiders 2? 2
What does Increased Hit Frequency mean? 1
What purpose does the Hollow human with the top hat serve? 7
Why cant i fight it? 1
Why does a great game like this have GAME ENDING GLITCHES!?! 5
Will there be a walkthrough on gamefaqs? 4

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