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Silent Hill: Homecoming
Achievement Guide
Version 1.05
Written by Mcrfan44 (Justin Wilson)

Table of Contents
1M.) Introduction
2M.) Guide
3M.) Achievement Details and Tips
4M.) Legal/Misc
5M.) History

Silent Hill: Homecoming, released in September 2008 in North America, is the
6th game in the Silent Hill series, following Silent Hill: Origins. I've 
been a huge Silent Hill fan since playing Silent Hill 2 on my Xbox so I was
quite excited for this game. And while it's definitely not the best Silent
Hill game (in my humble opinion) it's still an excellent game and is sure to
satisfy both Silent Hill and survival horror fans. I do want to say that
while playing the previous entries in the series are not essential to 
understanding the story in Homecoming, you will miss out on some cool/funny
references, so take that as you will. If you do end up playing through 
Homecoming and craving more Silent Hill, play the previous games! They're
amazing and I promise that they won't disappoint. Also, this is my first
guide/FAQ so please, any criticism is welcome.

2M.) Guide

Silent Hill: Homecoming has 32 Achievements and a total Gamerscore of 1000
*There will be some minor spoilers, but it's impossible for me to avoid them
 in explaining the achievements.*
*If the specific details on something are not listed in the guide below, 
they'll be in the achievement details further down the page.*

Alright, first off, you want to start your first game on Normal; not only 
will this help you learn the controls and enemy attack patterns, but also,
the play through on Hard is made much, much easier by obtaining the Laser
Pistol, which I will detail how shortly. Throughout your first play through
on Normal you'll get all of the "Defeat 1 ***" achievements, of which there
are nine (Nurse, Feral, Lurker, Needler, Schism, Siam, Smog, Swarm, and Order
Member). You'll also get one achievement for each boss defeated, so four more
Achievements there (Sepulcher, Scarlet, Asphyxia, Amnion). You also want to
collect all the Child's Drawings (18 total), all of the Photos (11 total),
and all the Serums (8 total). You'll get two achievements for the Photos
(Sightseeing for finding one photo and Josh's Gallery for finding them all),
two achievements for finding the Serums (Kaufmann's Handiwork for finding one
Serum and Health Junkie for finding them all), and one more Achievement for
finding all the Child's Drawings (Nursery Rhymes). That's five more
Achievements, which brings us to a total of 18 Achievements so far. 

Now throughout the game's storyline, you have to make three choices regarding
your mother, father, and a friend. Each of these choices has an Achievement
for both choices (with the exception of the friend). If you're following
my guide and want to obtain the Laser Pistol on the first run-through then
we want to go for the No Dogs Allowed Ending, which unlocks the Laser Pistol
for your next play through on Hard. To get the UFO Ending you need not shoot 
your mother, do not forgive your father, and give your friend the med kit.
This will get you three achievements (Compassion, Angela's Choice, and Now
About Those Drinks). If it's your first time playing through and you 
have no idea what Iím talking about, don't fret. Itís very obvious when you
need to make these choices and you won't have any trouble with them. We've
now got a total of 21 Achievements. Finally, you want to get the Rifle, as
this gets you the Lock 'n' Load Achievement. The steps to get it will be
in the achievement details below. If you followed the guide, you'll be
getting the No Dogs Allowed Ending and will get that Achievement as the 
credits roll. So, in one play through, we've gotten 23 of 32 Achievements the
game has to offer. Not bad, eh?

Alright then, letís go for the second play through, shall we? First off, we're
going to start the game on Hard. This makes the enemies deal significantly more
damage and decreases the usefulness of health items, but the Laser Pistol
honestly makes Hard mode a cakewalk. Also, you can really get the other four
endings in any order from this point on, but for the sake of consistency,
let's work towards the Smile ending. Right after the Nightmare section of the
beginning, you can get two achievements in your house. You want to pick up
the Laser Pistol in Josh's bedroom (gets you the Science Fiction Achievement)
and pick up the Circular Saw in the garage (gets you the Rising Tension
Achievement). The rest of this play through, you want to do exactly as you
did the last one, except now you don't have to worry about finding photos,
drawings, and serums. Just rely on the Laser Pistol and it'll be fine. There
is one exception: in order to get the Smile ending you have to do the exact
opposite to your mother and father than you did the last play through.
You want to shoot your mother and forgive your father (this nets you the
Mercy and Forgiveness Achievements). Also, and this is IMPORTANT(!), you
want to make three separate save files (in addition to your main save file).
You want one save before your mother, one before your father, and one before
you reach Wheeler. This will save you tons of time as all you have to do is
load up any of those saves to get the other three endings. Now all you have
to do is beat the game. As the credits roll you'll get the Smile Achievement
and the The Old Gods... Achievement. 

