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Question on the hotel??????

Alright people this is my second time around on tha game an im tryin to do stuff i missed the 1st time...right now im in the hotel and im curious on wtf im lookin for with the whole "i cant see my face in 404,maybe u can" and "405 scares me i left my ducky in there" do these things have ne purpose or wat??? do i get something??? in 404 where is the face??? how can i get in 405, is it thru 407??? help would be appriciated and since ive beaten it if u need ne help or ne thing ill help u out the best i can

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darkprince45 answered:

It's just used as clues for where to start looking for the items that the lady needs.
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kingsteve1515 answered:

Yea, its clues for the item quest for the lady. although i didnt use them anyway i just went to every room until a door opened. i never found any use for them other than entertainment
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Gina423 answered:

I do know that in 404 or 405 (I forget which one) you have to push a dresser and then you get a drawing. Maybe that's what it meant by "hide my face" as in the "face" of the drawing is hidden? I don't know, but that drawing can easily be missed.
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