Question from InfernalDaimen

Asked: 6 years ago

What exactly does serum do?

The strategy guide says that serum restores your health to full (which it obviously does) and makes you invulnurable for a moment (which it doesn't, because I got hurt during while the health gauge was still changed.) But after a few used, it seemed as if my health gauge was larger than it started out as. The in-game description says that it 'boosts' health.

So my question is this: does serum permantly increase your maximum health?

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From: Xx_Near_xX 6 years ago

The Serum fully restores health.

It also gives a permanent increase to the health bar, though just slightly.

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They heal you to full health. Also give you a slight health increase.

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They restore and boost a little of your maximum health.

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They restore your heath to full and give you a tiny heath boost.
and there are 8 of them

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Serums gives you full HEALTH. And I think it's rare to find.

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