We're now up to 29 achievements out of 32. All we have left is the endings.
Just load up those saves and get the last three endings. The details on how
to get em' will be in the Achievement details below. After that, congrats!
You just got 32 out of 32 Achievements and successfully 100%-ed Silent Hill:

3M.) Achievement Details and Tips
*I'm going to group these together by type (ex: collect *, defeat *)

1.) Alchemilla's Finest 10G
Defeat 1 Nurse 

Nurses aren't too bad of an enemy. I'd go with either the Combat Knife
/Ceremonial Dagger or the Fire Axe. Using either of those plus with some use
of the dodge button and you won't have any trouble.

2.) Eddie's Legacy 10G
Defeat 1 Feral

Ferals' are fast and pretty nimble. I would honestly only use the Combat 
Knife/Ceremonial Dagger on these guys, as they're too fast for the Fire Axe
or the Iron Pipe/Crowbar. Using the dodge button is, once again, important
as well.

3.) Lurk No More 10G
Defeat 1 Lurker

Honestly, I don't think Iíve ever taken damage from one of these. Just equip
the Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger and go at em' with quick attacks 
(A button). They'll go down with no problems. 

4.) To The Point 10G
Defeat 1 Needler

Bleh. These guys are probably my least favorite enemy. The easiest way to
kill em' is a headshot, but they'll constantly try to block you and you don't
always have ammo to spare. If you don't have any pistol ammo, Iíd use the
fire axe. Just keep dodging and watch for its quick counters.

5.) Split Personality 10G
Defeat 1 Schism

Schisms may seem intimidating, but they're nothing to really worry about.
Your best option is to take them out with the Shotgun or Rifle from a 
distance, but if thatís not an option, I would go with the Crowbar/Pipe, as
itís not too slow yet stronger than the Ceremonial Dagger/Combat Knife.
Another option is to simply run. Schismsí arenít too fast and their attacks
do quite a bit of damage so running's not a bad idea.

6.) Shades of James 20G
Defeat 1 Siam

Gah, Siams can really do some damage. And the worst part is, in almost every
situation you encounter them, running isn't an option. I would seriously
recommend a ranged weapon, the Shotgun preferably. If you don't have any ammo
go for the Fire Axe. Kill these guys as quickly as possible, as they can
really drain your health. Save your ammo for these guys and the bosses.

7.) Clear the Air 10G
Defeat 1 Smog

Smogs are annoying, but thatís about it. Itís almost impossible to kill them
with a melee weapon, due to their smoke attack. Don't waste any Shotgun ammo
on them, Pistol only. Wait until they're charging their smoke attack (when
they expose their lungs) and shoot the lungs then. They'll go down in two
shots this way. If you don't have any ammo, run. You'll waste way too 
much health taking these guys down with melee weapons.

8.) Creeper Reaper 10G
Defeat 1 Swarm

True to their name, Swarms usually come in groups, but they won't cause any
problems regardless. Honestly, it may be best to wait for them to attach
themselves to you and then pull them off with the dodge button, you'll lose
minimal health this way. If you don't want to do that, go at them with the
Ceremonial Dagger/Combat Knife while they're floating in front of you.

9.) Out of Order 10G
Defeat 1 Order member

Order members used to really annoy me, until I found the perfect way to kill
them. If you go at em' with the Ceremonial Dagger/Combat Knife's quick 
attacks (A button) they won't have a chance to attack. It may take a little
while to kill them this way, but just keep spamming the A button and they
won't hit you once. As for the Order members with Rifles, try and take them
out with a Pistol headshot as the Ceremonial Dagger/Combat Knife method
doesn't work as well on them.

10.) Six Feet Under 50G
Defeat Sepulcher

The first boss may seem very intimidating, but he's not so bad. As the battle
starts, you want to pull out your Fire Axe and move left, till you reach the
first bookshelf/flesh sac. Attack the flesh sac with the axe until it
falls then go behind the bookshelf and wait for Sepulcher to attack, the
bookshelf will take the blow and you won't take any damage. Rinse and repeat
until all the flesh sacs have fallen. Now the second phase of the battle will
start, with Sepulcher coming down from the ceiling and staying in the middle
of the area. You want to wait until he stomps his hand on the floor 
(getting it stuck in the process) and then go at him with the Fire Axe.
After he gets his hand free dodge his attacks until he does it again, and
then repeat. Eventually, you get a button prompt. Press it and the fight will
be over.

