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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i beat transformer?

How do i destroy the transformer? Nerd level on chapter 3?

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With the slingshot.

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use the slingshot to hit the red light beside the transformer. When it breaks, the nerd will get off of it, and you can continue forward.

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I had trouble with that as well, I was persistent though, and I eventually hit the red light. But at the time I was more like, "F**KIN TRANFORMER WHY THE F**K WON'T YOU JUST SMASH"

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The nerd mission?Hide behind rocks,load move and aim then fire.(that is a hard mission,I know)

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It was a little hard for me get the super slingshot aim as ypu hide behind a column once he stops firing for a second go out and shoot the red light it shoyld break eventually.

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