Question from hec37

How do I solve (clock)?

Tried everything and cant set the clock so i can move on with the rest off the game.....need help please...( clock in attic)

LockAndLoad322 asked for clarification:

Set the Big Hand to 06 or the small space right after the five clock wise, and the little hand to 2 clockwise, and press B to go back. It should solve the puzzle.

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glimpsofruin answered:

Turn the hands to 2:06
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m_strieby answered:

There is a memo about a room number in the kids room. the room number is the time you need. ane then use the bunny on the open window.
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Da_Bee answered:

All the clocks in Shepards Glenn have stopped at 2:06. There is another puzzle in the police garage that references this as well.
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Cloudslayer2007 answered:

Turn it to 2:06, make sure you put the minute hand on the small dot after the 1..alot of people like to put it on the six and say its 2:06, no if you do that its 2:30
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gdiggs06 answered:

I know there have been some issues with the game not registering the correct time of 2:06; my friend owns the PS3 version, and his he had to set to something like 9:10.

But, yes, the 2:06 is the correct time.
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Neoman141 answered:

Set it to 2:06
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talltalkinggeek answered:

WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): If you solve any of the other puzzles in the Shepherd
House BEFORE the clock puzzle then the solution for the clock puzzle might
randomize. The clock will have many possible solutions and there is basically
no way that I can help you if that happens. Some have suggested to place the
hour hand to one number and then wind the minute hand around the clock to find
the correct solution. The puzzle will not be unsolvable but the solution to it
will be a random time.

Answer by: Berserker
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