11.) Blood Donor 50G
Defeat Scarlet

Once again, not a bad boss battle. Scarlet will start the battle standing up,
walking around the room and taking swings at you whenever possible. Using
the Crowbar/Pipe you want to dodge her attacks and attack her when you can,
breaking off pieces or her porcelain shell on her legs, arms and back. After
doing this for long enough, she'll fall to the ground and you need to walk
behind her and press the button prompt, stabbing the Crowbar/Pipe into
her back. This starts the second stage of the battle. Scarlet will get down
on all fours and chase to around, occasionally going to the ceiling too.
You can pull out the Shotgun here for some easy hits, but other than that
you just want to keep working on her with the Fire Axe. If she goes to the
ceiling, just stand in one spot and wait for the button prompt to appear,
press it and you'll dodge her attack and get a free hit on her too. 
Eventually, you'll get another button prompt and once again stab the Crowbar/
Pipe into her back, but this time, she stays down.

12.) Catch Your Breath 50G
Defeat Asphyxia

Asphyxia is my least favorite boss, not because she's the hardest, but 
because she's the most annoying. I usually start the battle by using whatever
ammo I have on her. But then is where the annoying part starts. Using melee
weapons (the Fire Axe) you ideally want to attack Asphyxia's tail, but she 
makes this neigh impossible by not letting you get anywhere hear her tail.
Just keep wailing away on her with the Fire Axe and dodging her attacks
until she slumps over. This is your queue to go behind her for a button 
prompt, ending the battle.

13.) Head Above Water 50G
Defeat Amnion

Despite being the final boss, Amnion isn't very hard. I would recommend 
having as large a stockpile of ammo as you can for this battle, as it will
make things alot easier. If you have ammo, just empty all of it into her.
She has two stages, but both of them are very similar and her attacks are 
very easy to dodge. If you don't have any/enough ammo to bring her down, I
would just wail away on her with the Fire Axe, dodging as many of her attacks
as you can. Of course, after her second stage, you need to go up and perform
a button prompt. This will kill her and you'll have completed the game.

14.) Sightseeing 10G
Find 1 Photo

*See Josh's Gallery for a list of all Photos*

15.) Josh's Gallery 50G

To unlock this Achievement you need to find all 11 Photos scattered 
throughout the game in one play through. This is a breeze as long as you 
have this list:
 1st photo: Josh's Rabbit in a backpack
 Area: Nightmare
 Found right after the room with the Nurses in front of the static-y TV. 
 Itís at the end of the 3rd floor on a gurney. 

 2nd photo: Alex's mom and Judge Holloway
 Area: Shepard's Glen 
 Found in the central room of the Town Hall, on the pulpit. (You can get this
 right after the Nightmare area (when the game plays a cutscene showing the
 Town Hall) or later on in the game).

 3rd photo: Giant spider and army man
 Area: In the playground next to your house
 Found right behind the yellow slide in the playground.

 4th photo: Dad's hunting room
 Area: Alex's House (Backyard)
 Found in a backpack hanging on a door in your backyard. (Itís the door you
 need to take to get to the graveyard).

 5th photo: Joey in the treehouse
 Area: Hotel
 Found on the doorknob of a locked door right after cutting through a 
 painting in the hotel. Itís very early on in the hotel, right after you get
 off the elevator.

 6th photo: Wheeler and Alex's father
 Area: Police Station
 After the Schisms attack and you start to leave with Wheeler a Schism will
 breakthrough a door on your right side. The photo is in that room on a table. 

 7th photo: Nora on the steps
 Area: Sewer
 After the battle with the Needlers and Siam in the sewer, follow the path
 after the gate opens up, but look for an alcove on the left before you climb
 the ladder. The photo is in that alcove. 

 8th photo: Scarlet with her dolls
 Area: Dr. Fitch's Office
 Found in the Children's Exam room on the side counter,

 9th photo: Curtis working
 Area: Shepard's Glen
 The photo is on the right side of the Missing Persons Board, on the ground.
 You can only get this photo after you get the Ceremonial Dagger and exit the
 graveyard, not when you meet Elle there previously.

 10th photo: A spooked looking Alex
 Area: Alex's House (Attic)
 On the left side of the attack, on top of some boxes.

