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Need Help on Silent Hill: Homecoming Puzzle in the church?

Silent Hill: Homecoming
I need help on the puzzle in the church with the 5 plates. I tried every symbol.
Its the one with the sword plate, Tree plate, Kneeling man plate, candle plate & the chalice plate.

some one has to no how to do this because I cant .I tried for 3 hours and I got nothing

airbadzine asked for clarification:

What is the desrcription on the little bars

killercass360 provided additional details:

the desrcription on the little bars are, Vengeance, Desire, Sorrow, Sacrifice, Penitence

killercass360 provided additional details:

Thank you I finely got it, I would of never found it out

killercass360 provided additional details:

Thanks for the help I needed it

killercass360 provided additional details:

Thanks for the help

chazheg asked for clarification:

After saving my game gettin the chalice plate it then disapeared any1 know how to get it back bcuz i really am not restartin this game again and overwrit saves so cant go back :( stupid f**king game

Hunnie13 asked for clarification:

How do I get the chalice plate back?


SpardaKing6666 answered:

Ok Candle is sorrow sword is vengeance i think kneeling man is Penitence chalice might be desire and tree is sacrifice if does not work switch last two i gave you =)
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Kingtut7290 answered:

Sacrifice is the sword, desire is the tree, penitence is the kneeling man, sorrow is the candle and sacrifice is the chalice. enjoy the next cut scene too man. lol
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glimpsofruin answered:

In order you place the Kneeling man then Sword, tree ,candle,and finally the chalice.
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StandAloneWolf answered:

A quick tip...the location of where the plates are found in the church is the exact location of where they should be on the pentagram.

From the top going clockwise it's:

Vengeance, Desire, Sorrow, Sacrifice, and Penitence


Sword, Tree, Candle, Chalice, and Kneeling Man
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annosheh answered:

Penitence---> kneeling man
Vengence------> sword
Sacrifice------> Chalice
Desire-----> Tree

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Wanderingfae answered:

Quick tip, try not to save when Alex has more then one plate in the invintory, the game has a tendency to glitch and give you two trees and makes them un-useable
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