 11th photo: Josh
 In the church, in the room where you get the Chalice plate. There is a 
 mirror and a bowl on the right side. The photo is in the bowl.

16.) Nursery Rhymes 50G
To unlock this Achievement you need to find all 18 of the Child's Drawing's 
scattered throughout the game in one play through. Once again, this is easy 
with this list:
 1st drawing: A family of bunnies
 Area: Nightmare
 On floor where Josh was drawing  right after you enter the code into the 

 2nd drawing: This bunny looks catatonic
 Area: Nightmare
 After you cut through the flesh in the Surgery Theater itís on the wall 
 right after.

 3rd drawing: A bunny on fire
 Area: Nightmare
 In the same room where you pull Robbie from the mirror. It's next to the 
 mirror, on the wall by the door.

 4th drawing: Three bloody bunnies
 Area: Nightmare
 After you give Josh Robbie, itís on the floor where he was drawing.
 5th drawing: This bunny seems to be flailing in water
 Area: Nightmare
 After you get the forth drawing, you'll go down a hallway. As you reach the 
 end of the hall a door will slam shut. This drawing is on the door.

 6th drawing: Where is Steven mommy?
 Area: In the playground next to Alex's house
 This drawing is behind a tree on the fence wall, on the right side of the 

 7th drawing: Billy too, and Sally?
 Area: Alex's House (Backyard)
 This drawing is in your backyard, behind a tree on the left side.

 8th drawing: Beware of he who took them
 Area: Shepard's Glen
 When you meet Elle for the first time, this drawing is on the back of the 
 Missing Persons board.

 9th drawing: For every sin a child has
 Area: Hotel 
 In room 504, this drawing is behind the dresser. Push it out of the way to 
 get it.

 10th drawing: Remember to always behave
 Area: Hells Descent
 In Hells Decent you'll get to a point where Joshua will run from right to 
 left in front of you. There's a Smog to the left, so kill it, but then go 
 right to find the drawing.

 11th drawing: The lying little children
 Area: Hells Descent
 You'll eventually come to a stopped fan with Josh drawing behind it. As you
 step through the fan, Josh will run, leaving the drawing on the floor 
 behind him.

 12th drawing: And if they take what is not theirs
 Area: Town Hall
 In the Town Hall there is a boarded up room that you have to hack open with 
 your axe. In that room, move the bookshelf to get the drawing.

 13th drawing: The bullies and their spiteful wrath
 Area: Graveyard
 After you get the Ceremonial Dagger and climb out, you'll end up in a 
 mausoleum. The drawing is on the walls of the mausoleum.  

 14th drawing: Child, you must obey your parents
 Area: Alex's House (Hell version)
 After you cut through the flesh in Josh's room, you'll find another room 
 with a butcher's knife. This drawing is under the knife.

 15th drawing: Beatings cleanse the soul
 Area: Silent Hill
 Right before you go to the Overlook Penitentiary you'll pass a bait shop. 
 In the fence of the bait shop, there will be a hole. Duck through it to 
 find the drawing on the right.

 16th drawing: You are your brothers keeper
 Area: Overlook Penitentiary
 After you rescue Wheeler from his cell, he'll tell you follow him. Shortly
 after, you'll reach a gap, which he will jump over. Don't jump over it,
 instead look into the cell on your left. The drawing is on the wall of
 that cell.

 17th drawing: And while good children live
 Area: Church
 After the cutscene with your father, look behind him on the left. The 
 drawing is on the machine.

 18th drawing: So do not cry aloud at night
 Area: Lair
 In room 211, go through the door (to the boiler room) instead of hopping 
 over the glass. The drawing is on the left behind the white box.

17.) Kaufmann's Handiwork 10G
Find 1 Serum

*See Health Junkie for the locations of all the Serums.*

18.) Health Junkie 50G
To unlock this achievement you need to find all 8 Serums in the game 
(you should want to get them anyway as they raise your max health, making 
your life easier). The list is below:

 1st serum
 Area: Town Hall 
 The first serum is in one of the side rooms of the Town Hall, sitting on a 
 2nd serum
 Area: Hotel
 This serum is in the bathroom of room 408. You can't get to it from the 
 main room, you have to hack through boards with an axe from the hallway 
 outside the room.

 3rd serum
 Area: Dr. Fitch's Office
 After you examine Scarlets' doll case and leave the room some Nurses will 
 burst through a door down the hall. The serum is in that room.

 4th serum
 Area: Hell Descent
 When you reach the stopped fan puzzle, before you stop the fans on the 
 right, go through the two stopped fans on the left. The serum is in before
 the third fan, sitting on a table.

 5th serum
 Area: Cemetery
 Right after you get the Ceremonial Dagger, you'll exit and end up in a 
 mausoleum. Directly across from that is another mausoleum, in that is the
 5th serum.

 6th serum
 Area: Silent Hill Streets
 The 6th serum is on a bench outside of the main entrance to the Alchemilla

 7th serum
 Area: Prison
 This serum is in the same area as the wire puzzle. After you solve the wire
 puzzle, one of the switches that turns on opens a door on the second floor,
 you have to jump a gap to reach it. The serum is in this room. 

 8th serum
 Area: Lair
 The last serum in is room 301 in the Lair. Itís sitting on a table.

19.) Lock 'n' Load 25G
Find the Rifle

There are two rifles in Silent Hill: Homecoming, one in the Lair (Police 
Marksman Rifle) and one that you have to complete a jewel puzzle to obtain,
in Dargento Cemetery. The Police Marksman Rifle doesn't count towards this 
Achievement so you need to get the one from the puzzle. In Dargento Cemetery
there is a statue of Janus, with places for two jewels. You need the Garnet
and Turquoise. The Garnet is right past a wall on the opposite side of
the cemetery, you have to breach it with an axe to get to the Garnet. The
Turquoise is in the Toluca Lake Office building. Itís in the room right before
you jump the gap, it's in the sink right next to the door that you enter 
from. After you get these two jewels go back to the cemetery and place them
in the statue. You'll get a key which will unlock a locked gate in the
cemetery, inside that locked area is the Rifle.

20.) Rising Tension 25G
Find the Circular Saw

After you complete the game once (with any ending) you can find the Circular
Saw in the garage of Alex's House. Pick it up to get this Achievement.

21.) Science Fiction 25G
Find the Laser Pistol

After you complete the game with the No Dogs Allowed ending you can find the
Laser Pistol in Josh's room at the start of the game. Pick it up to unlock
this Achievement.

22.) The Old Gods... 100G
Complete the game on Hard

Alright, pretty simple actually. You want the Laser Pistol! With it, the Hard
play through is extremely easy. But some general tips are to make liberal use 
of the dodge button and pick up as many serums, ammo, and health items as 
you can.

23.) Mercy 20G
Alex ended his mother's suffering.

For this Achievement, simply shoot your mother when given the choice.

24.) Compassion 20G
Alex could not end his mothers suffering.

For this Achievement, simply do not shoot your mother when given the choice.

25.) Forgiveness 20G
Alex forgives his father.

For this Achievement, simply forgive your father when talking to him in the 

26.) Angela's Choice 20G
Alex does not forgive his father.

For this Achievement, simply do not forgive your father when talking to him 
in the Church.

27.) Now About Those Drinks 25G
Saved Wheeler

For this Achievement, give Wheeler the first aid kit when given the choice 
in the Lair.

28.) Smile 50G
Achieve Ending 1

To get this ending you must shoot Alex's mother, forgive his father, and 
either save or let Wheeler die.

29.) In Water 50G
Achieve Ending 2

To get this ending you must shoot Alex's mother, do not forgive his father, 
and either save or let Wheeler die.

30.) Judgment 50G
Achieve Ending 3

To get this ending you must not shoot Alex's mother, do not forgive his 
father, and let Wheeler die.

31.) Intensive Care 50G
Achieve Ending 4

To get this ending you must not shoot Alex's mother, forgive his father, and
save or let Wheeler die.

32.) No Dogs Allowed 50G
Achieve Ending 5

To get this ending you must not shoot Alex's mother, do not forgive his 
father, and save Wheeler.

4M.) Legal and Misc
Some misc stuff:
- If you plan on playing through the game with the Boogeyman costume 
(unlocked by getting the Judgment ending) please realize that it makes Alex's
head much larger and can actually block the camera in some areas.

-Some of the Achievement titles (Eddie's Legacy, Shades of James) are 
references to previous Silent Hill games.

I wrote this guide purely for my love of the Silent Hill series and GameFAQS.
I wanted to give back to a community thatís always helped me when I needed it.
If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or contributions please write me
at  Please include a way to credit you in case I put it in
the guide.

This is only for use on GameFAQS and its partners. If you want to put this
guide on your site, send me an email and Iíll let you know.

Copyright 2009 Justin Wilson
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

5M.) History
Version 1.00: First upload
Version 1.05: Fixed grammar and spelling errors.